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WWF Championship Wrestling March 15, 1986

March 15, 1986

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon.

In action tonight are George "The Animal" Steele & Uncle Elmer, Killer Bees, "Macho Man" Randy Savage and "Adorable" Adrian Adonis

Jeff Grippley vs. "Adorable" Adrian Adonis w/ Jimmy Hart

The crowd starts up a "faggot" chant at Adonis, who attacks Grippley before the bell. He tosses Grippley to the floor and follows him out, slamming him on the floor. The announcers point out how Adonis is overweight, with Bruno actually putting over his abilities, as Adonis is beating up Grippley in the ring. Grippley hits a backdrop but Adonis gets up and slaps him around until he puts Grippley away with the DDT, which Vince tells us Adonis named the "graham cracker" (3:19). After the match, the camera shows a sign in the crowd that has Adonis's named crossed off with the word "fag busters" written underneath.

Thoughts: The crowd spent most of this match chanting "faggot" and Vince spent most of his time disgusted about Adonis' physique. Adonis was pretty damn good with this gimmick though. He made it worked and heeled on the crowd every chance he could.

WWF Update with Lord Alfred Hayes. This week, Hayes talks about the WrestleMania 2 Battle Royal and runs down all of the competitors, which includes several football players.

Bob Bradley & Mr. X vs. Killer Bees

Blair and Bradley start out with some matwork. Oddly enough, these two were involved in a segment one on of the first episodes of "Tuesday Night Titans" when Blair was demonstrating some amateur wrestling holds. The Bees use quick tags to isolate Bradley then the match breaks down when Brunzell uses a headscissor/headlock takeover on his opponents. Mr. X breaks up a victory roll from Blair then the heels briefly work him over but Blair catches Bradley in an abdominal stretch then turns it into a cradle for the win (3:10).

Thoughts: A brief showcase for the Bees, who have fallen off to the wayside a bit with all of the attention on the Bulldogs.

Gene Okerlund runs down the WrestleMania 2 card then brings out the British Bulldogs, who say that it will all come down to WrestleMania. Interviews were not a strong suit of the British Bulldogs, that's for sure.

Joe Mirto & Les Thornton vs. Uncle Elmer & George "The Animal" Steele w/ Capt. Lou Albano and Cousin Luke

Luke came to the ring on crutches. Steele clears the ring before the match so Elmer and Albano can dance around. Elmer wins a test of strength against Mirto. The heels then tie up Elmer in the ropes until Steele runs in for the save. Elmer splashes Mirto in the corner then tags Steele, who makes Mirto submit to the flying hammerlock (2:10). After the match, Steele eats a turnbuckle and tosses around the stuffing.

Thoughts: The match was atrocious as was a majority of this segment. Luckily, it was just about the end of Elmer's tenure with the company.

Gene Okerlund is with Hulk Hogan. He says that this is the first time he is defending his title in a cage and that Bundy will never be a champion.

Tony Stetson vs. "Macho Man" Randy Savage

Savage attacks Stetson from behind the hits a clothesline, setting up for the flying elbow smash and the win (0:19). Savage tosses Stetson to the floor then sees George Steele attempting to give flowers to Elizabeth and he hits him from behind with a double axe handle. Savage then rolls Steele into the ring and ties him up in the ropes and grabs the flowers from Elizabeth then uses them to slap Steele across the face and eventually smushes them in his face. Albano comes in and unties Steele as Savage carries Liz over his shoulder and hurries back to the locker room

Thoughts: Savage was great and this segment was effective.

Piper's Pit with Johnny Valiant and the Dream Team. Piper has two ladies who he says are his friends that want to meet the Tag Team Champions. Orton ends up giving the ladies his hat and shirt as the champs give them their belts, in an attempt to show how their fans are better than those of the British Bulldogs.

Jesse Ventura gives us a special report on WrestleMania 2. We are then shown various guys at podiums spread across the three WrestleMania locations. Not a bad idea and the segment came across well.

Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff w/ Freddie Blassie vs. Jim Powers and "Leaping" Lanny Poffo

Poffo's post-match poem is a patriotic one that the crowd loves as Corporal Kirchner circles the ring waving the American flag. Sheik attacks Poffo, who still hasn't had the chance to remove his ring jacket. Volkoff tags and rips off his jacket before hitting a knee smash. Poffo blocks a punch then hammers away. Powers tags in and lands a few punches until Volkoff rakes his eyes. Sheik tags in and hits a backdrop and a suplex then eventually uses the Camel Clutch for the win (2:51). After the match, the heels clear the ring of their opponents.

Thoughts: Not much of a match. I thought that Kirchner not coming out of the save was dumb but this feud isnt really all that exciting to begin with.

Okerlund is with Savage and Elizabeth. Savage tries to talk as Okerlund just decides to run down the WrestleMania 2 card, pissing off Savage.

Next week, the featured bout will be Junkyard Dog & Ricky Steamboat vs. The Funk Brothers

Final Thoughts: The show was basically an advertisement for WrestleMania 2. They did a hell of a job promoting the show too. They also really tried to make the fact that it would be held in three different cities even more special than the first WrestleMania. They really intensified the feud between Steele and Savage too. This show was also the last one of the taping cycle and it seemed as if the fans were a little burned out by this point.