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Clash Countdown: #6

The SK Retro Rant for Clash of the Champions VI: Ragin’ Cajun

- This was the last time one promotion tried to screw with the other through the use of dirty TV tricks, as in this case the NWA ran a Clash show against the WWF’s Wrestlemania V in order to sabotage the buyrate. It didn’t work, as the WWF’s show did a monster buyrate for the Savage-Hogan main event, and the Clash did a below-average 4.3 rating. NWA bookers could take solace in knowing that they had the best match of the night, however.  (After this was written, TNA tried to screw with WWE via the new Monday Night Wars.  It didn’t work out so well for them.) 

- Live from New Orleans, LA  (The dome is barely filled enough to look passable on TV, because booker George Scott refused to promote the main event due to fear that giving away their top house show draw on free TV would hurt business.  TBS was, shall we say, none too happy with that line of thinking.) 

- Your hosts are Jim Ross & Michael Hayes.

- Opening match: The Midnight Express v. The Samoan Swat Team.

This is Stage Two of the Cornette-Dangerously pretend feud, as the Original Midnight Express have been banished from the promotion by a loser-leaves-town match at this point and the SST are Dangerously’s next weapon against Jim Cornette’s team. Over the course of the year, their make-believe feud would grow into a real one, which persists to this day. (I THINK they’ve buried the hatchet, actually.  Although with Cornette you never know.)  Lane & Samu do a wrestling sequence and Lane gets a cross-body for two. Samu retaliates with some Samoan Violence. Fatu comes in and tries to make a difference, but gets double-teamed. Lane hits the chinlock, and Cornette gets a cheapshot on Samu with the tennis racket. Lane gets caught in the samoan corner and they take turns running him down with Rock’s rental car and hitting him with a sledgehammer. (There’s your dated 2000 Rikishi jokes.)  Thankfully, he escapes and gets a sunset flip for two, then psyches out the Samoans. Eaton works a headlock on Samu as the crowd lets Paul know that he sucks. Lane gets suplexed and legdropped for two, however. Eaton comes in with a small package on Fatu for two, as the Express play games behind the ref’s back to the delight of the crowd. (A babyface team doing heel cheating moves to be dicks is another touch you never see anymore.)  The Express works a headlock and hits a double-team for two. Eaton gets nailed by Samu and becomes face-in-peril. The Vulcan Nerve Grip burns some time. Cornette completely ripped on the SST in a later shoot interview for exactly that sort of behavior. (Restholds?  That’s hardly unique to the Samoans.)  Eaton fights back and makes the hot tag to Lane, and Katie bar the door it’s a pier-six brawl. Lane cleans house as Cornette & Dangerously each cheapshot a member of the opposing team. Lane gets the worst of it and becomes face-in-peril #2. Fatu powerslam gets two and back to the nervehold. A double headbutt gets two. Superkick gets two. Samoan beatdown gets two. Flying headbutt misses and hot tag Eaton. Double noggin-knocker backfires and Fatu goes upstairs. He of course hits Samu by mistake (maybe HHH paid him to do it) (I’m sensing some resentment towards the Rikishi angle here.)  and Eaton hits a neckbreaker for two. Rocket Launcher follows, but Fatu nails Eaton with the telephone for the pin at 20:29. Dull but solid opener. **

- The Great Muta v. Steven Casey.

Steven the Wonder Jobber returns for another shot, and this time has even less chance than he did at Clash V. Muta mists him right off the bat, and hits a handspring elbow. Wow, I almost thought it was Chyna there for a second with that precision execution. (2014 Fwad Sez:  HO, IS FUNNY BECAUSE CHYNA IS NOT VERY GOOD AT THE WRESTLING!)  Except of course that Muta doesn’t suck. (Well way to ruin the gag.)  Casey catches an armdrag, but gets mulekicked in the corner. He bails, and Gary Hart tosses him in for a missile dropkick from Muta. Casey grabs a wristlock, but Muta flips out of it and takes out the knee. He calmly controls with the nervehold. Casey gets a lariat and comes back. Elbow gets two. Dropkick and hiptoss, but Muta dodges another dropkick. Enzuigiri puts Casey on the floor, and Muta follows with a pescado and handspring elbow into the railing. Keep in mind that Jeff Hardy was 10 years old when this stuff was going on, and no one had ever seen this kind of match in the US before. Back in, the moonsault (Muta is still the best ever at it) finishes at 8:10. Muta was so awesome, but I’ve probably said that enough. **  (And when I was writing this originally, he was still a few months away from his big revival as Shining Wizard-throwing badass!) 

- Junkfood Dog v. Butch Reed.

Speaking of awesome talents 10 years ahead of their time, there’s none here. (Oh, I see what you did there.)  Slugfest to start, and Reed bails. Back in, JYD hits his headbutts and Reed bails again. Dog hits a hiptoss and chokes him. I miss Muta. Reed comes back with his soupbone rights to take over. Standard Reed vanilla offense follows, and we HIT THE CHINLOCK. Double KO spot results. JYD misses a headbutt and Reed hits the flying shoulderblock…but Dog’s foot is on the ropes. Lord, wouldn’t wanna job JYD clean and miss out on the money he could draw. Reed collides with Hiro Matsuda by mistake and gets rolled up and pinned at 8:53. ½* This killed Reed’s singles career, but in retrospect it proved beneficial to him because they moved him into Doom soon after.  (I GUESS you can look at it that way.) 

- Dick Murdoch v. “Cowboy” Bob Orton.

Wrestling sequence to start, as Orton gets a pair of fireman’s carries. Murdoch responds in kind. Long wristlock follows. Zzzzz. It literally lasts 5 minutes before Murdoch escapes. Slugfest and Murdoch dropkicks him into the corner. He hits two elbows to the throat but Orton turns a brainbuster attempt into a superplex attempt. Murdoch escapes and goes for the brainbuster again, but Gary Hart hooks the leg and Orton falls on top for the pin at 9:45. Saaaaaaaay, that finish sounds AWFULLY familiar. And in fact, if you had flipped over to the PPV channel at that point, you’d have seen the WWF doing that exact finish in the Warrior-Rude IC title match. How about that. *1/2

- NWA World tag title: The Road Warriors v. Steve Williams & Mike Rotunda.

Hawk overpowers Rotunda and he bails. Michael Hayes plays up what a great referee Teddy Long is. When the announcers EVER talk about the refereeing, something’s up with it. Animal presses Rotunda, and the Doc, and the Varsity Club takes five to regroup. Hawk lariats Doc for two, but Doc hits one of his own. The Warriors work on Mike, and Animal headlocks both heels in a cute spot, before he ends up on the floor and a Williams victim. HIT THE BEARHUG! Belly-to-belly gets two for Doc, and Mike comes in with the ABDOMINAL STRETCH OF HUGE SUFFERING AND HELLFIRE.  (Eh, I was trying too hard with that one.)  Williams clips Animal, and he hits the floor. Back in, spinebuster gets two. Animal lariats Rotunda, but Williams cuts off the tag. Blind charge hits a lariat, however, and Animal makes the hot tag. Powerslam and press-slam for Rotunda, flying shoulderblock gets two. Animal throws the ref down and they hit the Doomsday Device. Long won’t count. Williams cradles Hawk and Long does the fastest three-count in the history of the Arabic counting system, compressing it into what seems like less than a second and moving his arm faster than the human body probably intended. Now THAT’S how you do a fast count. The Varsity Club win the tag titles at 11:56 and Long is officially retired from reffing at that point. Decent power match here. **1/4

- Ranger Ross v. The Iron Sheik.

They trade suplexes before Rip Morgan and JYD all run in for the DQ at 1:57. Thankfully it didn’t go anywhere. DUD

- US tag team title: Rick Steiner & Eddie Gilbert v. Dan Spivey & Kevin Sullivan.

Spivey hits a Bossman slam on Gilbert for two right away and tosses him around like the proverbial ragdoll. They beat him up on the floor. Back in, Spivey lariat gets two. Sullivan puts Gilbert in the Tree of Woe, but Gilbert escapes and hot tags Rick. Powerslam Spivey for two, belly-to-belly for two. Everyone hits the floor, and Gilbert nails Sullivan with Missy’s purse for the pin at 3:49. Match was severely shortened for reasons of TV time. *

The Bottom Line:

Not much of an improvement over Clash V, with no real standout matches, but one big shock in the tag title match.

Recomm…Oh, wait, sorry, all the excitement has gone to my head, and I almost forgot one match!

- NWA World title, 2/3 falls: Ricky Steamboat v. Ric Flair.

I would be remiss in not mentioning that the production staff spells it “Rick Flair” on the pseudo-Titan Tron in the background with its high tech laser-lights. (I feel like a Dr. Evil bit would have worked there, too.  “Lasers”) They exchange slaps to start. Wrestling sequence as Steamboat rides Flair and then pops him one in the mouth. Flair goes to the wristlock, but Steamboat powers out. Flair bails and waits him out. Back in, Steamboat gets a hiptoss and a side headlock. Flair rolls him over for several near-falls. Flair powers out and Steamboat goes right back to it. A word on headlocks for a moment: In this sense, the move works because they’re not just laying there. Flair is going for falls, fighting out of it, etc. That’s the essence of workrate: Doing SOMETHING as opposed to doing NOTHING. The next time you see a resthold, stop and think to yourself what they could be doing to make the move mean something, even something small like putting the feet on the ropes for leverage, or reversing to a hammerlock, or whatever. Back to the match, as Flair dishes the chops in the corner. Steamboat hits his own, then a flying headscissors and back to the headlock for two. Steamboat works the move, pounding on Flair’s neck in the process. Flair pushes him to the corner and cheapshots him, but Steamboat UNLOADS with a chop and backdrops him. If you think Benoit has some scary chops, watch one of these matches sometime and try not to flinch. (Benoit is scary for other reasons, of course) Flair hides in the corner, but suckers Steamboat in and cheapshots him. Steamboat rollup gets two, and back to the headlock for two. Steamboat works it dramatically. Into the corner for more absolutely vicious chops, which get two. Into the headlock, but Flair atomic drops him to break. Steamboat chop gets two. Shoulder tackle gets two, and again. Double chop gets two, and Flair runs, clearly in trouble. Back in, Flair and Steamboat destroy each other with chops. My chest is turning red just typing this stuff. I seriously cannot impart on you how hard these two guys are blasting each other without some sort of visual aid. Steamboat suplex, but a splash hits the knees. Flair uses a Sullivan double-stomp and butterfly suplex for two. Flair keeps working the two count, and Steamboat keeps kicking out. That is so magnificent to see. He finally kips up and they exchange chops. Steamboat misses a dropkick and Flair goes for the figure-four. Steamboat reverses for two, and Flair reverses for three at 19:30 to win the first fall. The first fall alone was better than anything either promotion has done in the past three years or so. Chew on that one. There seems to be a weird misconception that Louisiana statutes said that the winner of the first fall won the World title, but that’s a misinterpretation of something Jim Ross said. His point was that if the match goes to a draw of any sort, then the winner of the first fall would be the champion. Then again, arguing legal statutes of a fake championship is pretty stupid to begin with.  (RSPW was arguing over that one for MONTHS for some stupid reason.) 

- Second fall: Flair plays mindgames, but Steamboat press-slams him and the flying chop gets two. Flair reverses a headlock into a suplex, and hits the kneedrop. Second try misses. Steamboat drops SIXTEEN elbows on Flair’s knee and hooks the figure-four. I feel like buying Steamboat a Hallmark card right now. It gets a pair of two-counts, and each time Flair sits up, Steamboat chops him down again. Now he releases and confounds Flair by going to a Boston Crab instead. See, Flair was trying to block another figure-four attempt. He makes the ropes, where Steamboat pounds him. Flair tries to fight back with a headlock, but Steamboat is still ahead of him and reverses a headscissors. They do the backslide sequence, which gets two for Steamboat. To the floor, Steamboat eats railing and gets slammed on the floor. Flair snaps his neck on the top rope and pounds on him. Suplex into the ring gets two. Abdominal stretch into an Oklahoma roll gets two, and again Flair works the pinning combo, using the ropes for leverage. Steamboat rollup gets two, but Flair gets a HUGE chop for two. Flair goes upstairs, but gets superplexed. Steamboat works the back. He hooks a double chickenwing, and Flair submits for the first time in his career at 34:57!

- Third fall: Chops are exchanged, and Steamboat gets two. Backdrop, and Flair suddenly gets a kneebreaker out of nowhere. Figure-four, but Steamboat makes the ropes. Flair mercilessly kills the knee dead. More chops. Flair Flip and Steamboat catches him with a clothesline on the apron. Flair suckers him into the corner again and gets a Flair Pin attempt for two. Steamboat charges and hits boot. Another charge and he gets hung up on the top rope. This damages his knee, so of course Flair is on it. Figure-four in the centre of the ring follows. It gets several two-counts. Steamboat makes the ropes. Chops again, and this time the Flair Flip leads to a successful bodypress attempt for two. Steamboat bodyslam is reversed for two, a move which would eventually migrate to the final rematch as the finish. Steamboat goes upstairs and gets two on the bodypress. Flair puts his head down and takes a neckbreaker for two. He recovers and tosses Steamboat, who sunset flips back in for two. Shoulder tackle, but Flair gets a sleeper in desperation. Steamboat powers out and Flair collapses on the floor, but sneaks in and clips Steamboat. Steamboat hits an enzuigiri, however, for two. Flying chop misses and it’s a double-KO. Flair works the knee again. They exchange exhausted chops and Steamboat comes back. Flair atomic drop is blocked and Steamboat clotheslines him for two. Flair catches him with a cheapshot and hits a backdrop suplex. He goes up and gets slammed off. Steamboat goes for the chicken-wing again, and Flair falls back in desperation, only to have it backfire as he lands on his shoulders and gets pinned at 55:19. Best match ever. (Depending on my mood, of course.)  ***** BUT WAIT! Flair’s foot turns out to have been on the ropes, so we need a rematch at WrestleWar 89. I’m down with that plan.

The REAL Bottom Line: If you’ve ever wondered why I kiss so much Flair & Steamboat ass, this is the match to get. It won’t even seem like an hour, honest. And the chops make Benoit look like Billy Gunn.  (I don’t even know what to do with that one now.) 

Strongly recommended.


  1. TJ: Cena on his negative crowd reactions "Dude ... On April 6 we just celebrated the 30th anniversary of Wrestlemania. I distinctly remember Wrestlemania 22 in Chicago, hearing the loudest one-sided reaction opposite me I've ever heard. Since then it's been like that. It's been eight years now. That stuff doesn't transfer. The few audience members that it does transfer, they don't have a proper sense of what's going on."

    Wow. Never would have guessed Cena is that much in denial.

  2. Yeah, but he did it by drinking gasoline, which was never part of the plan. I would've been content with a simple hanging or OD.

    So, you can't really blame me at all in this.

  3. I like this Clash one most - I love the chess match throughout, with move countermove, and the psychology of Steamboat losing, coming back and instead of winning it out of nowhere, downright dominating (which you don't see much... usually a pinfall comes after a reversal and not after three or four setup moves), and the third fall being a tossup. Plus the two guys gave more here than the other matches. That said, the other matches are great, too.

    One thing that bothers me: in 1994 they had a match which was sort of a sequel to this series, and Bobby Heenan and Tony Schiavone both messed up whenever they talked about the history of the two. Schiavone talked about how they had an hour long draw in New Orleans (it was not an hour nor was it a draw), and later when Steamboat went for the chicken wing, Heenan said that's how Steamboat won the title (again not true, he won it with a small package). You would never have Joe Buck or another real sports announcer not do his homework and going off their memories - they would even have notes that other people prepared for them and people talking in their headsets so they knew what they were saying was accurate. But in wrestling, it seems ok for announcers to just make things up from the top of their heads - like when Vince started talking about how Columbus was Spanish like Razor Ramon, and so Ramon had extra incentive to win on Columbus Day.

  4. Heel turn!

  5. The Heenan/Schiavone error... that sounds like WCW in a nutshell.

  6. Of course it is. It lets all the Jews off the hook.

  7. I don't think you can call that ambiguous. It was "the gayest thing since gay came to gay town".

  8. Space Mountain needs maintenance these days, he certainly has to pay enough of it.......

  9. Shawn probably walked like a duck after Vince was through with him...HIYO!

  10. You could come out tonight and dance by the light of the moon.

    But, I suppose you'd need to be drunk first to do that, so...

  11. They'd have threads about which diva has the sexiest ankles.

  12. Cena is such a joke.

  13. don't feel bad , I bet most of us have never met her either

  14. White people or (Paul) Wight people?

  15. Stranger in the AlpsMay 11, 2014 at 4:18 PM

    Ricky Steamboat lost me when he appeared at Wrestlemania IV with his ugly fat baby and held him up like he was fucking Simba being presented to the wildlife of the African plains.

  16. I think his point is, even after 8 years of some rebel fans booing him, he STILL main evented in the 4 biggest drawing Manias of all time, and is still by a mile the #1 merch seller. I think he's just saying "It doesn't matter if half the crowd boos".

  17. I bought, and I'm thrilled to death with it. I'm hoping they add more Raw, Nitro, and Smackdown stuff, though. I would also love to see stuff like Wrestling Challenge, Superstars, and the like.

    I'm just happy I'm already engaged before the network started consuming most of my free time.

  18. You mean George Scott.

  19. And he showed up again at this show!

  20. This is a great rule of thumb. As long as your crime wasn't killing someone or raping someone I'm more than willing to say you should be totally forgiven eventually.

  21. Well, to be fair, sports announcers get things wrong all the time.

  22. ARRRRGH THE BARBARIANMay 11, 2014 at 4:40 PM

    "Some rebel fans" = more than half of the house unless we're in East Bumblefuck this week

  23. MaffewOfBotchamaniaMay 11, 2014 at 4:43 PM

    Vader vs Rhodes was SWEET.

  24. YankeesHoganTripleHFanMay 11, 2014 at 5:05 PM

    There was a card that night? Never knew. My mom ordered WM V for me and my friends. Happy Mothers day mom.

  25. Why would you waste money on pumping her full of alcohol and not take her home?

  26. Even sounding like a woman, it's still presumptuous to think you have kids.

  27. QOTD suggestion If you could only watch one match for the rest of your life, which would it be? Excludes Ironman matches and Royal Rumbles.

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    Of all the food you don’t like which is your favorite?

    Which of your grandmothers had the nicest tits?

    Do you have a spare key hidden somewhere near your front door?

    During what time of the day is your house generally unoccupied?

    If you took all of the earwax and all of the vomit you created in you
    life time which do think there would be more of?

    What do you think should be done about the Mexicans?

    Can I have five dollars?

    Why do you never see a midget being on television being interviewed
    about something other that being a midget?

    What the hell is wrong with you anyway?

    When you were little did you make up named for all your little stuffed
    animals? You did? Well, aren’t you just too fucking adorable for

    Do women or gay guys ever get turned on by pictures or sculptures of
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  38. I'd put Judy Bagwell on a pole, if you get me. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

    A stiff pole, eh? eh?

    I'd have sexual intercourse with her.

  39. Are you 100% sure puberty didn't pass you by?

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  41. Qotd - Oh, so you think you're better than me, do you?

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  45. Amsterdam likes where this is going...

  46. Angle vs Shawn WM21.

  47. Yep, we need one now.

  48. Not blaming you at all.

  49. QOTD -

    Say man, what is all this? I just got back from New Orleans, and the first
    thing I find is a threat from you people - some wild yap about jail and court
    and lawyers and such; what do you think I am- some sort of moneybag? Here I am
    trying to sell my short story trilogy, and you people hound me at every turn -
    howling and moaning about some idiotic debts! Who are you anyway? I never
    bought a damn thing from you people. What kind of rotten business are you
    people in - that you have to hound people from all over the country? I get a
    bunch of e-mail every two or three months, and every damn time I get some, I find
    a threat from you.

    What the Hell are you trying to do, anyway? Don’t you realize that I can’t work
    with all this war coming on us? The atomic fallout is God’s WRATH! With the end
    of the world right on top of us, I can’t afford to work. If I don’t get my work
    published now, I may never get it published. Haven’t you ever heard of serving
    god and Mammon? With all the sex going on and people forgetting about God, how
    can you hound me like this? Were taking whiskey into our bodies and all the
    time drinking God’s BLOOD! I can’t hold a job - I get worried all the time and
    feel half crazy…..what are you doing with all this money? I don’t want your
    damn money…, we all have a home in Heaven …what’'s all this trouble?

    You don’t understand the strain I’m under - I’m not the same man I was a year
    ago. Worrying about my work and money and jobs all the time is driving me
    crazy. I have got to get my work published. Why don’t you talk to some
    publishers you know and get me an advance so I can write a novel? Then I’ll
    have mone, …then I’ll have it… . I won’t get these threats! I got a disease of
    some kind over in New Orleans and I can’t even go to a doctor! Everyone thinks
    it’s funny, but I have to get a job. I might be the assistant religion editor
    of the Gainsville Sun pretty soon…..I’m going there next week to see about a
    job. I had a car, but someone took it in St. Louis. Oh God, what’s happening
    all the time? Everybody wants to steal and drink and sex and take everybody’s
    money away from people who don’t even sell any thing and there atomic fallout
    everywhere and war coming on. The whole world is going crazy and I don’t even
    have a job. You'’ve got to stop threatening me! I’m not well. I have a blister
    on my leg and that damn disease all over my stomach. I can’t even think what I
    want to say anymore- this worry is driving me crazy.

    I tried to work in New Orleans and they made me quit. If I get this thing in
    Gainsville I’ll be a religion editor and publish my own book in the paper.
    After that I will get a job and be well.

  50. Stranger in the AlpsMay 11, 2014 at 7:31 PM


  52. That's literally one of my favorite on-camera moments. I dunno why.

  53. Fairly Certain. The prevailing theory is I swallowed a whistle as a kid and it never popped out.

    Weird thing is when I far it comes out in high notes*.


  54. Leave me out of your stupid fucking questions.

  55. Tell him tomorrow, may be done looking at this for the night.

  56. It isn't necessary to comment on everything.

  57. ...said the guy with 16, 741 posts


  59. Well, to be fair, you don't get tits like that unless you've been breastfeeding for quite a while

  60. The Ghost of Faffner HallMay 11, 2014 at 8:33 PM

    My parents got off extremely lucky when they had theirs...and not to brag, but I had something to do with that. It was actually my dad who started it, he was making dinner and put some oil on the stove, I think to make French fries or something. Well he walked away and got distracted with something out in the yard, and when he came back in the entire stove was already on fire, as were the cabinets above it. I wasn't living there at the time but I was in the basement doing laundry, and it's a damn good thing I was there, as I'm the only person who kept a calm (ish) head. I yelled at my sister to get out of the house and called 911, meanwhile my dad was trying like hell to drag the garden hose into the kitchen--to use on a GREASE FIRE. I'm convinced if I wasn't there the whole house would have burned to the ground.
    Anyway, damage was confined to the kitchen, so not only did my parents make off with an all-new kitchen complete with new appliances, but the living room furniture and carpeting had to be replaced as well due to smoke damage. It sucked at the time, but my parents really came out ahead.
    The irony of my dad's causing the blaze was that he worked in insurance for almost 40 years and had retired only a couple months earlier.

  61. The Ghost of Faffner HallMay 11, 2014 at 8:34 PM

    That would be horrible--I can't even imagine all the family keepsakes they must have lost. Truly heartbreaking.

  62. The Ghost of Faffner HallMay 11, 2014 at 8:36 PM

    For me I would most hate to lose my books--I'm an avid reader and collector so I have an entire bedroom full of them. I hate to sound selfish, but if I lost them, I may not see the point in going on living.

  63. Him and jobber like to post every little thought that pops in their heads.

  64. Amsterdam_Adam_CurryMay 11, 2014 at 10:40 PM

    "Can I have five dollars?"

    Hell no motherfucker, you can't no money from me. You're just fucked up, off those fucked up drugs, and then you tell me that you're drug freeeeeee. Drug free...

  65. Amsterdam_Adam_CurryMay 11, 2014 at 10:43 PM

    What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

  66. Amsterdam_Adam_CurryMay 11, 2014 at 10:44 PM

    Shawn/Austin vs. Owen/Bulldog.

  67. Amsterdam_Adam_CurryMay 11, 2014 at 10:45 PM

    Indirectly, yes. And no, I'm not providing any more details.

  68. I was reading the posts and I was first. Then this thing just got mean.

    Oh, btw, haven't talked to my mom in forever so I don't have much to contribute to the question. I went to the Braves game instead.

  69. I know you workout a lot. How often do you mess with plyometric stuff? Like plyometric push ups, pullups, squat/jumps, etc?

  70. Anyone that derails a bad Meekin thread is ok in my book

  71. Lol. How did u get thrown into that?

  72. Rock/Austin x7 or bret/Austin wm 13

  73. AverageJoeEverymanMay 12, 2014 at 8:56 AM

    being a large kid (and now adult) I went through the wood frame of many a bed wrestling my pillow/Ninja Turtle (Michaelangelo) stuffed animal.
    Broke a dozen beds, never drew a dime.

  74. I'm watching this now and was wondering the same thing. Scott's review doesn't mention that so I'm guessing the NEtwork edited for some reason.

  75. Just watched it...This show is terrible!

  76. How did Sullivan get Sting, JYD and Michael Hayes in the cage? Did he plant roids, coke, face-paint and Jack Daniels wait until they grab than lock the door behind them?


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