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My Kingdom for a Plug!

Hi Scott,

PhilippeTCA from the blog here. I wondered if you do me the tremendous honor of plugging my very first Kindle e-book. A sci-fi epic called When the Ice Breaks. Here is the description as I wrote it for Amazon.

"Inspired by the saga of King Henry IV and V by William Shakespeare, this book is alive with escapades and action, comedy and tragedy and wonderful technology set around the many moons of Jupiter.

Eric Wen-Cai has a good life working for Captain Michael Miranda. The boisterous and often drunken captain has given Eric and the crew of the Archangel access to all of the temptations of youth one can find around the great gas giant.

However, Eric's father is the King of Europa, and such a royal lineage does not come without a price to pay. When a rebellion is imminent, the king will do anything he can to make an ally of his wandering son."

The book is $2.99, though there are sales which knock it down and I believe it's actually free for people with Amazon Prime.

Thanks so much!



  1. With the exception of Andre-Hogan, most of the dynamic of the WWF had changed considerably between WrestleMania III and Survivor Series. I bet it's jarring if you didn't watch it as it happened...

    I still love the first two SurSer shows. They started to go downhill after 1988.

  2. I'm not going to buy this because it isn't my thing, but I will plug it for you in a few places as well because I am a team player (and an Amazon affiliate).

    Good luck, always good to see people using their creativity.

  3. Its funny that we have several gimmick PPV's throughout the year now but Survivor Series, the original gimmick PPV is just a regular PPV now.

  4. They clearly got bored with the Survivor Series gimmick fast, with 1992 being the first iteration of the show without several elimination matches.

    If you can't book a show like that with a bloated roster, it's not really a surprise they screw everything else up, too.

  5. I've been watching a lot of 1999 wwf. Say what you want but at least stuff happened. Its just a nice chance from today where the show is exactly the same as it was 4 years ago.

  6. Jerichos promo at summerslam 99 is fucking awesome. Whoever said he sucked when he got to the wwe is a less than

  7. I love the '89 Survivor Series

  8. SS 87 was my first PPV I still have the VHS from back then and still love the PPV. the Honky/Savage team match is a fun start to the show, the Bomb Angels where a new and exciting in the US for women at the time, the tag match is a classic and the main event...well it's not very long and the Bam Bam push is fun.

  9. Catching up on last week's Legends house because....I don't know...

  10. Wow! Thanks Parallax!

  11. Watching Raw with the Amazing Waltman/Bret match. Poor Matt Hardy just got destroyed by Crush....I'm sure everything will work out ok for that kid.

  12. Dibiase should have dropped the glitter suit before starting The Million Dollar Corporation


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