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The Kevin Kelly Show Episode 9 – Featuring Diamond Dallas Page

On episode 9 of The Kevin Kelly Show, Kevin talks about Global Wars in Toronto and chatting with Jim Ross. 

Kevin welcomes DDP as his guest and he talks about DDP Yoga, Scott Hall, Jake Roberts, his Shark Tank appearance and the future of his business. 

Kevin and Justin then talk about the news of the day, Daniel Bryan, WWE's TV Rights and they hold a short wrestler draft as if they were starting their own North American based promotion (don't forget to vote!) and Kevin answers all your #AsKKevin twitter questions!


  1. I think they actually put a lot of their house shows on Nico Nico. It's a japanese video service that has a subscription feature. Basically I think you pay a monthly fee and get all the house shows. Fixed camera and no announcers. Saw one they gave away free back in December (for the world tag league) there was a kid sitting somewhere near the mic and he kept calling all the faces names during heat segments "CAPTAIN!!! CAPTAIN!!!! CAPTAIN!!!!!" is still giving me nightmares.. :)


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