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WWE/Vince question

Hi Scott. I'm no expert on the stock market, but do you think there's
actually a chance that Vince could be forced out as Chairman? And if
so what effect would this have on WWE as a whole? In fact what do you
think's going to happen regardless? Will they pull the plug on the
Network? Just wondering. Thanks in advance for the answers.


​As noted in the other thread, there's no chance that Vince can be ousted.  He holds 90% of the voting power.  The concern everyone has is that:

a)  A lot of people are going to take the fall for this, probably unjustly so.
b)  A distracted and stressed Vince generally means that the product will fall apart even more than it has lately.  

I'm pretty sure no one thinks that the company is going to implode over this (pretty sure) but as fans it might be rough going.  

And no, they can't pull the plug on the Network, because they've already all but pulled the plug on PPV and you can't put that toothpaste back into the tube.  If they kill the Network, they have no leverage left with the cable and satellite providers anyway.  ​


  1. Harlan Leverage IIIMay 17, 2014 at 1:09 AM

    So the McMahons are going to have to let this play out and see where it goes?

  2. I don't think people who keep suggesting they go back to the old model understand just how many bridges they burned with the network.

  3. Like it or not, Vince IS WWE, without him, we may be in for even worse stuff. After all, one only has to look at WCW to see what happens without a firm guy on top to always cut through and say what will happen or won't. I'm not the hater on Hunter or Stephanie as others but impossible to think anyone could be the driving force Vince has been.
    And yeah, we all know the track record for Vince when he starts getting antsy and making quick decisions and it's not pretty so hoping he doesn't leap to conclusions and freak out too much or this (combined with Bryan's injury putting him on the sidelines for who knows how long) is going to mean a long and ugly year ahead.

  4. I do adore how folks are already saying this is totally karma for ending the Streak.

  5. They're telling stories

  6. Who's saying that?

  7. To the shareholders? I bet.

  8. WWE deserved this for failing to push Daniel Bryan at Elimination Chamber. It was just a really stupid move to piss off the fanbase a day before the network launch. The front office clearly knew the fans loved the guy and failed to
    think long-term when it comes to his unique talent. I mean, Daniel
    Bryan could have been the face of the network to help sell the channel
    to the diehards and kids and also be the face of the company to help
    hype up Wrestlemania. It's just something new besides stale and boring
    Cena vs. Orton for the trillionth time. I hope this humbles the WWE but I doubt they'll learn a thing from this.

  9. I actually have a lot of faith in Triple H and Stephanie to put the WWE in a great position in the future, but that's irrelevant until Vince dies or gives up power.

  10. Is it just me or is it funny that the WORST thing that the "Big 2" have done should have been the best thing they could do if they had only done it at a different time?

    TNA went on the road full-time. This was something people have been saying they should do for years. Granted, if they had done it in their stellar 2012 instead of their abysmal 2013, it would have turned out better. As it is, though, it turned out to be a financial disaster for them.

    WWE launched the Network, something that should have been a financial success for them. Unfortunately, they did this when interest in their product was low. They also overestimated their worth to networks because of this (because, quite frankly, what network WON'T be nervous about you having your own ability to leave them?) and the number of subscribers to said network. Because of this, they probably lost 2-3x the net worth of TNA. Oh, yeah, McMahon has investors now, so he actually DOESN'T have full control that he's used to, which is something he didn't foresee as having the possibility to bite him in the ass.

    All told, it's a really weird time to be a wrestling fan. "Smart" decisions are hurting both feds right now.

    Hopefully the ship rights itself.

  11. God, what a depressing post Mania period this has been. Ultimate Warrior dies,Daniel Bryan out with neck surgery and probably stripped of the title this monday,stock talk and business BS, plus the usual meh at best creative direction.

    There's only one solution...more McMahons on TV!!!


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