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Making my way through the Raws of 93 and 94 and I'm wondering when did WWE stop using jobbers every week? The majority of matches are, say, Bam Bam vs local jobber with a few superstar vs superstar matches thrown in (for example, Quebecers vs Ramon/123 Kid)

When did they go to all matches being WWE guy vs WWE guy instead of using local jobbers? Why did it change? It seems like beating a jobber makes a guy look strong and keeps things fresh in a feud as the two WWE guys don't have to get as physical before a ppv match.

​Pretty much once the Monday Night War(s) started and Nitro did away with squashes, Vince had to follow.  So around late 95, early 96 the shift came for good.  And yeah, it's something long overdue for a comeback, especially given how well it worked for Ryback. ​