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Place to Be Nation Friday Update

It's Friday, it's the summer, a combination that is hard to beat. Here is a recap of a big week at PTBN!

Featured Pieces

Steve Corino welcomed in Matt Hardy for a chat and also looked at WWE's Black Thursday, the passing of Tony Gwynn and more: The Steve Corino Show Episode 9 – Matt Hardy

Scott Keith joined Justin & Scott for another edition of the PTBN Mailbag: Place to Be Podcast Episode 318: Mailbag with Scott Keith #2


The High Spot looks at Pat Patterson's announcement and other news of the week: The High Spot: WWE Budget Cuts, Pat Patterson, Wrestling Mullets and the Top Stories of the Week

Roger Morrissette & Chad Campbell share their thoughts on Vengeance 2003: The Cowboy Goes to Class – Vengeance 2003 

Chad Campbell reviewed the free Smash Wrestling show from last week: Smash Wrestling Rival Schools Review

Justin Rozzero looked back to the debut of the Stone Cold Stunner, which happened 18 years ago this week: A Stunning Development


The Movies of the P2B Generation series continued on through 1982: Movies of the P2B Generation

Joel Barnhart remembered the great Tony Gwynn and his relationship with Ted Williams: In Memoriam: Tony Gwynn 1960-2014

Saved by the Bell is back and Justin has thoughts: Hey, Hey, Hey…What is Going On Here? The Saved by the Bell Lifetime Movie is On the Way!


Scott & Justin reviewed Unforgiven 2002: Place to Be Podcast Episode 317: Unforgiven 2002

The Sports Lounge chatted UFC, World Cup, NBA Finals and the NL East: The PTBN Sports Lounge #2 – UFC 174, World Cup, NBA Finals & NL East