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The SmarK Rant for WWE NXT–05.01.14

The SmarK Rant for WWE NXT – 05.01.14

Being sick sucks. Let’s watch some wrestling. By the way, my Hulu Plus sub runs out in June and they obviously don’t carry the cards up here. Would someone in the US be able to pick one up for me?

Taped from Orlando, FL

Your hosts are Tom Phillips, William Regal & Byron Saxton

HHH is out for a speech to start us off, and he sounds exactly like I do today. He announces NXT Takeover for the end of the month and puts over the young NXT talent. Kind of weird how he’s a totally different character on this show.

Tyson Kidd v. Bo Dallas

Bo comes equipped with his new Titantron video, with inspirational music and BOLIEVE theme. So it’s kind of that weird deal where the character is just kind of changing here as a tryout. They trade headlocks while the crowd is heavily split, and Kidd stomps a mudhole in the corner. To the top, but Bo bails and trips to the floor. Back in, that gets two. Bo gets a cheapshot and drops knees for two before going to Regal’s favorite hold, the cravat. Kidd puts him into the corner with a headscissors and makes the comeback with kicks, as a low dropkick gets two. Dallas catches him with a belly to belly for two. The Bo-Dog gets two. Bo is frustrated now and puts his head down, allowing Kidd to come back one more time and finish with the Buff Blockbuster at 7:15. And that would be it for Bo, I assume, as he does the time honored tradition on the way out. **1/2

Meanwhile, Camacho denies being a party pooper and in fact he throws the sickest parties ever. Adam Rose interrupts and sure enough he brings the party with him. I feel like we need a cameo from Ted Dibiase and his Party Posse.

NXT Women’s Title tournament: Bayley v. Sasha Banks

Bayley is now rocking WACKY WAVING INFLATABLE ARM TUBE MEN as part of her entrance. Fitting, I suppose. Bayley with a rollup for two and backslide for two, but Banks puts her down with a knee to the gut. Bayley hugs her into the corner and follows with a slapfest, and a snap suplex gets two. Bayley with the belly-to-Bayley, but Sasha makes the ropes and gets the neckbreaker for two. Backstabber into a crossface finishes for Banks at 4:00. Nice little finishing sequence. **

Adam Rose v. Danny Burch

Last appearance for Burch, too. Regal is aghast at the previous history of Burch and wonders how he even got into the country. That would explain his departure, then. Rose prances around him and then gets mad and slugs Burch down, before finishing with the broncobuster and DDT at 2:30. But then Camacho runs down and viciously beats up a member of the entourage! But they’re so fun-loving! *

NXT Women’s Title tournament: Natalya v. Layla

Kind of sad that Layla is stuck in the loser Fandango zone now. Layla controls on the mat and gets two, and a clothesline gets two. Nattie comes back with a suplex for two and counters a sunset flip into the Sharpshooter at 3:31. This was fine. *1/2

Mojo Rawley v. Oliver Grey

And now it’s Grey’s farewell job. Grey attacks and pounds on Mojo for a bit, but it’s only a small bit as Mojo quickly finishes him with the butt splash at 1:00. Aiden English comes out, no longer suffering fools, and attacks Mojo for sullying his canvas. That doesn’t go well for Aiden.

NXT title: Adrian Neville v. Brodus Clay

Neville immediately attacks and beats on Clay outside, and back in for kicks to put him down. Red Arrow is dodged by Clay, so Neville keeps going with a dropkick into the corner. Clay casually shrugs him off and hangs him in the Tree of Woe, then adds an elbowdrop for two. Neville escapes a body vice and uses more kicks to put Brodus down, but he walks into a powerbomb. Flying splash gets two for Brodus. He grabs the belt, but Neville kicks it back at him and finishes with the Red Arrow at 6:00. Nice little microcosm of the Sting-Vader formula here. **1/2

The Pulse

Yay, back to the fun and fast-moving show we know and love. And with a Special Event at the end of the month this show has some well-needed focus as well.