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Place to Be Nation Friday Update

Enjoy your long weekend (where applicable). Here is a sample of PTBN from the past week!

Featured Piece

Charles Williams recants the tale of Jerry Lawler and The Snowman in Memphis: The Story of Jerry Lawler and The Snowman

Kevin Kelly joined PTB Podcast to chat about the first half of 2002 in WWE: Place to Be Podcast Episode 313: Kevin Kelly on First Half of WWE 2002


Roger Morrissette checked out some famous celebrity wrestling matches: The Cowboy Goes to Class – Celebrity Matches

Scott & Justin reviewed No Mercy 2008: Vintage Vault – No Mercy 2008


Russell Sellers caught up with Genesis artist Alison Sampson: PTBN Comics Interview: Alison Sampson – Genesis artist

Justin Rozzero shares his memories of Notorious BIG on what would have been his 42nd birthday: Forever Notorious  

Andrew Woltman reviewed X-Men: Days of Future Past: X-Men: Days of Future Past – Has Bryan Singer Learned Anything?


Scott Keith joined PTB to go through some mailbag questions: Place to Be Podcast Episode 312: Mailbag with Scott Keith

Chris Harrington broke down WWE's new TV deal: Wrestlenomics Radio: WWE’s Brand New TV Deal

Steven, Dylan & Chad tell you why you should be watching Lucha Libre: Pro-Wrestling Super Show: Why You Should Watch Lucha

The Comics Staff delivered a roundtable, talking the current landscape of the industry plus much more: Place to Be Network: Comics Roundtable #4