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WWF Saturday Night's Main Event March 1st, 1986

March 1, 1986

Your hosts are Jesse Ventura and Vince McMahon

Tonight, Don Muraco will face Hulk Hogan for the World Heavyweight Championship. Other matches include Mr. T vs. Bob Orton in a Boxing Match, King Kong Bundy vs. Steve Gatorwolf, Adrian Adonis vs. Junkyard Dog and much more. Plus, we will see the premiere of Hulk Hogan's "Real American" music video.

Boxing Match
Bob Orton w/ Roddy Piper vs. Mr. T

Piper taunts Mr. T before the bell. Orton then attacks Mr. T from behind then they trade a bunch of punches that are not even close to connecting. Orton occasionally grabs Mr. T then thumbs him in the eye. The trainers check on Mr. T and he is okay to go then hammers away on Orton until the bell rings. Orton cheapshots Mr. T as the round ends. The second round starts as Orton is acting cocky, allowing Mr. T to take control. Piper jumps up on the apron to distract the ref and that allows Orton to knee him in the gut then hammer away. As Mr. T's corner is yelling at the ref, Orton holds up Mr. T, who ducks as Piper swings and takes out Orton accidentally. Mr. T knocks Piper off of the apron then punches Orton over the ropes as Mr. T wins by knockout. After the match, Piper challenges Mr. T, who gets attacked from behind by Orton. After they double-team Mr. T, Piper whips him with his belt. They leave then Mr. T attempts to go after them as he is irate. After the match, Okerlund is with Mr. T, who wants to face Piper, stating that he hasnt received a "whuppin'" like that since he was six years old.

Thoughts: The actual boxing stuff was forgettable but the main thing here was the post-match attack, which led to the Piper vs. Mr. T match at WrestleMania 2. The attack was done well.

Steve Gatorwolf vs. King Kong Bundy w/ Bobby Heenan

Before the match, Bundy and Heenan told Okerlund how they want to face Hogan. Bundy starts by attacking Gatorwolf in the corner then hits the avalanche for the win (0:41). After the match, Bundy grabs the mic and yells for Hogan.

Thoughts: Another segment to build Bundy up strong, which they had been doing on TV for the past few months.

Okerlund is with Don Muraco before his match with Hogan. He is upset because Mr. Fuji has the flu and thinks that Hogan is behind this. Okerlund suggests that Fuji might have the "Asian" or "Hong Kong" flu but Muraco said that Fuji has found a manager to replace him tonight and that is Bobby Heenan. They cut to the locker room with Fuji holding an ice pack on his head.

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Don Muraco w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Hulk Hogan (Champion)

This is the first time that Hogan used "Real American" as his theme song. He also wears the yellow "Hulkamania" shirt here too. Muraco starts the match by attacking Hogan's back. Hogan reverses an Irish whip then backdrops Muraco. He rakes his back, after Muraco did the same to him earlier, then clotehslines him in the corner before sending him outside with an atomic drop. Back in the ring, Hogan wins a slugfest then catches Muraco in a bearhug. Muraco breaks the hold with a headbutt then kicks Hogan a few times and gets a nearfall with a kneedrop. He uses a falling headbutt into the groin of Hogan then a Russian leg sweep. He hits the Asian spike from the second rope as Jesse is on commentary telling Muraco to go for the tombstone. Muraco covers and get two as Hogan hulks up and hits an elbow and the big boot but Heenan runs in for the DQ (6:53) *1/2. Hogan corners Heenan and lifts him up but gets attacked from behind by King Kong Bundy, who absolutely destroys Hogan then they all leave Hogan on the mat as the British Bulldogs and Pedro Morales come in to check on Hogan and after they come back from break, Hogan is getting wheeled out on a stretcher. Okerlund attempts to get word about Hogan's condition as he is being put into the ambulance.

Thoughts: The match wasnt much but the ambush by Bundy was great. That was the first time that Hogan has been destroyed like this and the crowd was shocked. It immediately made Bundy a threat to Hogan and his belt.

Tag Team Title Match
British Bulldogs w/ Capt. Lou Albano vs. The Dream Team w/ Johnny Valiant

This match was set up after the Bulldogs beat the Dream Team in a non-title match during the February 1st edition of "Championship Wrestling." Davey hits an atomic drop on Valentine. The Bulldogs headbutt him down the Davey hits a suplex. Dynamite tags and beats on Beefcake before tagging out. Davey works the arm of Beefcake then press slams Valentine when he tags in, getting two. Dynamite drops the knee a few times before hitting a back suplex. Falling headbutt gets two. Davey tags and slugs it out with Valentine. He dropkicks him down then gets a nearfall with a small package and Dynamite tags again and kills him with chops. Valentine uses an inverted atomic drop to escape then tags Beefcake. Before we go to commercial, Albano and Valiant have an altercation outside of the ring. Back from break, Dynamite hits Beefcake with a missile dropkick then Davey splashes him for two. Beefcake fights back then tags Valentine as they stomp Davey. Valentine locks in the figure four but Dynamite breaks that up then slugs it out with Valentine. The Hammer drops the elbow for two from the middle rope. Shoulderbreaker gets two. The Dream Team double-team Dynamite in the corner. Valentine climbs up top but Dynamite tosses him off then connects with a missile dropkick for two. Dynamite hits a snap suplex then he and Valentine collide, with Valentine's arm landing on top of Dynamite for the win (12:00) ***1/4.
Thoughts: A really good match. It also continued the story of how the Bulldogs had the Dream Team's number, as they dominated the match, but that the Dream Team were lucky to escape with the titles. These teams had some pretty good matches. 

Gene Okerlund is outside of the hospital awaiting word on Hogan's condition. He said that they were not allowed to go inside of his room but will give a report when they have new information.

And now, the broadcast debut of Hogan's "Real American" Video. The was unbelievably corny and awesome. This was fucking great. If you havent seen this, you might recognize the pictures circulating online of Hogan holding the American Flag guitar with his shades. They kept switching the backgrounds as he played the guitar and that was pretty funny. I loved this stuff the WWF did back then, mainly because they never took themselves too seriously with their segments.

Adrian Adonis w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Junkyard Dog

Before the match in the pre-taped interview, Gene brings up Adonis' black eye, which in reality was caused by Danny Spivey during a backstage altercation. The match starts with JYD knocking Adonis into the ropes, tying him up. JYD brings him back in and gets a few nearfalls. Adonis fights back and slaps JYD but ends up getting tossed over the top rope. As Adonis is with Hart outside, JYD headbutts Hart and he knocks into Adonis. The crowd chants for JYD as Adonis is being pulled into the ring, along with Hart who grabbed hold of his arm. JYD then tosses them both outside as they each take nasty bumps onto the floor. Back from break, JYD gets a nearfall with a punch but misses a headbutt. Adonis them distracts the ref as Hart ties JYD to the rope. Adonis chokes out JYD until the ref finally breaks it up by grabbing Adonis by the hair. Adonis gets a nearfall as JYD is no longer tied up. Adonis picks up JYD for the piledriver but in the process, the referee gets knocked down. Hart holds up the megaphone but Adonis gets shoved into it by JYD, who then covers for the win (8:45) 1/2*. After the match, Adonis attacks JYD from behind with the megaphone then Adonis throws a temper tantrum in the ring.

Thoughts: This match wasn't much at all but it was nothing embarrassing or anything. These two had a much, much worse match at "The Big Event" show in Toronto at the end of the Summer.

Okerlund is with the emergency room physician, who says that Hogan has sustained injuries to his ribs and neck and there is no internal injuries at this time.

Ventura and McMahon close by recapping the show. Then, McMahon tells us a quote from Hogan, who said he is leaving the hospital soon. Also, the next SNME will broadcast on May 3rd.

Final Thoughts:  Awesome show. As a stand alone show, it wasnt too special, but it did a tremendous job of keeping the company going strong. The build for WrestleMania 2 started here and they knocked it out of the park. The tag match was really good and you cannot forget the "Real American" video. A recommended show, especially if you are interested in the build-up for WrestleMania 2.