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Andy Kaufman and WWF/E

Hi Scott,

Longtime fan and religious Blog of Doom reader. Quick question: Why doesn't Andy Kaufman's work get more acknowledgement on WWE retrospectives and other "legacy" products? I ask for two reasons: First, his promos, angles etc. for Mid-South, as well as his Letterman appearance, were ridiculously influential and groundbreaking. And, second, unlike virtually all of the other celebrities that followed for 30+ years, it seems like he was a die-hard fan and truly understood the business.

Is it because the original angle wasn't done in New York? Has the family been objecting? Seems like insanely low-hanging fruit to me, if only because Andy Kaufman is certainly more well-known to the mass audience the WWE covets than 80-90% of the wrestlers they induct into the HOF every year.

Any insight?

​Well they certainly acknowledged it around the time of Man In The Moon, when Jerry Lawler was doing his cameo in the movie and there was the silliness with Jim Carrey getting "too much into character" and all that.  But yeah, other than that I don't know why they don't induct Andy into the Hall or do any other feature stuff with that angle.  Maybe they're waiting for Lawler to settle this Memphis footage thing so they can do a DVD?  ​