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NXT - May 22, 2014

Date: May 22, 2014
Location: Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Commentators: Renee Young, Alex Riley, Rich Brennan

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

It's the go home show for Takeover next week so odds are we're going to be seeing a lot about Tyson Kidd tonight. The other main story coming into tonight is the last chance for Bo Dallas. He's facing Big E. tonight and if he wins, he gets a future shot at the NXT Title. If he loses though, he's done in NXT forever. The ending should be fairly obvious at this point, but the reaction should be awesome. Let's get to it.

We open with a recap of Bo's issues leading up to his match tonight.

Bo Dallas vs. Big E.

They're starting fast this week. Bo has the Bolieve music and Titantron already. Before the match Bo talks about the love he has for his fans and accepts the title of Mr. NXT. Big E. is already doing the Five Count again and he's instantly more interesting than he's been for months. Dallas is quickly sent to the floor before a shoulder drops him with ease. Big E. does it again but this time he follows Bo to the floor. Dallas comes back with a knee to the ribs to take over and the big man is sent into the steps.

Back in and we hit the front facelock on Big E. before taking a break. We come back with Big E. driving shoulders into Bo in the corner but walking into a suplex for two. The fans are singing He's Got The Whole World In His Hands as Bo stands over Big E. Back up and Big E. makes his come back with a clothesline and belly to belly suplex before just running him over again.

There go the straps but Bo counters the Big Ending into a reverse DDT for two. The bulldog out of the corner is countered and Big E. gets two more off an overhead belly to belly. The Warrior Splash hits knees though and Bo nails the double arm DDT for another near fall. Bo throws his wrist tape down for a distraction and takes off the buckle pad, which is how he beat Big E. for the title last year. This time though Bo is splashed into the steel and the Big Ending means no more Bo at 8:50.

Rating: C. The match was fine and a nice callback to the first meeting last year. There was no way Dallas was going to win here though and this is the right call all around. Big E. getting a win is always nice to see after he's been crushed on the main show for so many months.

Dallas of course cracks after losing while the fans sing the Goodbye Song. The freaking out continued during the break with the fans changing BO LEAVE! Bo grabbed the mic and said he strongly dislikes every one of them. They should have just bolieved and now they can just leave. Bo finally walks out.

The announcers talk about Kidd vs. Neville for a bit.

Kidd says he'll win next week.

Sami Zayn says the loss last week isn't going to stop him. Tyler Breeze comes in and they mock each other until Sami challenges him for a match. Tyler agrees for Takeover.

Paige vs. Tamina Snuka

Non-title. Paige fights out of the corner to start and kicks Tamina in the ribs before screaming in her face. The fans chant Superfly as Tamina slams Paige down a few times. A running clothesline gets two on Paige and a forearm to the back puts her down. Tamina hooks a torture rack but it's more like a fireman's carry. Paige fights back and knocks Tamina to the mat, only to pull her right back up to knock her down again. Tamina picks her up and sits Paige on the top rope before knocking her ribs first onto the apron. Back in and the Superfly Splash hits feet and a small package gives Paige the pin at 6:00.

Rating: D+. Dull match but Paige's formula is starting to work. She's getting beaten down because she's not that experienced but finding a way to win by exploiting a single mistake her opponents make. I've heard worst styles for someone to use and she's WAY over down in NXT as well. Why she needed to lose to Alicia Fox is beyond me, but I'm not as smart as WWE writers.

Adam Rose vs. Camacho

Rose charges right at him but gets hammered in the corner instead. That's fine for Adam as he charges at Camacho and takes him down with right hands. Camacho fights out of the corner and stomps Rose down. Fans: “PARTY POOPER!” A release butterfly suplex and a legdrop gets two but Rose gets all ticked off and Hulks Up. He hammers away with right hands and nails a spinebuster to set up a bronco buster. What appeared to be a Diamond Cutter is shoved away and Camacho runs to the floor. Camacho just takes the countout at 3:55.

Rating: D+. Rose isn't bad in the ring but he's all character for the most part. I have no idea why Camacho of all people isn't allowed to be pinned here, unless there's going to be a rematch next week at Takeover. If that's the case, why have this match here at all? I don't get this one.

NXT Womens Title Tournament Semifinals: Natalya vs. Sasha Banks

Charlotte isn't sure who she wants to win because she doesn't want to embarrass her friend but wants her to succeed. Natalya grabs a quick rollup for two and runs Sasha over for the same. Banks comes back with a running knee in the corner as Charlotte is cheering, but it's not clear for whom. We hit the chinlock on Natalya as Renee says Sasha realizes she's lost all her matches since Charlotte has been back. Not quite but the Divas don't always make a ton of sense. Natalya comes back with a butterfly suplex of her own and Sasha goes to the floor holding her leg. Back in and the Sharpshooter sends Natalya to the finals at 4:00.

Rating: C-. Not bad here and points to NXT for trying to set up a possible way Sasha could win. Natalya vs. Charlotte is the better choice but this wasn't the worst match in the world. Charlotte has the character down and is getting better in the ring. She doesn't need Sasha but splitting them up isn't the best idea in the world either.

We run down the Takeover card. Zayn vs. Breeze is a #1 contenders match.

Adrian Neville vs. Curt Hawkins

Non-title. Renee goes to the same bagel shop as Hawkins. I love little lines like that as they sound like they could happen and we haven't heard them a million times before. Neville easily takes him to the mat but Hawkins pops back up and nails a clothesline to the back of the head. A suplex gets two on Adrian and we're already in the chinlock. Neville fights up and hits a missile dropkick to set up the Red Arrow for the pin at 2:23.

Post match Tyson comes out and says he's the toughest competition Adrian has ever fought. Adrian says NXT is the future so he's the future. Therefore, at Takeover, the only member of Kidd's family to take home some gold will be Tyson's wife. “As usual.” Kidd stares him down to end the show. Neither came off like a heel here.

Overall Rating: C+. This show did the one job it had: it made me want to see Takeover. The show isn't going to have anything groundbreaking and most of the matches are predictable, but I have no doubt that NXT is going to put on at least an entertaining show. Kidd is a great choice to have an awesome match with Neville and the rest of the card should be good as well. Nice show here but it's just setting up next week.

Big E. b. Bo Dallas – Big Ending
Paige b. Tamina Snuka – Small package
Adam Rose b. Camacho via countout
Natalya b. Sasha Banks – Sharpshooter
Adrian Neville b. Curt Hawkins – Red Arrow

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  1. Therefore, at Takeover,
    the only member of Kidd's family to take home some gold will be
    Tyson's wife. “As usual.”

    GET THE ALOE! GET THE ALOE! GET THE ALOE! #HeelTurn #YetAnotherUnnecessaryHashtag

  2. Watched this show for the first time in forever, wasn't too impressed. The talent is decent, the presentation is professional yet intimate but 5 matches in 1 hour is way too much.

    On the plus side Cody Rhodes wife is absurdly good looking.

  3. "Big E. getting a win is always nice to see after he's been crushed on the main show for so many months."

    Big E is much less interesting on the main shows but he's been booked pretty strong in terms of wins and loses. At least I think?

  4. kbwrestlingreviewsMay 23, 2014 at 1:23 AM

    Not so much lately.

  5. "5 matches in 1 hour is way too much"?

    So, you want less wrestling on your wrestling show?

  6. No, but 3 minute matches for developing talent doesn't help anyone.


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