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This is AWESOME.

Not only have they bothered to do the event graphics, but also bothered to do a fictional write-up.

Kudos to Joey and the team; .com is about 72 times better these days.


  1. They currently have 4 people of the people under contract in the extreme TLC 3 way dream match. I'm kind of surprised they didn't go with a TLC tag match at Wrestlemania mania or Extreme. The time seemed right for the tag team division.

  2. Awesome indeed...Also someone at seems to be as big a fan of Cena as the rest of the internet putting him in with New Jack

  3. TJ: West Ham 2, Tottenham 0 at halftime. Spurs DESPERATELY trying to blow their way out of Europe it seems.

  4. So they are up 6 and including the current game there are two left right? What if They and Man U Tie?

  5. Man U has a massive goal advantage (+20 coming into today, would need 2 wins plus a match or better on Tottenham's Match 38 result, vs Tottenham's +1 [counting today, if the 2-0 score holds])

    Tottenham needed at least a point today to keep Man U possibly out of touch... The good news for them is West Ham has had a history of blowing leads. The bad news is West Ham is already 2-0 against them this season (Premier League, FA Cup).

  6. Am a Man U fan so...i spit at your "good news" (please take that in the light hearted manor in which it was meant) Man U's season has been so bla I had not kept up close enough to know what the goal advantage issue was.

  7. I would love to see any of those matches.

    Also, Cena/New Jack had me hysterical.

  8. Well, I can give you "better" news:

    Tottenham are playing with ten men, have been doing so since the 25 minute mark. And West Ham just came CLOSE to 3-0

  9. The Immortal Hoke OganMay 3, 2014 at 7:08 AM

    Im glad im not the only one who thought so.

  10. As for the article: Hot damn, this one's worth the clickbait. Bonus points for putting each match in the opposing wrestler's "home court", ALONG with a full card underneath. The first one alone's worth the article.

  11. good grief that's a somebody needs to be fired type performance

  12. The Immortal Hoke OganMay 3, 2014 at 7:22 AM

    If Mick was still able, Dean Ambrose vs. Cactus Jack would be tremendous, career-making stuff along the lines of the Edge and Orton matches Foley did.

    Brock vs. Vader is almost too much. It would be like Superman and Doomsday destroying cities just from hitting each other.

    Shield vs. Dudleys would kill as well.

    Did they ever do a 'TLC' with RVD and Sabu at least? Seems like a natural in the WWECW brand.

    I don't doubt that Cena could make a New Jack match work. That dude took a shit-kicking against Brock Lesnar and I don't think he would shy away from all that mayhem with Jack.

    Wyatt vs. Raven is more appealing for the potentially-awesome promos and mind games during the build.

    Not exactly the plunder-based "hardcore match", but I wouldn't mind something like Sheamus vs. Vader in a stiff brawl.

  13. WHAT?! A PREMIER LEAGUE tj?! Well I never...

    I'm a Yid. We've played shit. I've now switched to watching the FIA WEC 6 hours of Spa.

  14. Rumour/factoid (?) - New Jack was meant to be the guy who stabbed Cena back in 2004.

    I heard that Jack went to WWE HQ, they asked him to climb in the ring and show what he could do, which Jack reacted angrily at and stormed out.

    How fucking awesome would that have been? The promos, man... Not many more believable than New Jack.

  15. The funny thing is, Foley probably still COULD, technically.

    I've worked barbed wire matches and all sorts of gimmicky shit, and in a way, they take less of a tole on the body. You just have to expect to get a bit cut up and bleed a little.

    There's less actual bumping, and more in the way of psychology and build to the gimmicks.

    Not that i'm suggesting he should, i'm just saying..

    Would be pretty amazing. Two smart, smart men.

  16. New Jack would have been quite neutered by WWE, IMO.

  17. Finishes 2-0, West Ham clinches their spot in the Premier League, and Man U control their Europa destiny.

    Sunderland, Hull, and Southampton... not the worst finish for Man U. 3 wins is definitely possible.


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