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WCW Randoms


Some random WCW questions, just for a change-of-pace from the Network/stock content lately. . .

1. In 1994, WCW brings in Hogan to big fanfare, they shoot their wad right away with Hogan beating Flair for the title in his first match. . .then Hogan isn't even on the next ppv, Fall Brawl '94.  What gives?    

Much like Brock, Hogan had a limited set of dates and neither side wanted to waste one on that show. 

2. Have you ever seen or reviewed any of WCW's 1998 internet-PPVs?  "Boston Brawl", "Malice at the Palace", "Profiles in Pain", "L.A. Melee".  The Boston Brawl show sounds like a pretty decent card, with Hart vs. Flair, Benoit vs. Guerrero, Malenko vs. Jericho, Booker vs. Rotunda, and Steiners vs. Saturn/Raven, all before Hogan vs. Sting.  

Nope.  Heard of them before, although I can’t imagine how horrific a streaming PPV would be in 1998! 

3. Whose idea was the "Dungeon of Doom"?  Was there ever any explanation of why guys like Brutus and Sullivan are suddenly dressed for Halloween?  Kevin Sullivan was a known NWA/WCW commodity, but he's suddenly "The Taskmaster"?

Well, he did used to be the Gamesmaster, so it wasn’t unprecedented or anything.  Usually “because WCW” suffices, though.   

4. For all his faults, Ric Flair showed a LOT of ass in 1994-1996 in the name of Hulkamania (and Macho Madness, to an extent). He was basically Just A Guy during that time.  Was there ever any rumor of Flair going back to the WWF in the Hogan era?  1993-1996 WWF wasn't exactly setting the world on fire and it seems Vince/Flair were on good terms after Ric's previous run.  Flair returning to Titan to reclaim "his" title from Bret Hart, Lex Luger, and/or Shawn Michaels might have generated a little interest.

He was locked up pretty tight, but during the dispute in 98, yes, there was absolutely rumor of him going back to the WWF to work with Austin instead of going back to WCW.  Honestly, I don’t know why he didn’t, because he was getting treated like crap at the time anyway and probably could have made partying money for a year doing a run with Austin as the Corporate Champion.