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WWF Championship Wrestling February 22nd, 1986

February 22, 1986

Your hosts are Jesse Ventura and Vince McMahon

Tonight, we will see the Intercontinental Title match from the Boston Garden between Randy Savage and Tito Santana. Also, Adrian Adonis and Paul Orndorff are in action. Plus, Hulk Hogan will make an appearance and much more.

Dave Barbie & Les Thornton & Rusty Brooks vs. Pedro Morales & Danny Spivey & Corporal Kirchner

Morales looks thrilled to be here. He starts the match by taking down Thornton a few times with a side headlock. Kirchner tags but Thornton takes him down with a belly-to-belly and tags Barbie. They completely fuck up a side slam spot then Kirchner hits a backbreaker and tags Spivey, who gets caught in the wrong but is able to escape and tags Morales but quickly tags back in and hits the bulldog for the win (3:07).

Thoughts: The action was pretty bad and no one at all cared about any of these guys.

WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week, he talks about Roddy Piper and "Boxing" Bob Orton. Hayes puts over Piper for being a champion boxer as a team and brings up his challenge aimed at any who has ever wrestled.

A plug for the "Wrestling Album" airs.

The WWF LJN "Thumb Wrestlers" commercial airs.

Jim Londos vs. Don Muraco w/ Mr. Fuji

Before the match, Muraco dedicates his piledriver to Jesse Ventura, who he calls the greatest announcer ever. Londos' graphic gives him the first name "Jeff," despite him being used on TV several times. The WWF production team frequently fucked up names. Muraco beats the fuck out of Londos, who is frequently out of position. Vince brings up how Hogan's "Real American" music video will debut at next week's "Saturday Night's Main Event" as Muraco finishes him off with the tombstone (1:50).

Thoughts: Muraco was in the midst of his last push of any signifigance. He was very entertaining here.

Mean Gene is with Tito Santana. This is the same exact promo as the following week. They kept the title change a secret until they showed the clip on TV, despite the match taking place two weeks before this aired.

Mohawk Kid (?) vs. Paul Orndorff

Vince called him the Mohawk Kid on commentary and he was never given any other name. He jumped Orndorff to start but that didnt go anywhere. Orndorff slams him on the floor as Jesse talks about how he is ruthless. Orndorff hits an elbow smash and a knee drop then rubs his face into the mat.  Orndorff then takes his head off with a clothesline before finishing him off with a piledriver, complete with the arrogant cover. Jesse pointed out the hypocrisy of the crowd cheering Orndorff for that but booing him (2:10). After the match, Orndorff invites a kid into the ring who has a Hulk Hogan foam finger but has him put it down then takes off the kid's shirt and teaches him how to pose before leaving the ring.

Thoughts: Orndorff beat the fuck out of this guy. Also, having the kid pose in the ring with him was new.

Mean Gene is backstage and breaks the news that Randy Savage beat Tito Santana for the IC Title. He then brings out JYD who says that one of the Funk brothers will bite the dust. This was also the same promo that aired last week.

Paul Roma vs. "Adorable" Adrian Adonis w/ Jimmy Hart

Roma hits a few hiptosses and Adonis is pissed. Adonis fights back and drops Roma on the ropes and hits a slam. Roma fights back but misses a charge and Adonis finishes him off with the DDT (2:50). After the match, two heffers in the crowd wearing Hogan shirt's hold up a giant bra in an attempt to taunt Adonis.

Thoughts: The Adorable gimmick really pissed off the crowd, especially at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center. They hated him. Roma still showed a little something here, despite being squashed.

Piper's Pit with guest Hulk Hogan. Piper makes fun of Hogan, calling him "Bozo," for trying to box Orton. Hogan says that despite wanting to face Orton, he has a friend who asked him to make a challenge for him against Orton. Piper says that he can write any name that he wants on the contract and after Hogan signs, Piper learned that Hogan's friend was Mr. T as he is pissed and yells that he has been tricked.

The last few minutes of the IC Title change at the Boston Garden are shown, with Savage beating Santana after hitting him with a foreign object.

Jim Powers & Scott McGhee vs. The Dream Team w/ "Luscious" Johnny Valiant

Powers briefly works the arm but Valentine takes over. He slams him then tags Beefcake, who rams Powers in the corner. Brutus uses a spinning toe hold then the Dream Team target the legs. Powers escapes and tags McGhee, who hits some nice European uppercuts and a dropkick. Powers tags and dropkicks Valentine then gets two off of a sunset flip. Valentine tags Beefcake, who hits a powerslam, then tags Valentine who gets the win with the figure four (3:06).

Thoughts: A showcase for the Dream Team, who looked alright. Match was pretty heatless, even with the "A" jobber squad in the ring, who the fans would sometimes buy as having a chance.  

Next week, we will see a Mr. T boxing training video. Also, the British Bulldogs and King Kong Bundy will be in action.

Final Thoughts: A big show in that they announced that Savage won the IC title and even bigger, that Mr. T will box Bob Orton on "Saturday Night's Main Event." Even Hogan appearing on "Piper's Pit" was a huge deal. The opening match sucked and the fact they announced Savage winning the belt before they showed the clip after two weeks of teasing was odd, as was all of the repeated promos from last week.