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Smackdown - May 30, 2014

Date: May 30, 2014
Location: Phillips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia
Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

It's the final show before Payback and every major match is firmly set up for Sunday. The main story coming off Raw is Daniel Bryan having to surrender the title on Sunday or have his wife Brie Bella get fired. If nothing else we should get a solid conflicted promo tonight, which should be good coming from someone like Bryan. Let's get to it.

Here's Shield to get things going. Rollins says what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, so after Monday, they've never been stronger. We get a clip from the end of Raw and Evolution beating Shield down thanks to the sledgehammer, including a TripleBomb to put Reigns through a table. Ambrose says they don't care how many times they get beaten down because they'll keep fighting. The question is how crazy is Evolution willing to get because this is going to get really ugly. Seth says he'll pin Randy Orton and a stretcher will take him to the back. Then they'll eliminate Batista, and it'll be HHH against all three of them.

We see a list of great Intercontinental Champions.

Cesaro vs. Kofi Kingston

A hard shoulder puts Kofi down early so he tries an armdrag. Cesaro doesn't move and instead lifts Kofi up off the mat by the arm into a backbreaker. A gorilla press puts Kofi down again but he avoids a charge in the corner and hits a springboard right hand to the head. Kingston gets two off a kick to the head (JBL: “How do you not notice those fluorescent feet coming at you?) and goes up for cross body, only to dive into an uppercut for the pin at 2:57.

Cesaro Neutralizes him post match.

Barrett says he'll beat Sheamus tonight to prove a point to RVD. The International Title is more prestegious than the US Title.

Paige vs. Tamina Snuka

Non-title. Alicia comes out almost immediately and takes pictures with fans. Paige loses her focus, allowing Tamina to headbutt her down to take over. Fox takes the title belt for another distraction, so Tamina kicks Paige's head off for two. Paige gets all ticked off and fires elbows in the corner, followed by fast clotheslines and knees to the face. The Paige Turner sets up the Scorpion Cross Lock (PTO: Paige's Tap Out) for the submission at 3:22.

Rating: C-. Now this is more like it from Paige. Instead of getting beaten up for most of the match and then making a big comeback at the end, Paige beat the tar out of Snuka for most of the match before making her tap out with ease. That's the kind of win she's been needing to show that she isn't just a fluke.

Sheamus says Cesaro not shaking his hand is like feeding a Gremlin after midnight. He doesn't know much about geography or continents, but he knows when the US Champion's foot connects with the Intercontinental Champion's face, it's going to knock Barrett's teeth down his throat.

Bo Dallas vs. Xavier Woods

Dallas starts with an armdrag and heads to the floor to celebrate. Woods grabs him but gets sent out to the floor as it's all Bo so far. Back in and a knee drop sets up a cravate on Woods but he comes back with a clothesline and a dropkick. The Honor Roll (flipping clothesline) gets two for Woods but Bo dropkicks him out of the air, setting up the Bodog for the pin at 2:47. JBL: “It's not 3-0. It's 3-Bo!”

Bo does the big celebration and congratulates Woods on such a hard fought effort.

We look at the Wyatt/Cena/Lawler segment from Raw.

Video on Torito having his tail ripped off on Monday. This made me smile.

El Torito vs. Jinder Mahal

Torito has Brutus Beefcake style hedge clippers. He looks for his tail after the bell before focusing on the match. A dropkick to the leg sends Mahal into the corner and we get a chase scene. There's a bit of cotton where the tail is growing back. An atomic drop hurts Torito really badly due to the wound but he's able to come back with a sunset bomb, setting up the Bullsault (why not?) for the pin at 1:40.

The little guys have a showdown post match and Hornswoggle runs from the clippers.

We see a list of great US Champions to set up the champion vs. champion match next. The Intercontinental Title list really did blow this one away.

Sheamus vs. Bad News Barrett

Non-title and Heyman is on commentary and has now stretched the Streak to a twenty five year accomplishment. Cole asks Heyman which title means more and gets this great response: “Whichever is next held by a Paul Heyman Guy.” Barrett hammers away in the corner to start before taking over with a running clothesline. Bad News comes back with that cool spot where he sets himself up for a superplex but jumps down and spins into a snap suplex for two.

Sheamus' ten forearms are broken up and Barrett knocks him to the floor for a running elbow off the apron. Back in and a running clothesline drops Barrett, followed by the rolling fireman's carry. Barrett gets knocked to the floor and Sheamus takes him down with a shoulder from the apron. Sheamus takes too much time though and gets whipped into the steps as we take a break.

Back with Sheamus fighting out of a chinlock and nailing his running ax handles followed by the running knee lift. Sheamus charges into an elbow in the corner though and a loud low superkick gets two. An Irish Curse gets Sheamus out of trouble and the ten forearms to the chest have Barrett in trouble. White Noise is escaped though and Winds of Change get another close call. Wasteland is countered and a Brogue Kick gets the pin at 7:12 shown of 10:42.

Rating: C+. Good brawl here but again a champion, who has been on fire recently, has to get pinned. On top of that, Sheamus' head injury from Friday was only mentioned on commentary and didn't change anything in the match. Barrett looked good here but I don't see the need to have him lose here. Do a double countout or something like that instead of a clean pin, but fixing that is a long lost cause in WWE.

Sheamus goes after Heyman post match but Paul talks his way to safety.

The Usos are banged up from their match on Main Event where they lost to the Wyatt Family. Tonight it's Jimmy vs. Bray Wyatt in a last man standing match. They give a solid, fired up promo about throwing the rulebook out the window tonight.

We look at Titus O'Neil beating up Big E. a month ago.

Big E. vs. Titus O'Neil

Points to them for remembering an issue between these two. Big E. comes out with the American flag due to what happened with Rusev on Monday. The match for Sunday is official. Also before the match we get the usual from Lana, this time running down the American flag and saying Russia has the true red white and blue flag. Rusev comes out for his Russian speech and Titus uses the distraction to jump Big E. That lasts a few seconds before Big E. comes back with a belly to belly suplex and the running body attack. The Warrior Splash sets up the Big Ending for the pin at 1:11.

Big E. waves the flag like a Real American.

Adam Rose vs. Jack Swagger

This doesn't make the pay per view? Colter is on commentary and Swagger gets a jobber entrance while we look at what happened between these two on Monday. Colter wants Rose deported and the party people arrested for impersonating human beings. Rose runs around with the lollipop in his mouth to start and offers it to Swagger. Jack charges but is easily sidestepped before Rose jumps into Swagger's arms. Swagger has no idea what to think and bails to the floor where Rose quickly follows. Back in and Jack tries a monkey flip but Rose dives forward to pull Jack's legs forward for a pin at 2:18.

The Raw ReBound covers the Bryan/Stephanie segment from Raw.

Bray Wyatt vs. Jimmy Uso

Last man standing. Bray hammers on Jimmy in the corner to start before running him over with a shoulder block. A dropkick puts Jimmy on the floor and a big dive takes him down again but Bray is quickly back up. Back from a break with Bray hitting a running splash in the corner but Jimmy fires off some right hands. Bray plants him with his suplex slam and hammers away, only to walk into a Samoan drop.

That doesn't keep Bray down either but he gets low bridged out to the floor. Jimmy tries a running dive off the barricade but Wyatt ducks underneath, only to walk into a huge superkick for seven. Back in and Bray hits that running cross body, followed by the Spider Walk out of the corner. Jimmy headbutts out of a superplex and nails the Superfly Splash for a count of eight but Bray is mad.

He throws Jimmy out to the floor but the Uso catches him with a jumping enziguri. The running Umaga attack against the barricade has Bray in big trouble but he uses the steps to get up at nine. The Family takes out Jey but Jimmy nails Wyatt with another superkick, only to have another Umaga attack hit the steps. Sister Abigail on the floor is good for the win at 12:03 as Bray hangs upside down from the apron and counts along.

Rating: B. This was WAY better than I was expecting as Bray was actually tested a bit. I don't think anyone in their right mind expected Jimmy to win here but they made something out of it and that's the best thing you can do in a match where the ending is fairly obvious. This was a very nice surprise and a good sign for the Usos' futures.

Overall Rating: C+. This was a pretty standard go home show with a solid main event. Almost every match got some build and that's really all you can ask for out of this kind of show. There's nothing on here worth going out of your way to watch, though the main event was solid stuff. Other than that though, there are too many short matches here to really work for me.

Cesaro b. Kofi Kingston – Uppercut
Paige b. Tamina Snuka – Scorpion Cross Lock
Bo Dallas b. Xavier Woods – Bodog
El Torito b. Jinder Mahal – Bullsault
Sheamus b. Bad News Barrett – Brogue Kick
Big E. b. Titus O'Neil – Big Ending
Adam Rose b. Jack Swagger – Bridging cradle
Bray Wyatt b. Jimmy Uso – Uso couldn't answer a ten count after Sister Abigail on the floor

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  1. and then Abe Knuckleball schwartz comes out.

  2. Each and every week why is Lawler sooo bad in the King's Court segment? It's Lawler..but his comedic timing is terrible, he is stumbling over words..losing his place..its uncomfortable to watch.

  3. Wait...I'm to the last Raw before Summerslam 94 and...summerslam was on a Monday night? Who the hell's idea was it to have a PPV on Monday night?

  4. I believe the dates for all of their '93 and '94 Raws are a day ahead. The one labeled "August 22" actually aired on August 21, 1994.

  5. Foley goes from winning the belt at summerslam to jobbing to val venis at no mercy. I get he was doing the rock and sock thing then so he had heat to spare but considering he's gonna be used to get hhh over why not book him strong until the end of 1999?

  6. Amsterdam_Adam_CurryMay 31, 2014 at 8:48 AM

    Just a joke man, meant no offense.

  7. Amsterdam_Adam_CurryMay 31, 2014 at 8:51 AM

    Dude, I suck at basketball. Can either of them skate?

  8. I assumed this too but the wiki page has it listed on August 29, 1994 which is a monday and on the Raw before Summerslam Vince said exactly one week from tonight.

  9. my understanding is that it's not supported so you need to run through your web browser on your computer to the chromecast.

  10. Lex Luger matches are 5 times better when Ross is doing commentary.

  11. Plastic surgery and botox?

  12. That wasn't quite the plan yet, I don't think. He was supposed to break up with Rock, turn heel and feud with him. In early November, VKM found out Foley was having memory issues and told him he should retire at Survivor Series, but Foley didn't want to go out looking like shit. So they axed his heel turn/Rock feud, he got into shape and then they decided on the H feud for him to go out with.

  13. Watching Summerslam 94 now that the RAWs have caught up...awww no Art Donovan on commentary? How will we know if a guy is dead or not or how much a guy ways without his questions?

  14. I hate the headshrinker music it sounds like they are having technical issues with the tape machine with all the squealing

  15. Absolutely nothing wrong with losing to the Heat in general. They've proven to be one of the best clutch teams ever. But yeah, I was really talking about the way they just completely collapsed after mid-February.


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