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Two ECW related questions.
I just started watching ECW Hardcore TV on the network (didn't follow ECW when it originally aired). I was wondering if this was the only weekly ECW television show at the time. I ask simply because it seems like they tend to start a huge storyline only to dismiss it (for example, the Dreamer-Sandman feud; they hype up the retirement of Sandman due to injury, and have Dreamer sympathizing with him. Then, about five episodes later, he's back with no real explanation, and battling Dreamer again).
Secondly, was Shane Douglas delusional enough to believe that he was viewed to be on the same level as Flair? It seems like Douglas modeled his "Franchise" persona as a total "F U" to Flair. He seemed to relate everything to how much he disliked Flair, including cutting promos on Ric while he was supposed to be hyping his feud with Ron Simmons. This just seems kind of ridiculous to invest that much time in something that would have no chance of getting a proper pay-off.

​1)  The weekly TV show stuff usually paid off on the ECW arena big shows, which would then be taped for home video and distributed by RFVideo.  ​The Dreamer-Sandman thing, for example, built to a big swerve where Woman introduced a mystery opponent for Dreamer, who turned out to be a miraculously recovered Sandman.  I think WWE is also skipping episodes, though.  

2)  And yes, Shane was very delusional and probably could relate a case of food poisoning to somehow being Flair's fault from 1993.  I guess it kind of worked because he was able to piggyback off Flair's success and build his persona.