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Wrestlecrap interviews Vince Russo (audio)

Howdy, BoD'ers.

Just listening to this and thought i'd share it:

First 20 minutes is about his new website, and from then on (i'm only 45 minutes in to it) it's about the WWF magazine, and how he got in to writing for WWF.

There's a great story where he would occasionally pop in to the costume design room so he could get a heads up on which characters were being bought in. They talk about the ridiculously stupid Who? character (which, was apparently a rip on Hogan), and then a planned tag team partner for him...


Russo said he got so pissed off by it that he called Bischoff and asked for a job.

Pretty funny.


  1. Russo is in no position to complain about other peoples stupid shit

  2. Also an excellent story on when he had his own video rental store in the 80's.

    Whenever someone refused to return a video, him and his cop friend would go to their house, and physically retrieve the video haha


  3. Yeah I've heard those stories before in the four hour shoot he did in 02 or 03.

  4. did you here this

  5. As a former video store manager I wanted to do that kind of thing so often. Actually when I was an assistant mgr at Hollywood Video I would go through the wrestling tapes and call people on my own outside of the normal robo calls in attempts to get them back so I could watch them.

  6. Your_Favourite_LoserMay 7, 2014 at 11:02 AM

    look up the old "acts of gord" about a dude who owned a video game store. awesome stories about dealing with collections

  7. Thx for the new interview Deal. Good stuff as always.

    I check for every new RD&Blade show, STILL the best podcast on the net

  8. Reminds me of a story:

    I believe this was around 1989 and I never was allowed to drop $30 on PPV so I had to wait until they came out on video which took about a month. Then they only had one copy so if got rented out you had to wait even longer. Anyway, I found out when the Royal Rumble was coming out and called them right after they opened to reserved it.

    "Sorry it's rented out."

    What??? How?? Oh well. I went to a friend's house and his mom drove us to the Video Store to rent a movie. I walk in and the asshole is watching the Rumble there in the back!

    We rent our movie and go back to his house and I grab his phone and call the store.

    "Video Habit."

    "Yes, do you have the Royal Rumble?"

    "Sorry, it's rented out."



    I was so badass.

  9. I heard Russo say his favorite TV show now is "The Following." That just makes perfect sense.

  10. James M. FabianoMay 7, 2014 at 1:19 PM

    And post-2001, a "What?" character would probably be mad over. They chant his name to this day.

  11. James M. FabianoMay 7, 2014 at 2:00 PM

    No sound here, is this the one where he keeps talking about "Wrestling Puricists"? I am shocked and disappointed that, for the years of bashing his angles, R.D. didn't grill him on certain subjects, and actually, it sounded like the two were becoming buddies in this interview.
    BTW do you know of Russo's new blog? He's still talking about Batman (or "Bat Man")

  12. This is I believe his third time on the show now, so they are friendly at this point

  13. You're welcome. Nice to hear that folks seemed to enjoy the show. :)

  14. I don't ask him questions on stuff I've bashed him for in the past, because honestly I've asked the questions before and he gives the answers you'd expect. Would much rather talk to him about him and his thug cop friend who hunted down folks for overdue videotapes. WAY more interesting.


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