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Daily Network Thread - 5/7/14

The Network live stream schedule for today:

9:00 AM ET - RAW Flashback - 3/27/94 - Lex Luger vs. Rick Martel.
10:00 AM ET - RAW Flashback - 4/3/94 - Earthquake vs. Adam Bomb; the debut of the Heartbreak Hotel.
11:00 AM ET - Wrestlemania III - 3/29/87 - Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant for the WWF Championship; Ricky Steamboat vs. Randy Savage for the IC title.
2:30 PM ET - Wrestlemania Rewind - 5/6/14 - Randy Savage vs. Ted DiBiase from Wrestlemania IV.
3:30 PM ET - Best of Smackdown - 6/12/03 - Mr. America vs. Mr. McMahon in an arm-wrestling contest; Brock Lesnar vs. The Big Show for the WWE Championship.
5:00 PM ET - Legends of Wrestlemania: Warrior - 4/17/14 - Roundtable discussion of The Ultimate Warrior.
6:00 PM ET - WWE Main Event Replay - 5/6/14 - Dolph Ziggler vs. Jack Swagger; Goldust vs. Curtis Axel; John Cena makes an appearance.
7:00 PM ET - Extreme Rules 2014 - 5/4/14 - Replay of this past Sunday's Special Event.
10:00 PM ET - Extreme Rules 2014 Post-Show.
11:00 PM ET - Extreme Rules 2014 - 5/4/14 - Another replay of the event.

I watched WWE Countdown last night with the top ten greatest villains of all time. The list went as follows: 10. Rick Rude 9. JBL 8. The Iron Sheik 7. Ted DiBiase 6. Roddy Piper 5. Hollywood Hogan 4. Triple H 3. CM Punk 2. Randy Orton 1. Vince McMahon. First, let me say that I have no problem with Vince at #1. If these lists are truly compiled by votes from the "WWE Universe", then the majority of them need a wrestling history lesson. Any list that has Randy Orton as the #2 villain of all time has lost all credibility.


  1. I've mentioned it before, but that show was the one that got me hooked on NWA/WCW. For some reason, I really enjoyed the Mil Mascaras-Cactus Jack match, and the Horsemen angle with Sting was awesome, too.

    I knew about these guys from reading the Apter mags, and watched the weekend shows occasionally, but Clash X really grabbed me.

  2. placetobepodcastMay 7, 2014 at 8:44 AM

    I am always caught off guard by how much thinner Foley was then. That match was better than it should have been, i can see how it hooked you back in the day.

  3. Cornette's announcing really helped.

    "Cactus Jack is DEAD!"

  4. placetobepodcastMay 7, 2014 at 8:47 AM

    Yeah they go crazy when he gets shoved to the floor. JR and Corny were really good on that show, good bickering, fast paced dialogue and yelling for emphasis at the big spots.

  5. I loved the WM IV Rewind - excellent summary of what led to the match and the match itself, but all I could think of at the end was for someone to pull a Shawn Michaels and tell Hulk to get the fuck out of the ring and let Savage have his moment.

  6. Love the voiceover work on those too.

  7. Hollywood Hogan #1 and its not even debatable.

  8. Sure it is.

    Heel Vince is just as important if not more than heel Hogan.

  9. Ric Flair is not on this list, which is confusing.

  10. I wonder if the Network will have theme days centered around certain holidays, like maybe Veterans' Day featuring Sergeant Slaughter and the Fourth of July featuring the Rougeau Brothers.

  11. Been meaning to ask this for awhile as I'm watching a bunch of shows from the mid-late 90s (1995-1998 specifically) and JR usually mentions the age of the wrestlers involved in the match he is calling. Anyone know why he was doing that and why he stopped doing that when he came back to the WWF in early 1999?

  12. James M. FabianoMay 7, 2014 at 1:22 PM

    On one hand, having an insiders'-made list would be more credible. On the other, I'm sure Sammartino fans, had there been similar voting back in the day, would be mad at us for putting Hogan and Piper in the top 5 of such lists.

  13. James M. FabianoMay 7, 2014 at 1:56 PM

    And they COULD make open-ended fields, but imagine the antics online vandals would play. So it's a no-win situation, pretty much.

  14. Stranger in the AlpsMay 7, 2014 at 3:52 PM

    "Why isn't Baron Mikel Scicluna on this list? Or Spiros Arion?"


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