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Place to Be Nation Friday Update

Welcome to the weekend. Here is an overview of the week that was at PTBN.

Featured Piece

The staff discussed their favorite TV season finales: The Other Five Count – Favorite TV Season Finales


Roger went to class to study some classic tag matches:  The Cowboy Goes to Class – Classic Tag Team Matches

Steve & Glenn chat TNA vs. ROH, the Von Erichs and more in the High Spot: The High Spot: Ring of Honor, TNA, Payback, and the Top Stories of the Week

The PTBN Staff created a Mount Rushmore of tag teams: Place to Be Nation’s Pro Wrestling Mount Rushmore: Tag Team Edition


Todd Gessling kicked off his FIFA World Cup previews: 2014 World Cup 

We recapped our preseason Americans Season Two predictions: The Americans Season Two – PTBN Prediction Results

Greg & Nick give their comics rundown for May 2014: Hard-Traveling Fanboys: The Rundown (May 2014)


Kevin Kelly chatted with Sean Grande and also told some road stories and played sleaze thread true or false: The Kevin Kelly Show Episode 10 – Featuring Sean Grande

Scott & Justin recapped Vengeance 2002: Place to Be Podcast Episode 314: Vengeance 2002

Chad & Parv looked back a the WCW/NJPW 1991 SuperShow: Where the Big Boys Play #62: WCW/New Japan 1991 Supershow

Steve Corino chatted with OOTP's Brad Cook and former ECW referee Mike Kehner: The Steve Corino Show Episode 6 – OOTP’s Brad Cook and Former ECW Ref Mike Kehner


  1. Are you guys doing another mailbag podcast with Scott soon? That was a really fun show the last time it happened

  2. Not sure how soon, but in the next few months yes. We hope to make it a regular entry in the rotation.

  3. Just as an aside. I owe Kevin Kelly an apology. You all were talking...somewhere? It might have been his own podcast. I think the first or second, and he surmised that he thought Punk was done and retired. And I chastised Kevin, feeling he was being very silly.

    So who'd a thunk it? K2, that's who!

  4. Yeah I wasn't buying it either but looks like he was pretty accurate as of now!

  5. Sounds good man.

  6. I see him pulling an "HBK" and taking some major time off only to come back for another great run.

  7. I've watched a lot of season finales in my life but there's no way I remember enough of them to ever make a top five list.

  8. Season finale's?

    You know it's sad it got so goofy as the show went on, but those first two seasons of Nip/Tuck were gold. I always thought the problem was that they did so much, so soon, and really should have spread out some of the storylines more.

    Anyhow before they totally botched it, the carver story was must see TV. That season 2 finale where you think he's going to get the one guy, but gets the other was a total holy shit moment.

    Being purposely vague to avoid any spoilers.

    Another good one. Sons of Anarchy season 3. A certain agent finally gets hers in a HUGE twist only to be topped minutes later by an even BIGGER twist. Kurt Sutter is the fucking man.

    And hell while we're on SOA I'll also add in last seasons finale. FORK to the head!

    Also for those that watch, Gallen would make a great wrestling heel. Yeah what happened to him, didn't see that coming nor what would happen to Clay either.

  9. Good submissions... there are so many quality ones out there.


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