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Place to Be Nation Friday Update

Welcome to the weekend, everyone. Here is a sampling of what went down at PTBN this week!

Featured Pieces

Russell Sellers looks at the leaked tentative schedule for Warner Bros.' upcoming comic movies:  Rumor Control: Warner Bros. DC Comics film slate

Our Movies of the P2B Generation series rolled on through 1979: Movies of P2B Generation

Todd Gessling put together an in depth preview of the US Men's National Team: World Cup 2014: United States Men’s National Team


Steve & Glenn look at the news of the week, including WWE's releases & TNA Slammiversary: The High Spot: WWE Releases, TNA Wishes, Daniel Bryan Dreams, and the Top Stories of the Week

Ben Morse assembled his All Time May PPV card: The All-Time May PPV Card

Roger Morrissette returned to the classroom to look at Clash of the Champion I: The Cowboy Goes to Class – Clash of the Champions I


Jeremy Nichols recapped an eventful 2014 E3 Convention: PTBN’s E3 2014 Report

Maurice Pogue discussed DotA(2): I Wish I Knew How to Quit You: Confessions of a Video Game Addict [on DotA (2)]


Kevin Kelly welcomed in Bobby Fish and also talked Daniel Bryan, the Shield, the NBA Finals, World Cup and once again visited the Sleaze Thread: The Kevin Kelly Show Episode 11 – Featuring Bobby Fish

Steve Corino chatted with Allison Danger in addition to discussing Money in the Bank, Disney movies and more: The Steve Corino Show Episode 8 – Allison Danger

Scott & Justin relived SummerSlam 2002: Place to Be Podcast Episode 316: SummerSlam 2002

Graham Cawthon joined the Main Event crew to wrap up Payback, discuss the WWE announcer situation and break down the NXT roster: PTBN’s Main Event Episode Eleven – Announcers, Money in the Bank & NXT


  1. Just to let you know, I am still working on the "Fact/Fiction" "True/False" segment. I have already been emailed some ideas.

    If anyone else wants to contribute, email me at

  2. Great...thanks Brian!

  3. Am I the only one who can't stand the massive amount of dead air on PTB Podcasts? Drives me fucking insane.

  4. Sometimes I have to look at my Ipod to make sure I didn't accidentally bump the pause button when I'm doing cardio at the gym or something. Overall, the good these podcasts bring outweigh the bad, so I'm not complaining.

  5. Part of it is we like to let the point settle... there are plenty of times we step on each other too. It could be also that we tend to go on mute while the other talks because I drink a lot of water and have shit allergy issues and don't want to blow my nose on air and stuff, so it takes a second to come back in clean.

    With interviews it always bugged me when the interviewer would stomp on the guest, so I just made it a point to make sure the subject is finished and the point is made before switching to the next question.

    If those aren't specifically what you mean, I apologize. I really appreciate all feedback because we strive to bring a great product.

  6. Thank you, glad you enjoy!

  7. I don't mind that. The only thing I find is that two hours is a bit on the long side for me to enjoy a podcast. In that I don't ever listen to the full thing. Even though I'd like to. It's hard to make that time commitment, when I have other things happening.

    An hour is generally what I can do a day because that takes up my commute to work and back. But that seems to be how long podcasts are.


  8. I'm assuming you guys don't do a lot of post-production? Episodes will frequently have long pauses that go well over your standard beat-for-emphasis that serve more to slow the show down and feel incredibly awkward.

    Also, and this is just my opinion, but I feel like the whole Kevin Kelly "feud" bit is pretty played out.


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