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Heels with submission finishers

Hey Scott,

After watching Alexander Rusev for a few weeks, I have to wonder, just WHY does WWE bring heels in with nothing but a submission finisher? Clearly, in Rusev's case, they are high on the guy, but he is destined to crash hard.. You can only make Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods tap so many weeks in a row before you have to give him an actual program with an upper Mid Card face. If there's one Rule in the WWE since the beginning of time is that Upper Tier Babyfaces are protected, and don't tap. Knowing this, you can already see the ceiling for the guy. He will graduate to beating up Dolph Ziggler and then his character will stagnate because he wont ever be allowed to make a Upper tier babyface tap, and he will get shuffled down into the Lower mid card because "he couldn't get over". This is pretty much the same thing that happened to Alberto Del Rio, another promising guy with the curse of being a heel with a submission finisher. I cant think of more off the top of my head, but that's kind of the point! These guys start out impressive then They get shuffled down after not being allowed to crack the upper babyfaces on the roster.

Maybe a better question would be, why does a 320 pound freak athlete with a lot of strength not have an awesome Finisher?

What do you think?

​We clearly already know his ceiling because Lana is the one who's going to get the big star push of the deal, but I do appreciate them at least trying new people in the midcard.  Even if it fails, you can't say they haven't at least tried with him.  I do think that some sort of slam, like the spinning one he does to set up the camel clutch, would be a better option for a finish.  They could also go with the original Brock Lesnar ref-stoppage finishes, where he just wants to beat on the guy until the ref has to step in, although again that has a limited shelf life on it.  ​