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QOTD #4: Who Betta Than ... Kane?

As time rolls on, I’m going to want to make the QOTD have a set theme on specific days of the week, and Tuesdays are a good spot to ask questions related to a major player, or happening on RAW. So with that in mind…

Today’s Question: What is your favorite Kane memory? We’ll have your answers tomorrow.

Yesterday we discussed the darkest day in wrestling history, and in between roughly a thousand posts by the Red Power Ranger, we got some good stuff. Here are the highlights, ripped straight from you.

Magoonie NOT Teddy Belmont: R-Truth vs Mark Henry?

I see we’re off to a fast start.

Petrock: When Beware of Dog got struck by lightning and the lights went out.

And I trust that's out of our system now?

Brian Bayless: When they found Akeem from the deepest and darkest part of Africa

One more and I’m sending the BoD to time out.

jeff bailey: While not the darkest, the death of Joey Marella is one that sticks out as it's when Gorilla Monsoon began falling apart. He provided the soundtrack to a huge portion of my childhood and by all accounts was a wonderful man that certainly did not deserve to outlive his own child. Without Marella's death we may have had many more years of the big ape on commentary.

Now we’re on track.

Devin Harris: Mine is the final Nitro. Most of the wrestlers had guaranteed contracts they could ride out for a year or two. There were a lot of other people that lost jobs that probably didn't have anything to fall back on. Plus, there was one less place for guys to work and make a decent living.

Stranger In The Alps: The day that Time-Warner decided they wanted out of the wrestling business. This opened the door to Vince McMahon killing his only competition, which has since led to the staleness of the product.

Extant1979: when Vince finalized the deal to buy WCW. Within the span of a few weeks, we lost the indy promotion that could in ECW and the second-biggest promotion in the country, in WCW. It completely shifted the landscape of professional wrestling, and not in a good way, as guys no longer had the options they used to. TNA is nowhere near becoming that alternative for guys that WCW was. With no competition, things just get stale.

I was the ultimate WCW apologist, and it was a heartbreaking night to realize the previous 2 years of absolute bile had finally cost everything. I always kept a lantern of hope; that maybe having Scott Steiner as a killing machine, and maybe having Booker T in the wings as the next big thing, and maybe Sean O’Haire and Mark Jindrak were going to revolutionize tag-team wrestling – but there was nothing saving that sinking ship.

Basscase: No one mentioned Robocop?

How this was overlooked by every other poster, I’ll never know. He ruined fictional characters appearing on professional wrestling programming for years, which deprived us of such opportunities as having The Terminator, or Screech Powers run-in. Thankfully that’s all over now, and made up people like The Muppers or Kevin Federline are free again to grace us with their presence.

The Fuj: Triple H getting booked to marry Steph...

No amount of willing, or changing of history was going to make Triple H go away. Vince would have sooner sold his daughter to Asian businessmen with Bobby Heenan as the liaison before he was going to let Triple H go anywhere. Hell, without Stephanie to keep him an honest family man, we might still be wondering when John Cena was finally going to get the push he deserved.

Tom Dawkings: I thought the Montreal screwjob was WWF's darkest moment and believed the company would be going out of business soon.

A lot of people probably felt the same way. The way Vince McMahon played the publicity of that thing and decided to turn himself into the biggest heel in the history of the business was nothing short of masterful genius.

y2j420: Katie fucking Vick...err..."Kane" fucking Katie Vick...


Kurt Cobain: Bruiser Brody getting murdered and the guy that did it getting away with it.

A disgusting, corrupt system allowed Invader #1 to walk without repercussions. It’s pretty telling about the state of the system in Mexico during the 80’s were when Zeb Colter wasn’t even given his subpoena until after the trial was done.

Zanatude: Black Saturday. Vince McMahon showing up on my TV on Georgia Championship Wrestling with no warning. It's hard to overstate what a shock this was. It would be as if Vince McMahon took over Nitro at the height of it's popularity, with no warning, and replaced it with back to back episodes of WWE Superstars.

Vince had the right idea, just the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong crowd. Instead of easing himself into the market, he strutted into the South as only he could, gave a big old “YOURRRRRRREEE FIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREDDDDDD” to GCW, and gave you oiled and roided goons trading blows instead of the usual fare. The theoretical lesson here is to never tell your audience what they like, but to let them choose, but I’m fairly sure I just heard JBL tell me that Adam Rose is “great” for the 37th time.

CruelConnectionNumber2: DAWN OF THE INTERNET is the darkest period of wrestling. Killed the Apter mags, made taped shows seem lame (reading spoilers ruins everything), made house shows seem all the same, killed tape trading, and made wrestling fans spoiled and put everything at their fingertips as opposed to having demand for the product.

Not bad. While I disagree it killed tape trading initially (because the business was able to boom with easier marketing before WWE’s copyright lawyers started screwing that up), I’d agree that it stopped a lot of things from being “special”. I once wrote, and I don’t think I’m wrong, that the WWE could wait until 2020 to turn John Cena heel and it simply won’t have the power of Hulk Hogan’s because we’re too smart for it now, and we’re all waiting for it. But that’s the evolution of the business, good or bad, it’s up to wrestling to keep one step ahead of us – and every once in awhile hit us with a gold mine like CM Punk’s pipebomb and subsequent match at MITB11.

DanimalCrossing: Sgt. Slaughter turning his back on the US was a pretty dark moment.

I was about 9 years old, and also a Canadian – so I could not have understood the impact of this quite to the degree of people who were undergoing very real angst about the Gulf War. This was as dark as it was stupid, but thankfully the WWF learned its lesson and never ever exploited anything again, except that one time with Muhammed Hassan.

jobber123: The real answer to this question is the day HHH got his vanity belt. It immediately devalued the top title in the wwe by making two of them thus watering down anyone's ultimate reason for caring about or following the wwe product. The business nose dived and never recovered.

The SmackDown side had been specifically stacked in order to ensure Triple H was the lead dog on RAW, but with two belts suddenly floating around, our top contenders lined up were Bubba Dudley, an unprepared Jeff Hardy, a neutered RVD, and a far too black Booker T. I don’t know if it was dark, but it was certainly not very compelling television.

David: I would go with when WWF went to a public company. They had to listen to stockholders and not the fans. They couldn't do more outrageous stuff like choking an announcer with his tie. They had to start making poopy jokes. They can't do anything controversial because some stockholders might complain.

It’s not so much that they can’t, but they have to commit to a direction and be ready to explain to stock holders why it’s happening. Keep in mind, they’ve been public since 1999, so the stock holders have seen a lot – but yes, it keeps the unpredictability to a bare minimum. In the Social Media era, where stories explode in a moment’s notice, it’s very unlikely we’ll see anything like Pillman pulling a gun on live television any time soon.

Sweet Lee: Owen's botched tombstone on Austin. If that doesn't happen, Austin probably enjoys an even longer reign on top, gets some awesome fresh matchups, and might still be kicking around for part time dream match purposes.

But, we might be without the SCSA podcast, and that wouldn’t do. Swig of beer for the workin’ man!

Andrew Champagne: The Goldberg-Lesnar match from WM20 hasn't been talked about enough. That should've been a dream match that fans wanted to see, and then it leaked that both guys were leaving and everyone shat all over it.

This was more a disappointment than anything. My best friend and I were pumped up for months on this matchup; and when it finally occurred, there were no words. We were so upset and deflated that we walked over to 7-Eleven in the middle of the biggest PPV of the year in order to decompress (and get slurpees duh). Last year before Mania 29, we were talking about that match and wondered if our expectations had been too high going in, so we gave it a second look. Christ almighty, there’s the drizzling shits, but this was a Niagara waterfall of laxative induced trauma.

Crikey Mate Down Under Aussie: Avoiding the genuine tragedies, Punk's title reign coming an end to the Rock, via ONE people's elbow, made me a little sick in the stomach, he deserved better than that. Probably an odd choice to many, but Punk's my favourite and that hurt.

Not that I can offer much in the way of a silver lining, but had Punk not turned heel in order to specifically feed the title to The Rock, he likely would have lost the belt by SummerSlam and the legendary run would have been halved and … well, not legendary.

Marv Cresto: WrestleMania9: Despite working his balls off for close to a decade and almost a year of rebuilding the Fed after Hogan disappeared, Hulk shows up and takes a main event from Bret Hart leaving us with a year of damaged Bret, fat Yoko, and completely dead to the crowd Lex. Hogan leaves shortly after for WCW.

To be fair, Lex Luger’s reaction wasn’t Hogan’s fault.

Porn Peddlin Jeff Vinson: Keeping it 100%: The day extreme wrestling decided to go mainstream . That day started the decline of a lot of wrestlers careers. Now I'm not talking the occasional chairshot and blading, I'm talking about real dangerous things with thumbtack, fire and the like. Once ECW, WCW and the WWE decided to try to one-up themselves I feared for wrestlers lives.

Great mention here. While not a specific day, it certainly exploded on to the mainstream fast, with a lot of pressure put on the performers to one up each other, and then go out and do it again the next day. You had people like Mick Foley doing the Nestea plunge on a nightly basis in front of 100 fans, just to collect a paycheque. Jeff Hardy still hasn’t found a ladder tall enough to fall off of – and he’s a guy who’s been to rehab more times than his brother Matt can count (which too be fair probably isn’t very high).

Bobby: When Mae Young gave birth to a hand.

I was going to make a smart-assed joke here, but giving it a minute of thought, I can think of multiple conversations I’ve had with friends and co-workers who were fans during the attitude era, but will claim that the minute Mae Young gave birth to the hand, that was it for them. I can think of 3 of 4 people who’ve said this to me in the last 5 years off the top of my head. Now with the conspiracy theory running, I’ll even give the book title to Scott for free: “Hand Me Down: How Geriatric Rubber Fists Ended The WWF’s Greatest Era”.

VintageGamer: The Fingerpoke of Doom ranks as the darkest moment in wrestling, just because it marked the beginning of the end for WCW.

If nothing else, it moved the gas pedal from steady to suicidal. In one fell swoop, Goldberg’s heat was killed, every midcarder was made worthless, Ric Flair was made powerless, and once again Hogan and his buddies were back on top with no direct challengers to the gold. Triple H took notes.

Wow: Owen dying would be my choice. He really seemed to be enjoying himself in 98-99. I will probably never get over that.

Adam “Colorado” Curry: Owen. I was more sad about his death than a lot of my relatives.

Johnny Polo: Owen by a mile for me. Nearly every other wrestler that died young reaped what he sowed. Owen was a victim. A victim of morons coming up with a stunt that was moronically executed.

Hoss_of_BoD: I don't think it gets any worse than Owen dying in the ring. Owen died during a fucking PPV; thankfully, a promo was being aired when he fell.

That night at the Kempner arena was chilling. I remember debating whether or not to order the show (I can clearly remember them offering an Undertaker pendant to anyone who could show proof of purchase), but I finally decided against it. That night, I was reading condolences to the Hart family online and immediately figured Stu must have passed. Never could I have imagined something like that happening on a professional wrestling show.

Often, there’s a ripple effect by big happenings. The obvious take-away from Owen’s pointless, AVOIDABLE death was that wrestlers had no business doing stunt-work. You don’t need to spend hours analyzing data, and building power point presentations to make the point; the fact is, one death was too many. Instead, over the next two years, you’ve got Shane McMahon falling 30 feet off the SummerSlam set, Sting being lit on fire and falling off the WCW scaffolding (though it was likely a stuntman), and worst of all, Chris Kanyon being tossed off a 3-tiered cage in the SAME ARENA OWEN DIED. It took years and more tragedy to reform the entire business of taking risks that meant nothing to the product; and the most sickening point for me all these years later is that his death came without repercussions because nobody learned anything until much later.

MichaelXavier: The day Kevin Sullivan decided to book his wife and Chris Benoit in a wife-stealing angle.

I think we’re getting closer to “much later”.

Peyton Drinking: uhmmm you know..that day the guy everyone liked killed his family.

mattindeed: There is only one answer to this question.....JTG loses his job.....oh, and the Benoit thing.

Ray Is A Nerd: Obvious answer is Benoit, with Owen and Eddie up there.

daveschlet: Benoit was the darkest day that I can think of off the top of my head.

WILLYOUSTOP?!?: No question - it's a tie between Benoit murdering his family and Owen dying live on PPV.

Mar Solo: It's a toss up between Owen and Benoit. Owen's death happened on a PPV in front of thousands of people LIVE. No matter what WWE did after that moment, they would have been painted in a bad light somehow. Benoit's murder/death/kill/suicide just put a huge black spot on the business, and cost them the Jackass crew for that year's Summerslam. WWE deserves A LOT of credit for digging themselves out of the hole the murders put them in.

Darren: I dont think there's any question here: Chris Benoit by a landslide, followed by Owen.

parallax1978: Benoit. Obv.

Mick: Owen and Benoit. No real other "top" choices.

Michael Weyer: Benoit obviously. That a man held by so many as all that was right about wrestling could do that was horrific and we're still feeling the effects.

Garth Holmberg: Chris Benoit. There can't be another option among "modern" moments and tragedies. Eddie's death hurt, but Benoit's fall from grace, killing his family and himself, questioned everything I believed in with professional wrestling and kept me away from the product for nearly 5 years.

CoolCraig: This should be far and away the Chris Benoit murder-suicide. The only thing that would come close would be Owen Hart's death.

Mister E Logdriver: Take your pick between Owen plummeting to his death on live television, or Benoit killing his family.

Adam Moore: If we're talking serious, dark stuff, Benoit's death is a clear number one.

ABeyAnce1: I think the only real answers for me would have to be Benoit. Great worker, put on 4 to 5 star matches, and had a great career only for it to get thrown away within one weekend.

Lenny Vowels: Benoit, and it's not close. I still continue to mourn Eddie and Owen to this day, but neither of them committed a real-life heel turn and put a black mark on the industry the way that Chris did.

PrimeTimeTen: It's Chris Benoit's death. More specifically the Tuesday. Sunday he was away under mysterious circumstances. Monday, we found out he and his family had died. But it was on Tuesday that we found out why. I was in a fog all that day. Benoit was my favourite wrestler and dealing with the news and its repercussions was like walking through a nightmare.

AlexBull: The Benoit murders. No question. Owen's death is a close second, but nothing else exposed the nastiest depths of wrestling's soft white underbelly like the images of Chris, Nancy and Daniel splayed across television screens for weeks on end. Look at it this way: The business never received more sustained mainstream press, good bad or otherwise, than it did following those murders.

Jared Bellow: Picking anything other than Benoit or Owen Hart seems wrong. Owen Hart happened during a strong period for wrestling popularity so it got brushed under the rug a little easier but Benoit completely changed things forever, irreversibly.

Andy PG: The darkest moment in wrestling was when Chris Benoit, the man who made a lot of people believe in wrestling again, murdered his family. How is this an argument?

Well Andy, judging from everyone’s comments, it really wasn’t.

Today is June 24th. Which happens to be the day Chris Benoit died.

I can still remember the entire week like it just happened. I was working a late shift, when I saw the news that Benoit had died. I felt dizzy, and weak; there was simply no way. And his entire family? I knew what common sense was telling me, but I had recalled the story from the weekend about the family being ill and thought carbon monoxide poisoning?

I got home in time to see most of RAW, and I googled furiously for updates. As the show continued, the gruesome details started to come out, and I knew it had to be true, despite an unwillingness to believe or accept any of it.

The next week was just heartbreaking. From rumored stories of his son being developmentally challenged, to idiot theories that Kevin Sullivan committed it … from the media hogs who took this as their opportunity to cut promos in national spotlight; the likes of Marc Mero and Debra McMichael. Nancy Grace was everywhere, condemning the sport to hell. John Cena was edited in a nationally televised interview as giving the thumbs up to steroids. Kevin Nash was cut off as soon as he gave a viewpoint that opposed the “steroids is evil” motif. Everyone had an angle, everyone needed to be heard. There has never been anything that shut down the business quite like it.

7 years later, the shock has passed. There have been huge reforms on brain trauma, largely in part by the amazing work of Chris Nowinski who isn’t recognized enough for the work he and his institute do, and have done. The mortality rate has slowly declined, and we are less likely to open RAW with a graphic and a salute than we were a decade ago. The face of the company for the better part of the last 4 years was a man who openly opposed drug and alcohol use. Overall, we’re in a better place.

Still, every year on June 24th I am forced to remember the tragedies of that day, and the two innocent lives lost in the process. I hope we never experience anything that even comes close to it, ever again.

I promise to keep it much lighter tomorrow.


  1. Probably his return to WWE in the Dallas 10 man.

  2. Me and my best friend have always gotten a kick out of any of the straight-out-of-a-cheesy-horror-movie story lines that Kane has been in, being big cheesy horror movie fans ourselves. If it was anyone but Kane, I'd hate it, but I've just grown to expect it from him, he's shown he can be thrown in any insane storyline and still stay recover/stay over, and his character's history almost demands it at this point.

    Also, I sometimes like to imagine Glen Jacobs' reaction when they pitch the idea to him.

  3. The best of Kane would have to be something Bryan related..probably the team hell no therapy sessions but as far as being a badass, the best thing they have done with Kane as a monster in years was him simply dragging Bryans corpse out to the ring ramp. After all the stupid popping up in the back of a car this and that him simply treating the champ like a dead rag doll was 100 times more effective.

  4. When he declared himself leader of the Kane-inites.

  5. His debut, when he ripped the cage door of Hell in a Cell and McMahon's legendary call of, "That's gotta be Kane!!!!!"

  6. his long explanation of his history to Shelby was pretty great.

  7. I liked Kane's intentional humor but have to go with pushing a wheelchair-bound Zack Ryder off the stage.

  8. I think that your response to Andy is a bit off. After a bit, everyone decided that saying "Benoit and Owen" would get super boring, so we switched it up to exclude them altogether. Also, bold the entire QOTD so it stands out. It hides in your wall of text being formatted the same as the responses from yesterday.

    As far as today's question, it has to be that time he turned back into the Big Red Monster. Loved that.

    Seriously, don't have a favorite. Just not a fan.

  9. Tie between all of them. Kane makes EVERY FEUD better.

  10. Love the opener to No Mercy 2002 when he sits next to Taker, looks over and just says "so, how was your week".

  11. Kane's commentary between matches on his 3-disc DVD.

    It was hilarious how he tried to stay in character the whole time while also somehow attempting to make sense of all the ridiculous storylines he was a part of.

  12. Easily Kane's best moment, especially in recent years, has been the therapy session where he went into all of his history - with a straight face. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time, and it really sold the Dr. Shelby segments.

    I'm also a fan of the demented forcing Lita to marry him and conceive his child angle. If anything, giving birth to Snitsky's punting of a fake baby is worth almost anything.

    No kidding, though, Mr. QotD Man - I love these new segments, and I love seeing my name up there for all the Littler Doomers to see, but you might want to consider cutting down on the comments you copy and paste. I usually forget the question by the time I get through the comments.

    Otherwise, sir, fantastic job here. Big fan.

  13. Definitely his debut, it was perfect from the slow build with Paul Bearer claiming that Taker's brother was alive to him ripping the door off and tombstoning a disbelieving Undertaker.

    As Scott has previously stated, the interference made sense and worked in the context of the Cell match too as HBK had tried everything to stop Taker but couldn't, making Kane's assist even more impressive. It's a shame they ever had to fight really.

  14. The "If I do not win the title, I will set myself on fire." promo.

  15. Undertaker and Paul Bearer kidnapped Austin and took him to some undisclosed location. They had him tied up and were going to embalm him or something equally stupid. All of a sudden Kane kicks the door down and saves Austin. The whole thing is wrestlecrap worthy. Oh yeah, the camera man follows all of this.

  16. I would have had a favorite Kane moment if, during a run in, he grabbed his voice box and yelled "...nnnnn...they're coming right for us!"

  17. Just his debut at the first HITC. Evrryth else he's done has sucked. To me Kane is the epitome of Vince just pushing a guy because he's big. *YAWN*

  18. I'm sure he has done ...something as a monster heel but I'm to lazy to think back through all the bad/mediocre stuff to remember one.

  19. Yesterday we discussed the darkest day in wrestling history, and in between roughly a thousand posts by the Red Power Ranger, we got some good stuff.

  20. Isaac Yankhem > Kane

  21. This should be your new gimmick. Instead of one word comments, just copy and paste shit all the time.

    You gots ta keep it fresh, Abby. The gimmick has to evolve. Remember. Evolve or perish.

  22. First I'm short, then I welcome people, then I do polls, then I hate Asians, then copy and paste?

  23. least you'll never go stale

  24. That's true, I change it up every 3 weeks.

  25. Well, you've always been short...

  26. When he unmasked and the months following when he destroyed everyone

  27. "...and for reasons never quite explained, I have an unhealthy obsession with torturing Pete Rose."

  28. Pete Rose should induct Kane into the Hall of Fame.

  29. But only while dressed in the chicken suit.

  30. Dirty_Dave_DelaneyJune 24, 2014 at 10:53 AM

    I remember marking out when he returned to Raw in September 2002 sporting a new look and really thought it wouldn't be long before he won the World Heavyweight title setting off a successful main event run... but the whole Katie Vick angle killed him dead in the water.

    Still have to respect Kane for all the ridiculous booking he's been apart of in the past and soldiering through best he can it for better or for worse. The whole Kane raping Lita and impregnating her only for Snitsky to accidentally give her an in-the-ring abortion leading to Kane turning face storyline fiasco still makes me chuckle to this day.

  31. That's probably never going to change.

  32. As far as match quality goes, I think Kane was at his best when he was WWECW champion. It seemed like he was actually TRYING for the first time in... well, ever.

  33. When he was Doomsday in USWA, I remember an awesome episode in 1995 where plows through a "wall" which was obviously construction paper while chasing down whoever was the champ at the time.

  34. Look into getting some 70s-style platform shoes. Bring it back, Abby.

  35. What about when he hit the hurricarrana on Albert?

  36. Also, and I'm not trying to be "that guy" but...

    "It’s pretty telling about the state of the system in Mexico during the 80’s were when Zeb Colter wasn’t even given his subpoena until after the trial was done."

    Either this is a bad Zeb Colter "they're all the same" joke, or you just didn't bother to research.

    I like the new questions, but maybe skip the answer piece.

  37. When Kane won the weakest link. I was in the audience for that one. What made him great on there that he had the mask and outfit on and still was in character.

  38. The first time he spoke. It was hilariously awful.

    Also, I like the posting of yesterday's comments, but for the sake of your mental health (and my mouse's health), you ought to consider just picking five comments to respond to.

  39. I haven't seen that match in forever, but I know it's the one that most folks here say they think is his best. I've probably avoided watching it for so long because my friend and I used to celebrate the day Albert won the IC title as something of a holiday for reasons never clear to even us, and wasn't that the match where he lost it?

  40. Mister_E_LogdriverJune 24, 2014 at 11:04 AM

    Kudos on actually slogging through that mess yesterday for the odd legitimate response.

    My favourite early Kane moment was his debut. Coming down and ripping the door off of the cage immediately let you know that he was for real. That really set him up for a strong early run. I enjoyed his turn as the unwilling corporate monster after they took him out of the asylum.

    My favourite more recent moments were the therapy sessions with Bryan last year, in particular the one where he recounted his history. That was gold.

    I like that he is, IMO, the king of the wacky tag partner. Many times a champion, and with all manner of partner from Undertaker to Hurricane Helms.

    Overall Kane is a favourite of mine. He’s not a top ten worker, but is pretty solid for a big man, and has persevered relatively unscathed through some of the absolute worst gimmicks and nonsense that anyone has ever had to.

  41. I remember Kane doing a Slammy presentation with some diva (Kelly Kelly, maybe?) where she spent time praising couples and weddings, and his response recalled him chokeslamming a priest on RAW. I found that hysterical; when Kane is allowed to showcase his deadpan sense of humor, he's pretty funny.

  42. That time when Kane lumbered in with full pyro and destroyed everybody.

  43. Kane is one of the characters and wrestlers I like the least. Favorite moment I guess was when the Rock told him to just bring it and he responded through his voicebox "Mmmmconsider it mmmmbrouuught."

  44. When he returned with Paul Bearer in 2000 and chokeslammed the shit out of DX.

  45. I know it's already been said, but easily my favorite Kane memory is his debut. Such an awesome moment.

    "That's gotta be Kane!"

  46. This promo also probably needs to be referenced in this discussion at some point:

  47. KANEANITES...legit Lol'd...prob his career discussion at therapy

  48. TJ: Italy playing with 10 after Marchisio gets red carded. This is going to be a LONG thirty minutes for Italy, still tied 0-0 with Uruguay and needing a tie or win to advance.

  49. For me, its still the moment in the first Hell in the Cell, when Undertaker absolutely destroyed Shawn Michaels with a very vicious char shot, gave the throat slitting gesture, the crowd is going nuts, and all of the sudden the arena goes red, cue ominous music, and out comes this behemoth dressed in red head to toe, accompanied by Paul Bearer, who walks right up to the cage and proceeds to rip the cage door off its hinges, come face to face with a dumb struck Undertaker, and hit the Undertaker with his own finisher, and leave the ring, allowing Michaels to drag his blood soaked carcass over just enough to get the pin. I know some people loved DX during their beginning, but I found them to be obnoxious jerks and was excited to see Michaels get his arse kicked, only to watch in horror as Kane cost him the match... I also liked it when Kane hit the top of the steel cage clothesline on X-Pac, after many weeks of being an annoying git, and winning the feud as a result, and thankfully no X-pac heat was needed to make that an enjoyable Kane moment...

  50. As for the actual question: Kane's debut. Ripping the door off the Cell, saving a bloodied and beaten Michaels from Taker, and jumpstarting a decently booked feud, despite Russo's (alleged) attempts to fuck up said feud.

  51. On a side note, Brody was killed in Puerto Rico, NOT Mexico.

  52. CruelConnectionNumber2June 24, 2014 at 11:25 AM

    LOL @ one-post bitch getting called out.

  53. What was worse for Glenn Jacobs, his run as Issac Yankem or his run as Fake Diesel?

  54. CruelConnectionNumber2June 24, 2014 at 11:27 AM

    Favorite Kane memory is him saying "SUCK ITTTTTTT" during the team with X-Pac because damn everything was cool in 1999. They were a fun big guy/little guy team.

  55. Kane running down the history of his gimmick while in "therapy" was pure gold. Loved it.

  56. Mister_E_LogdriverJune 24, 2014 at 11:29 AM

    There isn't much dumber than a wrestling dentist.

  57. Aric Johnson, Ambrose FanaticJune 24, 2014 at 11:36 AM

    *yawn* What we talkin' 'bout Kane for?

  58. When Austin stunned him to win back the belt after KoTR and then stunned the Undertaker.

  59. Now I hope that whichever team out of Uruguay and Italy advances gets embarrassed in their Round of 16 match. So much crap from both sides.

  60. He's fine. If anything, we're the ones that are working full time and still posting on a wrestling blog all day long.

  61. Team Hell No was fun but I always liked how it took Taker so many tombstones and his flying clothesline to put Kane down at WM15. I miss unstoppable monsters in wrestling.

  62. I don't know why, but the Kane moment that sticks out for me is when he grabbed a toolbox from under the ring, pulled out a wrench, and absolutely clobbered Vader with it. I think it was after their match and Vader was due for eye/orbital bone surgery so he needed an on-screen injury to justify the absence.

    Anyway, I liked the gimmick wrench as a weapon. It doesn't look obviously fake, it makes sense for it to be under the ring, and we can buy a wrench as a dangerous weapon.

  63. Easily when he goes to that anger management class and talks about his stupid backstory.

  64. Who does Chris Fothergill-Brown post as on the blog?

  65. Favorite Kane memory: whenever he leaves for months.

  66. That one time he turned heel was awesome too.

  67. I enjoyed all of the early Kane stuff. From his debut up until early 1999 or so. His ring gear was cooler then, and he was portrayed as an unstoppable force, similar in a way to Michael Myers from Halloween. Early masked Kane was the best.

  68. Yankem. Easily. Fake Diesel and Fake Razor were criminally underused. They could've gone so many different directions with that gimmick.

  69. Early Kane had the mystique, but he was ass in the ring for months.

    Favorite Kane moments were with DBry and Undertaker. "Whatever you do, do NOT try to give the Undertaker a hug!" And the pic I saw online of The Brothers of Destruction letting DBry do the exit pose with them was just gold.

  70. My favorite Kane moment? Seeing his entrance live...and then shortly after that watching Austin beat him for the title on RAW right here in beautiful Charlotte, NC...

    **thumbs up, cheap pop**

    And yeah his debut and the therapy sessions.

  71. But he had bad teeth!! Funny!

  72. Aric Johnson, Ambrose FanaticJune 24, 2014 at 12:18 PM

    OK, I've been thinking about this for over an hour, and I still haven't come up with one good Kane memory.

    Kane sucks.

  73. When he tried to threaten Jerry Lawler and the Shield kicked the shit out of him, thus officially launching the Shield face turn.

  74. Stranger in the AlpsJune 24, 2014 at 12:31 PM

    That moment with D-X when he got on the mic and said "Suuuuuuck iiiiiiiiiiit!" It had a Special Olympics-style feel-good moment to it.

  75. Back around 2000, there was a 10-man tag match on RAW: Heel D-X and the Radicalz vs. Rock, Mankind, Rikishi & Too Cool. Kane had been gone for a few weeks/months after X-Pac stole Tori from him. The match itself was as wild and high-energy as any RAW match you've ever seen, and I think D-X got DQ'd. Then the lights go out and Kane comes back with Paul Bearer, whom he'd been estranged from for a while. Kane gets in the ring and just destroys everybody while the crowd was going insane.

  76. When him and Big Show were a tag team, Carlito and Chris Masters locked Kane in a room with a crane in front, with Big Show frantically trying to push the crane out of the way. By the time show gets the crane away from the door, Kane walks up behind him and says there was another door in the room they didn't block.

  77. Man, some of these answers were a bit silly. Punk getting pinned by "one peoples elbow?" Would it have been better if they killed off the Rock's move and had him hit 7? He lost (not jobbed) to the biggestsports entertainer EVER. And on the plus side, ended the awful Punk Reign of Terror.

    And Owen dying on "live TV?" Would it have been better if it was OFF TV? (OK that's just me nitpicking to be fair.) And while he I never wished the guy DEATH, u ducking hated Owen Hart. Guy was a horribly over rated and SLOPPY worker that nearly killed the other biggest sports entertainer ever. He broke a dude's fucking neck! And he's considered a "great wrestler?" This isn't to even mention his lack of charisma and general X Pac feel I had for him. I mean, Jesus, if HHH broke a guy's neck and nearly killed him, you would never hear the end of it! (Never mind him being a 10x better worker and more important/influential to the business) You guys have some weird rose colored glasses there.

  78. Aric Johnson, Ambrose FanaticJune 24, 2014 at 12:49 PM

    Remember folks, if you botch a piledriver, you deserve to die.

  79. AverageJoeEverymanJune 24, 2014 at 1:06 PM

    with the cancah kazoo

  80. Uncrusimatic_Buck_NastyJune 24, 2014 at 1:07 PM

    i bet a dentist submitted today's qotd

  81. Uncrusimatic_Buck_NastyJune 24, 2014 at 1:08 PM

    " in between roughly a thousand posts by the Red Power Ranger,"


    i bet you're talking about abeyance

  82. Aric Johnson, Ambrose FanaticJune 24, 2014 at 1:08 PM

    Sounds like somebody's an anti-dentite.

  83. Uncrusimatic_Buck_NastyJune 24, 2014 at 1:09 PM

    what's the deal... with dentists?

  84. Uncrusimatic_Buck_NastyJune 24, 2014 at 1:09 PM

    remember that time he referred to his fans as kanenites?

  85. That interview was odd. Great, but odd.

  86. AverageJoeEverymanJune 24, 2014 at 1:11 PM

    That's what they want you to think!

  87. No one mentioned him shocking Shane McMahon's testicles with a car battery?


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