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Last one, I swear

Sorry to flood the inbox with another "inside baseba- er hockey" question, but IYH "It's Time". You list the real names of everyone after their ring name. Was this something that was edited in, a rib on your part, or just a stab at something new?

Bonus! In the line of Paul questions, do you think you'll do a rant on something that's not a contemporary WWE/TNA show or something off the network in the near future? Maybe a big NJPW perchance?

DAMMIT - Last one. Colosseum Video releases on the Network... think it'll happen?

​1)  It was something that Meltzer has always done and I thought I'd try it.  Everyone HATED it.  

2)  I get enough Paul questions as it is, thanks.  And I watch NJ for fun, not for work.  

3)  It fucking better.  ​


  1. WWE would torment us by only having Wrestling's Country Boys, The Ken Patera Story, and George "The Animal" Steele (I refuse to call it Best of...) available for the first 6 months.

  2. Best of George Steele would just be footage of him standing next to the ring during Savage/Steamboat.

  3. Coliseum Video. I have probably 20 of those somewhere, but no clue where they are. Think they're worth anything? I absolutely loved them as a kid and would love to find them and digitize them.

  4. There's probably more value in the "Best of WWF" series than any of the other videos. Collectors like myself are still looking for a few like WrestleFest '91 and such. If you have one of the original "Best of WWF" VHS tapes, I've seen those go for a pretty penny on eBay.

  5. Back before he started his retard gimmick, he was a decent enough 70's WWWF style heel. Worked with Bruno a lot.

    No one would ever confuse him with Lou Thez in the ring, but he was better than he was in his 80's green tongue days. By then he was pushing 50.

  6. I haven't seen the WWF video of Steele in probably a decade, but it did feature at least one old school match with Bruno. The rest was the obvious comedy shit from 85-87 and a bunch of worthless TV matches against guys like Danny Davis.

  7. it's almost certain that the Coliseum videos will be up the Network someday since they have shown lots of them on the old WWE COD channel.


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