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Rock Star Gary reflects on...King of the Ring 1993

Live from Dayton, OH

Airdate:  June 13, 1993

Attendance:  6,500

Vince McMahon welcomes us to the King of the Ring and gives us the tournament bracket:

Quarterfinal #1:  Bret Hart vs. Razor Ramon

Quarterfinal #2:  Mr. Perfect vs. Mr. Hughes

Quarterfinal #3:  Bam Bam Bigelow vs. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan

Quarterfinal #4:  Tatanka vs. Lex Luger

Jim Ross, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan represent the broadcast team. Ross mentions the WWF title match between Hulk Hogan and Yokozuna, and Savage places his support firmly behind Hulk Hogan. Next they discuss the Intercontinental title match between Shawn Michaels and Crush.

Match 1 for the KOTR Quarterfinal: Bret “Hitman” Hart versus Razor Ramon
·         The fans chanted “1-2-3” at Razor due to his loss to The Kid on RAW back on May 17.
·         Ross explained the time limits for each round. Quarterfinal matches have fifteen minutes; Semifinal matches have thirty; The Final match has sixty.
·         Bret gave Ramon an arm drag and worked on the arm.
·         Hip toss by Ramon countered. Hip toss by Bret countered. Ramon clothesline.
·         Elbow drop by Ramon missed.
·         Bret continued to work on the arm.
·         Thumb to the eye by Razor.
·         Elbow off the ropes earned Razor a 2 count.
·         Bret countered a chinlock into a hammerlock.
·         Back elbow by Razor broke the hold.
·         Cross-corner whip by Razor countered by Bret.
·         Blind charge got Bret a knee to the face.
·         Razor then tossed him shoulder-first into the ring post.
·         The Hulk Hogan impersonator was shown at ringside.
·         Ramon worked on Bret outside of the ring.
·         The fans tried to irk Ramon with the “1-2-3” chant.
·         Back in the ring Ramon gave Bret a fallaway slam for another 2 count.
·         Ramon followed up with a running powerslam! Wow! Hadn’t seen him do that before.
·         Two elbow drops by Ramon were followed by a sidewalk slam.
·         Three missed elbow drops changed the momentum back in Bret’s favor.
·         Bret worked on Ramon in the corner then gave him an inverted atomic drop.
·         A Bret clothesline collected a 2 count.
·         Off an Irish whip Bret hit Ramon in the gut.
·         He then followed with a side Russian leg sweep for another 2 count.
·         Next Bret delivered a backbreaker. Another 2 count.
·         Second rope elbow smash. Another 2 count.
·         Head butt by Bret.
·         Missed haymaker by Ramon turned into a rollup by Bret for 2.
·         Bulldog attempt by Bret sent him sternum-first into the turnbuckle.
·         Ramon signaled for the finish.
·         Ramon set up for the Razor’s Edge, but Bret escaped at the apex of the maneuver.
·         Bret then attempted to hook a back slide, flipped off the top turnbuckle, hooked the inside cradle, and almost got the pin! Wow, that was close.
·         As Bret argued with the referee Ramon clotheslined him.
·         Ramon placed Bret on the top turnbuckle and attempted to give him a belly-to-back suplex.
·         However, Bret countered by landing atop Ramon and pinned him!
·         Bret Hart advanced to the semifinals.

Rating: ***1/2

Summary:  Seemingly at every turn Bret outsmarted and outwrestled Ramon. While Ramon brought power to the match Bret had his wrestling boots on and countered Ramon quite often.

We look back at Superstars from over the weekend where Mr. Hughes and Giant Gonzalez manhandle the Undertaker and Paul Bearer.  Harvey Wippleman steals the urn and gives it to Mr. Hughes. Hughes then wallops UT in the back with it. Continuing the assault he lays out both UT and Bearer with the urn as his new prized possession.

Match 2 for the KOTR Quarterfinal: Mr. Perfect versus Mr. Hughes (w/ Harvey Wippleman)


·         Before the match Perfect tossed his towel at Mr. Hughes. It landed PERFECTLY on his shoulder. Excellent!
·         As much as I enjoy Heenan’s commentary his use of the “Brain Scan” with the telestrator was awful.
·         Ross mentioned Hughes’ attitude issues back in his football days at Kansas State.
·         Perfect caught Hughes with an arm drag as Hughes ran the ropes.
·         A rope sequence culminated with a Perfect dropkick sending Hughes to the ropes.
·         Right hand by Hughes knocked Perfect over the top rope to the floor!
·         Head butt by Hughes sent a groggy Perfect to the ropes.
·         Neck vice by Hughes.
·         As Perfect came off the ropes he ate a big boot and a clothesline from Hughes.
·         Snap mare and neck vice by Hughes.
·         Perfect pulled himself up by Hughes’ tie.
·         Cross-corner whip oversold marvelously by Perfect.
·         During the match Bret was interviewed and asked about opponent preference.
·         Vicious cross-corner whip by Hughes.
·         As Bret chose Perfect for his preference for an opponent Hughes blows a suplex off the ropes.
·         Hughes choked Perfect on the ropes, missed the running guillotine, received a chop, and then a hip toss.
·         Backdrop, snap mare, and the rolling neck snap from Perfect.
·         Perfect worked him over in the corner until Hughes grabbed the urn and NAILED him with it!
·         Referee Earl Hebner disqualified Hughes.
·         Mr. Perfect advanced in the tournament to meet Bret Hart.

Rating: *

Summary:  This has to be one of Perfect’s worst matches completely due to the ineptitude of Mr. Hughes.

Mean Gene interviews Mr. Fuji and Yokozuna. Gene reminds them of the disastrous finish to WrestleMania IX. I concur, Gene.

Match 3 for the KOTR Quarterfinal: Bam Bam Bigelow versus “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan


·         Duggan ducked a clothesline off the ropes and delivered three of his own to knock the big man down.
·         Cross-corner whip by Duggan reversed by Bigelow.
·         Blind charge netted nothing for BBB.
·         Duggan tried to slam him, but Bigelow head butted him instead.
·         Duggan injured his ribs on the whip so BBB gave him an Irish whip into a bear hug.
·         He broke the bear hug with forearms.
·         Bigelow with a snap mare but missed the head butt off the ropes.
·         Again Duggan tried to slam Bigelow, but BBB fell on top of him for a 2 count.
·         Bigelow reapplied the bear hug.
·         Duggan bit BBB’s head to break free.
·         Bigelow gave him an Irish whip, but Duggan reversed it.
·         Duggan ducked too early so BBB attempted to kick him in the midsection.
·         However, Duggan moved so Bigelow fell down.
·         This time Duggan successfully slammed BBB.
·         With injured ribs Duggan took his three-point stance, charged, but hit the turnbuckle as Bigelow slipped away.
·         Taking quick advantage BBB mounted the top turnbuckle, hit the diving head butt, and got the pin.
·         Bigelow advanced in the tournament.

Rating: **

Summary:  This was the pure definition of a  1993 RAW main event.

Terry Taylor interviews the Smoking Gunns and the Steiner brothers. Both teams are excited for the eight man tag team match.

Match 4 for the KOTR Quarterfinal: “The Narcissist” Lex Luger versus Tatanka


·         Savage mentioned Tatanka’s undefeated streak while Heenan acknowledged Luger’s. Could either competitor suffer their first defeat in the WWF tonight?
·         As Luger posed, the referees asked him to wear a pad over his steel-reinforced forearm to neutralize it.
·         Luger refused so the referees confer with ring announcer Howard Finkel.
·         He announced that Luger must wear the elbow pad or be eliminated from the tournament.
·         As an outraged Luger leaned over the top rope in disbelief, the surgical scar from the steel plate insertion was extremely evident.
·         Reluctantly Luger wore the elbow pad.
·         Tatanka sprinted to the ring; however, Luger attacked him immediately and tossed him over the top rope to complete his posing ritual.
·         Tatanka re-entered the ring and pushed the mirror on top of Luger.
·         Four chops by Tatanka sent Luger over the top rope to the floor.
·         Following Luger to the floor Tatanka slammed him.
·         Cross-corner whip by Luger reversed by Tatanka into a back drop.
·         Running clothesline by Tatanka got a 2 count.
·         During the match Bigelow was interviewed about opponent preference.
·         Without question BBB wished to face “the Indian” and then win the tournament.
·         Luger gave Tatanka an Irish whip but ate a cross body block for a 2 count.
·         Tatanka worked on Luger’s arm.
·         Both men countered standing hammerlocks.
·         A back elbow off the break gave the advantage to Luger.
·         After an Irish whip Luger buried the knee in the midsection.
·         An elbow smash got another 2 count for Luger.
·         After pushing Tatanka in the corner Luger gave him three shoulder blocks.
·         Backbreaker and elbow drop earned Luger a 2 count.
·         Jumping elbow drop by Luger hit getting another 2 count.
·         Luger argued the count, so Tatanka schoolboyed him for a 2 count.
·         Brief comeback by Tatanka with punches and chops.
·         Snap mare and a reverse chinlock contributed to Luger’s methodical pace. (© Jim Ross)
·         Tatanka tried to make another comeback but ate a clothesline.
·         Elbow to the sternum earned Luger another 2 count.
·         An attempted slam became an inside cradle for Tatanka for 2.
·         Irish whip by Luger segued into a sunset flip by Tatanka.
·         Ross noted that only 4 minutes remain in the match.
·         Luger berated the crowd then rammed Tatanka’s head into the top turnbuckle.
·         Cue Tatanka’s normal comeback as a couple of chops put Luger down.
·         An Irish whip by Tatanka led to a third chop and a 2 count. 3 minutes remain.
·         Another Irish whip and Tatanka gave him a powerslam for another 2 count.
·         After a slam Tatanka headed to the top turnbuckle.
·         Chop to the head earned another 2 count.
·         After mounting the top turnbuckle Tatanka dove but missed the high cross body as Luger ducked.
·         2 minutes remain.
·         Irish whip by Luger set up a running clothesline and another 2 count.
·         90 seconds remain.
·         Another Irish whip by Luger set up the powerslam and another 2 count.
·         One minute left.
·         A third Irish whip led to a back drop and a vertical suplex by Luger.
·         30 seconds remain as Luger got another 2 count.
·         Backbreaker got another 2 count, and the bell rings to end the match.
·         Finkel announced a time-limit draw eliminating both competitors.
·         Consequently he revealed that Bigelow received a bye to the finals.
·         Luger requested the microphone and wanted five more minutes.
·         The crowd cheered more for that than they did for anything else during the match.
·         Thereafter Luger removed the elbow pad and laid Tatanka out cold.

Rating: **

Summary:  In good conscience I cannot rate this match any higher. Luger’s S-L-O-W pace not only telegraphed the time-limit draw a mile away but also made the match rather boring. The pin attempts at the end made the match somewhat entertaining, but it didn’t gel as well as it could have. In addition it wasn’t Finkel who was announcing the time left in the match. It was Ross; therefore, the live crowd more than likely had no idea what happened when the bell rang. Both men maintain their undefeated streaks in the WWF.

Mean Gene interviews both Mr. Perfect and Bret Hart. Gene insinuates from Bret’s preference that Perfect is an easier opponent. Immediately Mr. Perfect takes offense. They bicker over whose dad beat the other. Bret brings up the match from Summerslam ’91 where he beat Mr. Perfect for the Intercontinental title. Perfect fakes out Bret on a handshake. After Bret leaves Perfect cuts a promo on Bret stating “all you Canadians are alike.” Yikes! I’m not Canadian, but I’m offended.

Match 5 for the KOTR Semifinal: Bret “Hitman” Hart versus Mr. Perfect


·         Perfect tossed the towel behind his back to referee Earl Hebner PERFECTLY.
·         Bret’s fingers were taped from his previous match. Possible finger dislocation was speculated.
·         Both wrestlers are faces. Who do the fans in attendance root for?
·         Bret won a tie-up with a standing headlock.
·         A rope sequence culminated with a Bret hip toss.
·         Side headlock takeover by Bret countered into a headscissors by Perfect.
·         Bret escaped and reapplied the side headlock.
·         Perfect took Bret to the corner and chopped him on the break.
·         Cross-corner whip by Perfect reversed into a Hart body slam.
·         Upon landing on the mat Perfect kicked Bret in the face.
·         Perfect got the slam this time, but Bret kicked him in the face.
·         Side headlock by Bret.
·         Perfect shot Bret off the ropes, but Bret countered with a crucifix for 2.
·         Bret reapplied the side headlock.
·         Once again Perfect shot Bret off the ropes, but Bret hit the cross body for another 2 count.
·         Perfect’s kick out sent Bret outside the ring.
·         On the apron Bret gave him a shoulder block then sunset flips into the ring for another 2 count.
·         Yet again Bret grabbed a side headlock frustrating Perfect.
·         Perfect took him to the ropes to break then delivered a knee and a stomp to the gut.
·         Savage acknowledged Perfect’s “salty past.”
·         Impressive standing dropkick by Perfect sent Bret out of the ring.
·         Perfect held the ropes open for Bret. Sportsmanship!
·         Whoops. Scratch that as Perfect kicked Bret just before he got into the ring.
·         He then rammed Bret’s head into the top turnbuckle.
·         Chop by Perfect followed by forearms to the back of the neck.
·         Knee lift by Perfect got a 2 count.
·         A kick to the ribs sent Bret outside the ring again.
·         Perfect followed and chopped him on the floor.
·         He then rammed his head into the apron and re-entered the ring.
·         Bret got back up on the apron, but Perfect sent him flying off into the barricade.
·         Bret writhed in pain holding his knee.
·         Perfect punched Bret on the apron, brought him back inside, and delivered a knee to the chin.
·          A punch put a weary Bret to the canvas.
·         Perfect mounted the top turnbuckle and delivered a missile dropkick for a 2 count.
·         Bret put his leg on the bottom rope to stop the count, so Perfect grabbed both legs and got another 2 count.
·         Chop in the corner followed by a cross-corner whip sending Bret sternum-first to the opposite turnbuckle earning Perfect another 2 count.
·         Another punch put Bret back on the canvas as Perfect mounted the top turnbuckle again.
·         However, Bret caught him with a punch to the gut, followed him to the top, and gave him a superplex.
·         That earned Bret a 2 count.
·         Bret kicked at Perfect’s knee twice then took him down.
·         Figure-four leg lock by Bret.
·         Ultimately Perfect grabbed the bottom rope to escape.
·         Single leg takedown by Bret into a knee bar.
·         Perfect broke the hold by dropping his free leg across Bret’s face.
·         Wearily both men got to their feet.
·         Perfect rammed Bret’s head into the top turnbuckle.
·         Two handfuls of hair allowed Perfect to toss Bret across the ring.
·         Perfect Irish whipped Bret and applied a sleeper.
·         Bret got to the ropes to break the hold.
·         After delivering another chop Perfect reapplied the sleeper.
·         Slyly Perfect used the bottom rope for leverage.
·         Bret broke the hold by getting to his feet and ramming Perfect’s head into the top turnbuckle.
·         To put things in perspective Ross pontificated about a time-limit draw causing Bam Bam Bigelow to win the tournament automatically.
·         European uppercut by Bret.
·         Bret rammed Perfect’s head into the turnbuckle and returned the favor earlier by Perfect in tossing him across the ring while having two handfuls of hair.
·         Inadvertently Perfect crotched himself on the ring post.
·         Inverted atomic drop and side Russian leg sweep gets a 2 count for Bret.
·         Standing leg drop, backbreaker, and Bret headed to the corner for the elbow smash from the second rope.
·         Cover got 2 as Perfect exited out the back door.
·         As Bret tried to lock the Sharpshooter Perfect grabbed Bret’s injured fingers.
·         He then stomped on Bret’s hand.
·         Perfect tried to give Bret the Perfectplex, but Bret blocked it.
·         Instead Bret suplexed Perfect over the top rope sending both men to the floor.
·         Savage alluded to a possible double countout causing Bigelow’s tournament victory.
·         Perfect returned to the ring first as Bret limped back into the ring.
·         Perfect hooked an inside cradle for 2, but Bret countered for 3!
·         A frustrated Perfect rolled out of the ring realizing that Bret was goldbricking.
·         He returned to the ring and shakes Bret’s hand while exchanging words of respect undoubtedly.
·         Bret advanced to the finals to face Bigelow.

Rating: ****

Summary:  Excellent fast-paced wrestling match! Perfect’s unique counter to the Sharpshooter was a great nod to their previous match at Summerslam where Perfect submitted. Considering he was a face Perfect’s “saltiness” during the match added flavor to a face versus face matchup. Additionally Bret’s feigning injury proved wisely for him and costly for his opponent. On Bret’s DVD Bret mentions the catapult into the barricade spot. He said the crate “almost blew my knee out…almost broke my leg.” He refers to the match as “the best match we (Perfect & Bret) ever had.”

Mean Gene interviews the five-time WWF champion Hulk Hogan with manager Jimmy Hart. In the beginning Hulk points to the airbrushed design of his face on Jimmy’s jacket then flexes his triceps. Very patriotic if not jingoistic promo.

Match 6 for the WWF championship: Hulk Hogan (champion w/ Jimmy Hart) versus Yokozuna (w/ Mr. Fuji)


·         In order to not insult the paying customer Yokozuna was billed from “the Polynesian islands” rather than Japan since it’s quite obvious that he’s not Japanese.
·         Ross noted the presence of photographers at ringside.
·         Yokozuna was now billed at 550 pounds. Holy hold the mayo, Batman!
·         Meanwhile Hulk Hogan “trimmed down” according to Heenan. <cough>steroid trials<cough>
·         In stark contrast to McMahon’s commentary during this period in time Ross’ commentary contained historical snippets such as Hulk’s first WWF title victory in 1984.
·         The fans chanted “Hogan.”
·         Hmmm…shouldn’t this be the main event? Or is the King of the Ring title more important than the WWF title? Something smells fishy here.
·         Yoko got the early advantage with a chop, back rake, and a head butt.
·         Clubbing forearm put Hogan down.
·         Yokozuna slammed him.
·         He then worked over Hogan in the corner.
·         Cross-corner whip put Hogan on the canvas again.
·         Another cross-corner whip placed Hogan in the opposite corner, but Yokozuna missed the avalanche.
·         Hogan landed some punches then mounted the corner for more punches.
·         Cross-corner whip by Hogan followed by a clothesline.
·         Hogan failed to slam Yokozuna.
·         Irish whip by Yokozuna but he missed a clothesline.
·         Hogan returned fire with punches.
·         An eye rake and a kick to the gut by Hogan.
·         Again Hogan failed to slam Yokozuna.
·         Irish whip by Yokozuna but again he missed the clothesline and then an elbow.
·         Hogan hit the clothesline off the ropes staggering the big man.
·         Another running clothesline staggered him further.
·         A third attempt became a Yokozuna clothesline putting Hogan down again.
·         Running splash missed.
·         Hogan came off the ropes but was knocked down attempting a shoulder block.
·         Yokozuna applied a bear hug.
·         Crowd chanted “U-S-A.”
·         As Hogan faded the arm went down once…twice…but not three times!
·         A series of punches to the head broke the hold.
·         Off the ropes Hogan ate a Yokozuna back elbow.
·         Belly-to-belly suplex by Yokozuna.
·         Huge kick out at 2 by Hogan. Now it’s Hulk-up time!
·         Irish whip by Hogan led to the big boot, but Yokozuna didn’t go down.
·         Another whip, another big boot, but again Yokozuna stayed vertical.
·         A third whip and big boot finally sent Yokozuna down to the canvas.
·         Leg drop by Hogan ONLY GOT 2!
·         As Mr. Fuji jumped on the apron Hogan nailed him.
·         Hogan signaled for the slam, but a photographer (Harvey Wippleman in disguise) got up on the apron.
·         As Hogan confronted the photographer the camera exploded in his face.
·         Clothesline and leg drop by Yokozuna put Hogan down for the pin!
·         We have a NEW champion!
·         Hogan got up holding his right eye.
·         Yokozuna knocked him back down then he and Fuji dragged him to the corner.
·         Yokozuna hit the Banzai drop.
·         Ross exclaims “Yokozuna has squashed Hulkamania!”
·         Heenan proclaims “Hulkamania is dead!”
·         Jimmy Hart helped Hogan out of the ring.
·         As Pat Patterson and Dave Hebner assisted Hogan down the aisle, Heenan buried Hogan on commentary.
·         Back in the ring Mr. Fuji and Yokozuna posed with the championship belt.

Rating:  *

Summary:  This match would mark the last Hulk Hogan live appearance on WWF TV until 2002 when Hogan appeared at No Way Out in February. For all intents and purposes Hogan’s days as the all-American hero in the WWF are over. Good riddance. He shouldn’t have held the title in 1993 to begin with. Have fun making Thunder in Paradise, Hulkster!

Terry Taylor interviews Mr. Perfect. Perfect is obviously perturbed over his loss to Bret Hart.

Mean Gene interviews the Intercontinental champion Shawn Michaels and his new bodyguard. Shawn BURIES Hogan calling him a “dinosaur.” This predates his geriatric burial at Summerslam by twelve years! Gene then asks for the name of Shawn’s bodyguard. Shawn tells the whole world that his bodyguard’s name is Diesel. I’m not sure if being named after a type of gasoline is a step above Vinnie Vegas, but let’s see how it plays out.

Match 7: The Steiners and the Smoking Gunns versus Money, Inc. and the Headshrinkers


·         Unfortunately these guys had the unenviable task of following that mess.
·         As the Gunns joined the Steiners in the ring they shot their cap guns.
·         Scott Steiner and Ted DiBiase started the match.
·         DiBiase took Scott down with an arm drag.
·         Single leg takedown into a waist lock by Scott.
·         Rope sequence culminated with a Scott dropkick.
·         Steinerline knocked DiBiase over the top rope to the floor.
·         Rick hit him and threw him back into the ring.
·         Another Steinerline put DiBiase out of the ring again.
·         Again Rick hit him and threw him back in.
·         DiBiase took a powder to regroup. Fatu tagged in.
·         As Steiner grabbed Fatu’s arm Bart Gunn tagged in.
·         Fatu avoided a drop toe hold but ate a dropkick.
·         Bart then got the drop toe hold and applied an arm bar.
·         Fatu Irish whipped Bart who grabbed Fatu’s head and rammed it into the mat.
·         Obviously having not done his homework Gunn ate a savate kick.
·         Samu tagged in, and the Headshrinkers double-clotheslined Bart.
·         Diving head butt off the ropes by Samu. IRS tagged in.
·         He gave Bart an elbow off the ropes as Ross noted IRS’ three tag team title reigns with three different partners (i.e. Barry Windham, “Dr. Death” Steve Williams, and DiBiase)
·         Leg drop to the abdomen by IRS. DiBiase tagged back in.
·         Whip by DiBiase and he delivered a back elbow.
·         Vertical suplex by DiBiase.
·         Samu tagged back in then chopped and head butted Bart.
·         Fatu tagged in and the Headshrinkers gave Bart a back drop.
·         Head butt to the abdomen by Samu earned Fatu a 2 count.
·         Backbreaker by Fatu.
·         IRS tagged in, mounted the top turnbuckle, and leveled Bart with a right hand.
·         Meanwhile Ross promised us an update on Hulk Hogan.
·         Leg drop by IRS got a 2 count.
·         Sunset flip by Bart got a 2 count.
·         Whip off the ropes and both men clotheslined each other.
·         DiBiase and Billy Gunn tagged in.
·         Cross-corner whip turned into a back drop followed by two clotheslines by Billy.
·         Stun-gun by DiBiase.
·         DiBiase hooked the Million Dollar Dream but released it after referee Danny Davis raised Billy’s arm only once.
·         Oozing of swagger DiBiase believed he had Billy right where he wanted him.
·         He tried to slam Billy but was hooked into an inside cradle for the pin!
·         All eight men entered the ring and a melee ensued.
·         Scott LAUNCHED IRS out of the ring.
·         The faces prevailed as the heels headed for higher ground.

Rating: **

Summary: Standard tag-team formula stuff here. I would have loved to have seen Scott give someone the Steiner Screwdriver here.  Considering DiBiase’ pin here it telegraphed the end of Money, Inc.’s title reign.  Subsequently they lost the titles the next night at a house show.

Mean Gene interviews NEW WWF champion Yokozuna along with Mr. Fuji.  WWF President Jack Tunney congratulates the new champion. Mr. Fuji unintentionally quotes the chorus to Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m Goin’ Down” while commenting on the Hulkster.

Match 8 for the WWF Intercontinental championship: “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels (w/ Diesel) versus Crush


·         Prior to the match Ross informed us that Hogan suffered neither permanent damage to his vision nor broken ribs.
·         Back on May 17 Shawn Michaels lost the Intercontinental title to Marty Jannetty.
·         However, on June 6 with the help of the debuting Diesel Michaels regained the title.
·         Crush won the initial tie-up with a standing headlock.
·         After Shawn threw Crush off into the ropes he was mauled by a Crush shoulder block knocking him completely out of the ring.
·         Crush won another lock-up with a standing headlock.
·         Knowing he couldn’t win a wristlock battle he forwent it and hit Crush in the ribs.
·         A rope sequence culminated with a left by Shawn.
·         Shawn won the next lock-up and worked on Crush’s arm.
·         Another rope sequence almost ended via a Shawn super kick, but he missed.
·         Instead Crush delivered a dropkick. Wow!
·         A second dropkick sent Shawn over the top rope to the floor.
·         Single leg takedown by Shawn, but Crush kicked him away.
·         Two single leg takedowns by Crush followed by an arm drag.
·         As Crush gave Shawn a military press and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker Savage believed Crush can slam Yokozuna. They might have to try that perhaps on a national holiday aboard a battleship.
·         As Crush signaled for the Kona Clutch Diesel dragged Shawn out of the ring.
·         Crush followed Shawn to the floor only to be outsmarted by the speed of Michaels who chop blocked him.
·         Behind the referee’s back Diesel rammed Crush’s head into the ring post.
·         Shawn met Crush on the outside and rammed the back of Crush’s head five times into the ring post. OUCH!
·         Shawn physically picked Crush up off the floor and tossed him back in the ring.
·         He dragged Crush to the middle of the ring for the seemingly obvious pin.
·         But Crush kicked out at 2!
·         Five stomps kept Crush down as Shawn mounted the top turnbuckle.
·         Shawn hit the double axe handle to the back of the neck.
·         He continued to work on the back of the neck and applied a front face lock.
·         Crush broke the hold by throwing Shawn off.
·         Shawn reapplied the hold, but Crush sent him into orbit.
·         Third front face lock by Shawn.
·         Immediately Crush picked him up and draped him across the top rope and out to the floor.
·         Shawn re-entered the ring via the top rope, but upon leaping his head was rammed into the canvas.
·         Irish whip by Crush led to a back drop, cross-corner whip, and a backbreaker for a 2 count.
·         Another Irish whip by Crush led to the big boot, and a standing leg drop got another 2 count.
·         Clothesline over the top rope by Crush.
·         Two Doinks marched to the ring smoking cigars.
·         As they distracted Crush Shawn delivered the super kick to the back of the head earning the victory by pinfall.
·         The Doinks high-tailed it backstage, and Crush immediately charged after them.

Rating: ***

Summary:  Aside from the bad finish Shawn’s selling along with Crush’s moveset made this match very entertaining. I’m glad we didn’t get the Crush/Doink rematch here because it would have been a lot worse.

Mean Gene interviews Bam Bam Bigelow. He’s “fresh as a daisy” and fired up!

Match 9 for the KOTR Final: Bret “Hitman” Hart versus Bam Bam Bigelow


·         As much as I admire Bigelow for his wrestling ability, the WWF music they gave him reminds me of the Flintstones’ character. Maybe they should have had Luna dress like Pebbles. By the way where is she?
·         Ross stated that the time between BBB’s matches was an hour and 20 minutes.
·         Thus, while Bigelow was fresh Bret favored his leg along with some possibly dislocated fingers.
·         BBB charged Bret, missed, and landed face-first to the turnbuckle.
·         Irish whip by Bigelow led to an attempted military press.
·         Instead Bret used his own momentum to knock BBB down and received a 2 count.
·         Bigelow whipped Bret off the ropes and gave him a shoulder block.
·         Military press by BBB.
·         He vaulted Bret over the top rope to the floor.
·         He then followed him and tossed him back in.
·         Two head butts to the lower back by Bigelow.
·         Hard cross-corner whip by BBB sent Bret back first to the opposite turnbuckle and then to the canvas.
·         Off the ropes Bigelow gave him a jumping head butt to the shoulder.
·         Two count broken by Bret’s foot on the ropes.
·         BBB hooked that leg and got another 2 count.
·         Bigelow continued to work on Bret’s back.
·         Fantastic belly-to-back suplex by BBB.
·         Brief Bret comeback thwarted by Bigelow.
·         Another cross-corner whip further weakened Bret’s back.
·         Head butt knocked Bret down.
·         Diving head butt off the ropes by BBB.
·         Irish whip by Bigelow followed by a bear hug.
·         Neck vice broke the hold; however, BBB gave him another belly-to-back suplex.
·         Mean Gene oversaw the match from the coronation stage.
·         Bigelow again tossed Bret out of the ring and followed him.
·         He tried to whip Bret but was reversed and sent into the barricade.
·         Bret made BBB taste the steel. Probably needed ketchup.
·         Elbow from the apron to the floor by Bret.
·         Bret dove from the apron to the floor but got caught.
·         Bigelow rammed Bret back-first into the ring post.
·         He took Bret to the entryway and slammed him on the unpadded floor.
·         Luna Vachon came down the aisle and popped (i.e. lightly tapped) Bret on the back with a chair behind the referee Joey Marella’s back.
·         She scampered back to the dressing room.
·         BBB joined Bret on the floor and tosses him back in.
·         Slam put Bret down on the mat.
·         Bigelow climbed to the top rope, hit the diving head butt, and got the pin?
·         NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Bret got screwed again!
·         Wait a minute…I don’t recall BBB winning the King of the Ring.
·         Hold the phone! Referee Earl Hebner came out to notify Marella of the chicanery perpetrated by Luna.
·         Finkel announced that the referee reversed the decision, but Hebner stopped him in mid-sentence.
·         Hebner informed Finkel that he wanted the match to continue.
·         As soon as Finkel made the announcement Bigelow furthered his weakening of Bret’s back.
·         Yet another cross-corner whip zapped some strength from Bret’s back.
·         Another Irish whip by BBB set up a second bear hug.
·         Bret tried to break but Bigelow put him in the backbreaker a la Superstar Billy Graham.
·         Bret escaped and gave BBB a belly-to-back suplex of his own.
·         Up first Bigelow came off the ropes but missed the senton.
·         Fourth cross-corner whip into another backbreaker.
·         Bret raked the eyes and hooked the sleeper while riding BBB’s back.
·         Bigelow tossed him overhead to break the hold.
·         Running dropkick by Bret sent BBB into the ropes and almost over.
·         Bret then tossed him over the top rope.
·         Plancha by Bret.
·         After a series of punches Bret tossed Bigelow back into the ring.
·         Second rope clothesline by Bret got a 2 count.
·         Side Russian leg sweep and second rope bulldog by Bret.
·         Attempted Sharpshooter but BBB kicked him away.
·         Bret came off the ropes back into a third bear hug.
·         He then ate some Bigelow tattoo to break the hold. Tasted like chicken.
·         Attempted belly-to-back suplex by Bret countered into a 2 count for BBB.
·         Fifth cross-corner whip by Bigelow, but a blind charge got boots to the face.
·         Bret mounted the second rope again, hooked the victory roll, and wins!
·         Bret Hart became the King of the Ring!
·         Savage entered the ring to congratulate him.
Rating: ***1/2

Summary:  Great big man-little man match-up. Since it was Bret’s third match but only Bigelow’s second I can understand Bigelow’s getting the majority of the offense here. Though repetitive the psychology of working the back worked well for the Bammer. Certainly this is one of the highlights of Bret’s career along with his World title reigns.

Tony Garea leads Bret to the coronation stage. Mean Gene places the royal robe on Bret and hands him the scepter. Gene then bestows the crown upon Bret’s head. But before Bret can say a word Jerry “The King” Lawler interrupts the proceedings.  He refers to Bret as “the pretender to my throne.”  Lawler offers him the title of “Prince” if he will honor him by kissing Jerry’s feet.

Bret retorts by insulting Jerry’s integrity due to his lack of entry into the tournament. He then refers to Lawler as the “burger king.” As Bret chants “burger king” to incite the crowd Lawler nails Bret in the head and then the back with the scepter.

Afterwards Lawler stomps on the crown and throws the throne onto Bret’s back. OUCH! He then jabs Bret In the ribs with the remainder of the scepter. Next he chokes Bret with it then tosses the robe off the stage.  Lastly he drops the stool into Bret’s midsection.

Grabbing the microphone Lawler tells the befallen Bret to kiss his feet. He then kicks Bret in the face sending him off the stage.

Conclusion:  Yokozuna may be the WWF champion, but Bret Hart cemented himself here as the true workhorse/top dog of the promotion. While not having the WWF title in his grasp Bret received a nice pat on the back here from the WWF along with earning a long-time rival in Lawler. We’ll see where this goes.

Additionally it should be noted that despite the title match being Hogan’s final televised match in the WWF (until 2002) he worked the house show circuit. His last appearance for the WWF was on August 6 in Sheffield, England. He defeated Yokozuna by disqualification.

I would be remiss if I didn’t proclaim that I truly enjoyed this show more than WrestleMania IX. If the combination of three great Bret matches and a good Shawn match is your cup of tea seek it out and enjoy!

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  1. Wow, Hogan in the main event AND the first ever King of the Ring tournament and they only drew 6500?

  2. Vince: Come on! All American Hulk Hogan defending America against that big nasty Jap! Why aren't more people coming to see this? Am I seriously out of touch?

    Patterson: No Vince, it's the fans who are out of touch.

  3. "Shawn tells the whole world that his bodyguard’s name is Diesel. I’m not sure if being named after a type of gasoline is a step above Vinnie Vegas, but let’s see how it plays out.". The term Diesel was hitting American culture at the time as meaning "cool" or "awesome,". So they gave him that name based on that. It was actually Shane who suggested the name.

  4. If you're going to do reviews with bullet point 'highlights' of the match, maybe they shouldn't include things like "Neck vice by Hughes" and "Bigelow continued to work on Bret's back". I stopped reading after the first match because it was an awkward format to read.

  5. In the case of Mr. Hughes calling ANYTHING he did seemed like a stretch. As I mentioned in my conclusion Bigelow used psychology to try to beat Hart; therefore, his "working on the back" was part of the pattern of the match rather than a rest hold or punching/kicking.

  6. That's the thing. With that type of format you should be explaining the story of the match like you just did with Bigelow/Bret. Not do CRZ play-by-play of every spot that occurs.

  7. Diesel is a lot better name than the names they dish out today.

  8. Bret Hart was responsible for at least ************* that night. Oh come let us all adore him.

  9. This format really doesn't work when you have so many bullet points. It defeats the purpose of bullet points.

  10. Yeah, the point is less the content of individual bullets but the number of them. It reads like an autogenerated EWR match report. All it was missing was notes like "Bret Hart gained three points of overness from this match" and "Hulk Hogan no-sold most of Yokozuna's offense, hurting the match quality."

  11. Your_Favourite_Buck_NastyJune 6, 2014 at 2:08 PM

    iirc (based on what i saw when 24/7 was airing worldwide), diesel debuted in wwf while vinnie vegas was still appearing on worldwide

  12. I'd totally read it if someone wrote reviews in the style of EWR. By the end of Impact, everyone's overness would be down to 0.

  13. I realize it works better in the context of short matches such as Perfect/Hughes or Bigelow/Duggan. Further refinement will be done as I go along. Thanks.

  14. At least 5 people had tears in their eyes that night:

    -The 3 guys Bret carried to great matches
    -Jerry Lawler for letting him hit him with the scepter so hard
    -The whore Bret banged after the night was over

  15. I appreciate the feedback. Analyzing the play-by-play (and bullet-pointing the psychology behind it) makes for better analysis. Thanks!

  16. Sophie: "I think Eric Young is too high up the card. The fans are starting to resent his push."

  17. CruelConnectionNumber2June 6, 2014 at 2:25 PM

    I like the bullets but don't call every move. I can't read this kind of review. I suspect I would like it a lot more when condensed.

  18. CruelConnectionNumber2June 6, 2014 at 2:27 PM

    Your star ratings are spot on. Although I definitely don't remember Crush/HBK being anything other like * 1/4, as Shawn was a little tubby and off his game in mid '93 and Crush sucks.

  19. One of my favorite PPVs. High drama for 9-year-old Hitman marks like myself.

  20. The longer matches made it more difficult to point bullets; however, as I pointed out below, if I analyze the psychology of the play-by-play there will be fewer and more notable bullet points.

  21. CruelConnectionNumber2June 6, 2014 at 2:28 PM

    A few months later, the music game would change with the release of SHAQ DIESEL.

  22. CruelConnectionNumber2June 6, 2014 at 2:29 PM

    You're absolutely correct.

  23. I was never a fan of Crush, but in 1993 Crush could wrestle. I was totally surprised by his dropkicks. Shawn knew how to play the big man-little man match extremely well.

  24. Shawn had a good line on Raw when the match was anncouned. He's like "I just won the Intercontinental title! I should be laying on the beach sipping a tall Hawaiian not wrestling a 300 pound Hawaiian!"

  25. CruelConnectionNumber2June 6, 2014 at 2:30 PM

    The first thing I think of with Kona Crush is him throwing a dropkick. It's the other 11 minutes or so of agony that's the problem. Crush was always awful outside of 2 minute Superstars squashes where he could do his 2 or 3 spots.

  26. CruelConnectionNumber2June 6, 2014 at 2:30 PM

    "Vin Man!"

  27. CruelConnectionNumber2June 6, 2014 at 2:33 PM

    Noting stuff like Bam Bam being fresh and working on Bret's back is keepable stuff (the hard whip into the corner) but the fluff around it can go. Of the first like 20 bullets of that match, there's like 5 worth keeping.

  28. Your_Favourite_Buck_NastyJune 6, 2014 at 2:34 PM

    you forgot every single person who watched bret wrestle, or read about bret in a magazine, or thought about bret in general

  29. CruelConnectionNumber2June 6, 2014 at 2:35 PM

    Good writing, though! Keep it up.

  30. Gary, you didn't ask for my feedback, but I'm giving it anyway. If you're using bulletpoints, use less bulletpoints. It's kind of the rule of bulletpoints.

    History of WWE says the crowd was a sell-out of 8,000 with 7,000 paid.

  32. I always did wonder why the attendance was so low for this show. Could the venue not hold more people or was the company really struggling that badly at the time?

  33. It held over 10,000. The PPV got the highest buyrate for a KOTR until '99. I'm thinking 2 things: 1. the show was in Dayton, OH rather than Cincinnati which could have attracted more people. 2. Hogan on top was not cool in 1993, and people thought it was a typical Hogan beats the big guy main event.

  34. If you think WWE is bad now with their refusal to say the names of B-towns on the air, count the number of times they say 'Heartland of America' instead of 'Dayton, OH' on this show.

  35. Also: tournaments don't draw. Never really have. It's hard to hype any kind of show based on matches that are purely hypothetical, no matter how obvious some later-round matches may seem (and the obvious final was not Bret/Bam Bam anyway).

  36. Also he couldn't sell worth a shit. Even when Doink was beating on him with a lead arm, all he could do was lie down immobile. That was his default mode for acting in pain. A babyface who can't sell is worthless.

  37. I usually go ****1/2 for that Bret-Perfect match. I think it's better than their Summerslam match myself.

  38. Wasn't there a huge NBA finals with Jordan the same night??

  39. Never ever believe wwe crowd numbers. Even when they have an actual impressive legit stat they lie about it.

  40. Yes, at the exact same start time as well. The Suns beat the Bulls 129-121 in 3 OT.

  41. TJ: I just finally got around to checking out the last GoT. I was in the mood for a burrito, not so much now.

  42. Mister_E_LogdriverJune 6, 2014 at 4:12 PM

    The bullet point gimmick isn't bad, but you sort of over did it.

    I agree with your star ratings.

  43. And Hogan, who was crying from Bret telling him off in the locker-room.

  44. You forgot to mention Bret farting in Bam Bam's face during the finish. Good review

  45. Thought Perfect/Bret was easily ****3/4 and far superior to their Summerslam match by some margin. Historically not as significant but definitely better.

  46. Oh yeah, forgot about that. Add Ed Leslie to the list too because he had never seen a drawing of his head up Hogan's ass so well done before.

  47. Knuckleberry PinnJune 6, 2014 at 5:14 PM

    This pay per view has its fair share of good matches, and a classic, so the wrestling alone gives it a recommendation to watch. But, you have, in my opinion, some of the best pro wrestling broadcasting ever seen on a WWF show, AND the historical significance of Hogan's last (for a long while) televised appearance AND him doing a rare job. Therefore it's a super de super recommendation to watch (next level up).

    Also, the Nutter Center looks plain cool.

    Fun all around!

  48. Whenever someone tries to say Bret was just a formula guy like Flair, I point to this show. 3 great matches that are all different with different finishes.

  49. Stranger in the AlpsJune 6, 2014 at 5:35 PM

    I'm burned out, boys. All work and no play makes Stranger something something.

  50. I'm just a burnout.

  51. Why did LeBron have to get a cramp last night? Now I can't watch basketball because the Skip Bayless of the world have taken over the finals.

  52. 'Cause he's a girl, and girls get cramps.


  53. *sigh* Hot sports takes rest for no man apparently. I'd really love if the focus could go back to the game but I think the a/c guy is going to get all of the promo time.

  54. Happy Friday to you

  55. They're just telling stories!

  56. Ok, I laughed, but I'm still pissed.

  57. You too bud. Got anything excited planned for the weekend?

  58. Just plan on staying out of the heat. I think we are going to skip over spring this year. We went from the 60s straight to the high 80s
    What you got going on?

  59. Nothing at all so far.

  60. Oh yeah total shock ending, wasn't expecting that.

  61. Richard Sherman made the Madden cover.


  62. Guy is incredibly overrated.


  64. His training staff should be fired. They should've been shoving potatoes and tomato juice into his mouth as soon as he started to cramp.

  65. Looking forward to a weekend of relax after having a little too much fun last weekend.

  66. There's goes the repeat.

  67. Too much fun is just enough, if you ask me.

  68. What's been the delay with putting some new Old School episodes onto the Network? They were going good for awhile until they switched to the roundtable garb.

  69. Holy Crap! HHH on Smackdown!

    Didn't he get the memo this is the C-Show now?

  70. No suit for Rollins?

  71. That's what I was about to see. That's a lil ridiculous, no?

  72. Suit off the rack? What is he? Some kind of animal?

  73. I'm getting old. I can't rebound as well anymore.

  74. lol that's a good point. He should have one Monday though.

  75. When's the last time a face faction has been as over as the Shield?

  76. Since the Oddities.

  77. Sounds like it's going to be an explanation that unfolds over the next few weeks.

  78. I'm here to do the job! I'm here to do the job!

  79. Speaking of memos, hasn't Dolph received his in terms of being a JTTS? What the hell's he doing out here?

  80. Nvm jobber to the stars?

  81. .............abeyance isn't here........Yep

  82. The AWF was out of touch. Luna as Angel Baby managing the Honky Tonk Man. Even the Toad Warriors showed up

  83. Although seeing Tito Santana as a world champion was cool

  84. And Koko B. ware and a heel Lord Slfred.

  85. Yeah, my mouth was quite agape.

  86. Yep, they just never end, and I quit after 5 or 6 of them every time.

  87. I must have watched this a good 30 times as a kid. (using my totally legal videotape of it. Why no we didn't have 2 VCR.... Why do you ask?? *ahem* )

    I even loved Hulk/Yoko, and Luger/Tatanka. The only bad thing was Perfect/Hughes.

  88. Yep, and remember Ross's heel turn speech when he brought in the fake Razor/Diesel in 1996? He actually brought up this PPV and said "I carried that broadcast"

  89. Yep, I was sure that Bret/Luger would have been the finals, so I was a bit disappointed in that... But then again, I expected Bret/Mr Hughes in the semis, so that was a very VERY pleasant surprise.

  90. Hogan should have refused to job because it was in his country.

  91. Yeah buddy. This

  92. He did! Heenan was on fumes and macho, although trying, was bad.

  93. Knuckleberry PinnJune 6, 2014 at 7:53 PM

    He did. Said this recently but loved how Ross makes it feel like a real sporting event. King of the Ring '93, with Bret being fatigued and Bigelow fresh, is a great example.

  94. AverageJoeEverymanJune 6, 2014 at 8:07 PM

    Yoko did beat him with his own finisher.


  96. I also loved the psychology of how outmatched Hogan was against Yoko. Yoko was so dominant that Hogan needed his "Hulk up" energy on Yoko's #3 move, the belly to belly. Then he got pinned by Yoko's #2 move (Leg Drop, keep in mind that was a regular part of his arsenal too). Then the Banzai drop was just the icing on the cake, just because.

  97. That's not WWE numbers. Everything on that site is taken from the Observer, the Torch, etc.

  98. I agree with that. Bret had a formula with his moves "the five moves of doom if you wheel" but he would change it up a great deal and actually use his existing formula to change things up.

    I've been watching a lot of older NWA stuff and Flair's formula has started to wear thin on me.

  99. I don't think pointing to one tournament where it was scripted for him to have three different victories is evidence of this. I'm not saying these two guys were similar but you can't point any one show and say "see they're different". Clearly they are different. Even if they weren't it doesn't matter if he was or wasn't a formula worker. Flair was still ahead of him work wise in 93.

  100. Man everything after Wrestlemania 8 all the way up until about May of 96 is just blank for me. I don't even think I watched the WWF. I did watch WCW off and on. I remember things like Pretty Wonderful, Hogan coming in, The Dungeon of Doom, Macho Man, but there are large parts of even that I don't remember. I'm glad that I took off from watching wrestling during its worst three years.

  101. Jim Ross: his camera exploded in Hogan's face

    Savage: What the ...

  102. One more thing (I don't wanna "Jobber" this thread or anything).

    They had a follow up interview with Yoko and Fuji, with Jack Tunney there. I think we were all expecting him to say that this was an outrage, and Hogan was gonna get an immediate rematch.... Instead he just congratulated Yoko and left. Then Gene later on chimed in "Keep that camera away" Fuji exclaimed "CAMERA? Why are you talking about camera??" Then Gene just totally changed the subject.

    It almost, ALMOST felt like they were supposed to setup a rematch with this interview, but just totally no sold it, almost burying Hogan and treating him as an afterthought.

  103. It was Bret's idea to come up with an injury that wouldn't let him use his finish. As far as work wise in 93, Bret>Flair easily. Flair just had better opponents and a better spot that year.

  104. How I wish a camcorder existed of Hogan's first match in the WWF in 2002 against Rikishi.

  105. Yeah. They totally buried Hogan the next night on Raw -- but then two weeks later -- Vince oddly promises us an update on Hogan - as if his total burial wasn't set in stone. This died when Luger showed up on July 4 and Hogan was never mentioned again - until he was mocked in 1996 and if course - his return in 2002.

  106. ..... So when he was knocked unconscious by getting hit with a lead arm 16 times, he sucked for... ACTING UNCONSCIOUS???


  107. I disagree. However I suppose it doesn't matter as you pointed out Flair had better opponents. I wouldn't say he had a better spot since Bret was pretty much back to the top babyface. Either way Ric Flair in 1993 was a lot more enjoyable to watch than Bret Hart....every year except for 1996 and 97.

  108. Yeah it defeats the purpose of bullet points when you bullet point the whole match. Personally I don't need blow by blow reviews of shows that are 20 plus years old. Give me a quick summary and move on. I skip past all that stuff anyway.

  109. It also cheapens the term "highlights"

  110. You think he only banged one? You doubt the greatness of the Best There Is, Best There Was and the Be There Ever Will Be?

  111. Is that an actual thing?

  112. More to it than that. That was his default mechanism for selling anything.

  113. I was at this show, and it was surreal for several reasons. My buddy and I made our predictions on the way to the show, and the one thing we agreed on was that Hogan would beat Yokozuna. We were pleasantly surprised!

    Also, it was amazing to the see the show end with a "non-happy ending" with Lawler's attack on Bret, especially since they went out of their way for the happy ending at WM 9 with Hogan winning the title.


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