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NXT cuts coming

Okay, so when does WWE hit he real panic button and raise The Network rates or even shut it down? 

Cutting talent on the main roster who really aren't working out is one thing, but now they're going to be cutting developmental guys.

As in, the guys who are supposed to be the future of the company and help to ensure their long-term success. 

Isn't that a really poor and rash decision on someone's part?

​I doubt we're going to be seeing Tyler Breeze fired tomorrow if that's what you're worried about.  They keep dozens of guys in developmental that we never even see on TV.  They have to cut payroll to show Wall Street that they're doing something, and it might as well be the guys who they can cut loose with minimal impact to the on-screen product.  That's the way that layoffs work in any business.  ​