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Clash XIX bigotry

In your rant of Clash 19, (right before the Bash in 92) you mentioned Harley Race's "negro like you" comment but missed Dr Death's "when I think of Michigan I think of queers" comment when discussing the Steiners.  How come these comments don't live in  infamy like Booker "n-word" drop to hogan or HHH's "people like you don't win World Titles" comment?

​Because WCW?  I dunno, Booker's was more of a hilarious slip of the tongue than anything, and HHH was from the perspective of the guy making those comments then going on to beat the other guy, so I think they're considered worse.  Harley Race is just old and from a different time, plus Vader lost the World title to Simmons shortly after that anyway.  ​