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Fwd: Luger


I am a huge Luger fan. Always felt he was a bit under appreciated. He was in TWO of my all time favorite tag matches (Luger/Windham vs Arn/Tully, Luger/Sting vs Steiners) was a GOD to me in 1989, and found his tweaner schtick with Jimmy Hart in late '95/early '96 to be just gold.

Anyhow I'm watching various Luger title wins on youtube (and why he never held every title at once is a crime) and it occurs to me

Does ANYONE in the history of pro wrestling do a title celebration quite like Luger? The guy seriously makes like every title win seems like the biggest deal ever. Even the U.S. title.

Little things like that just really seem to be missing from today's world of wrestling.

Abso-smurf-ly.  Bryan's title win had some awesome pomp and circumstance, but Orton and Cena win the things like they're dispensed from a claw machine.  "Hey I got a title belt, neat!"   And Dean Ambrose just had a YEAR LONG title reign ended!   This should be a big deal!   And yet Sheamus barely registers excitement and they go and beat Ambrose right away on Smackdown anyway.  Way to make stars, guys.  

They should all watch that Connor video and approach the art form with the kind of wonder and excitement that the kid did.  The product would be a million times better.  


  1. more forgotten: Cena vs. Michaels at the beginning of 2009. not as good as the hour match, but still great.

  2. Hell, Luger celebrates count out victories where he DOESN'T win the WWF title like the biggest thing ever.

  3. Wasn't there a great Flair Vs. Steamboat match on WCW Saturday Nighy in 1994?

  4. That was kinda sad looking back. I thought it was cool as a kid but I'd be pretty pissed off if I was watching that as an adult.

  5. Watching his win over Hogan gives me goosebumps. Certainly better than Sting's half assed win at Starrcade.

  6. I thought we weren't allowed to post spoilers

  7. Was Sheamus supposed to hump the belt or something? He talked about how it was going to resurrect his career and seemed pretty excited to me.

  8. Going through the network last night, stumbled upon Greed 2001 and the Magnificent Seven group that I completely forgot ever existed. Also, Palumbo and O'Harie squashing Luger and Bagwell as pretty great.

  9. Just looking at the responses reminded me of a lot of great matches. My list would be
    Flair/Steamboat apr89 cotc
    austin/benoit june01 sd (maybe one day it'll be on the network)
    rock/cactus/too cool/rikishi vs. hhh/xpac/benoit/malenko/saturn feb00 raw
    punk/cena mar13 raw
    hbk/hhh dec03 raw
    jericho/hhh apr00 raw (even though it never happened)
    hbk/cena apr07 raw
    angle/austin jan01 raw
    hbk/rey nov05 raw
    taker/angle jul02 sd (taker tapping while pinning angle)
    honorable mention (mostly because I can't differentiate between them)
    -all those shield six man tags vs db and BoD/cena/sheamus/etc from last year.
    -hollywood blondes/steamboat and douglas
    -rey mysterio vs. damn near anyone on nitro in 96
    -booker/benoit best of 7 series
    -hhh/taka apr00 raw
    -flair/steamboat apr94 wcwsn

  10. yeah, The title was vacant after a double pin the previous sunday so this was the rematch. Flair won the belt back but for some reason it doesn't count as an official title win

  11. Hopefully, Sheamus' title win leads to a good heel turn. He really would be a good guy to replace Dave in Evolution if Batista goes away for the summer, and if they want to stretch out the Shield feud.


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