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Rehabilitating Dolph Ziggler

No matter how much WWE books Dolph Ziggler to look like a midcard loser, he seems to stay over with the fans -- which makes me think he'd be a good pick to help fill the void of main-event babyfaces WWE could have with Daniel Bryan's uncertain future. (And we still don't know how Roman Reigns will respond to being a top singles star.) So between now and let's say Night of Champions, how would you book Ziggler and/or tweak his character to get him back to the main-event level?

​It doesn't matter what you do with his character.  He was doing just fine as the guy with the briefcase who cashed in on ADR last year.  The problem is that he doesn't know when to shut his big fat mouth, and if he can get THAT problem under control, he should be on track to be something again.  But it doesn't seem terribly likely.  ​