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Smackdown - June 20, 2014

Date: June 20, 2014
Location: Nationwide Arena, Columbus, Ohio
Commentators: Michael Cole, John Bradshaw Layfield

Reviewed by Tommy Hall

We're in the home stretch now for Money in the Bank as the WWE Title ladder match's lineup is set. However, there's now a second ladder match which was announced on Main Event. Seth Rollins is the only confirmed name for the match with the rest being announced on Raw. They're really going to be stretched thin at the PPV as a result. Let's get to it.

We open with a recap of Cena vs. Kane from Raw.

Here's Cena to get things going. He points out the titles above the ring and gives us a ten second recap of the last nine months of the titles. That brings us to Money in the Bank and it sounds like the start of a bad joke. “A Mexican, an Irishman, a European, a Duck Dynasty reject, a primadonna and Dudley Do-Right walk into a WWE ring.” Cena says that's where the comedy stops because he'll be knocking all of them out at Money in the Bank and taking his title back. So he'll be knocking himself out?

This brings out Del Rio who says Cena needs to stop talking and start worrying. He qualified first and then he'll climb the ladder first. Sheamus comes out and says people haven't forgotten to be afraid of Del Rio. People just don't care about him at all. Sheamus will leave the PPV as a double champion. Cue Cesaro with Heyman and the latter talking about how Cesaro loves a match where it's every man for himself because only Cesaro has a full time strategist. I haven't heard Heyman talk this fast in a long time.

Next up is Reigns with what sounds like new and slower music but it's very similar to the Shield's song. He has trouble trusting people anymore but now the only thing that matters are those titles. Reigns doesn't care who you think you are (looking at Cena), no one is going to stop him. He and Cena stare each other down and John takes off his shirt but Orton interrupts. Randy reminds everyone that he's the face of the WWE and Reigns is already on the ramp to brawl with Orton. They fight up by the stage while the others brawl in the ring. Sheamus and Cena clear the ring but don't fight each other. This was fine.

Seth Rollins vs. Kofi Kingston

Rollins has new ring gear, including what look to be dark gray tights and no shirt. Kofi says he wants in the ladder match in an inset interview before we get going. Seth is quickly tripped down and splashed for two before Kofi takes him into the corner for some right hands. Kofi gets sent into the buckle and put in a chinlock about a minute into the match. Back up and Kofi nails a quick cross body for two but Trouble in Paradise hits the ropes. The buckle bomb and a good looking curb stomp put Kofi away at 2:55.

Post match Rollins gets on the mic and says he'll win the briefcase. Ambrose pops up on screen and says tonight might be the night he gets his revenge on Rollins. If it's not tonight, then it's coming soon. Rollins says that might be a good idea if Ambrose didn't have to face Kane. Dean: “Shut up.” Ambrose promises to take care of both Rollins and Kane.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Bad News Barrett

Non-title. Ziggler wants another chance to be Mr. Money in the Bank. The bad news of the week: everyone else's chances at Money in the Bank are like the US's World Cup team: they might have some early success but they'll fall at the end. A quick dropkick puts Barrett down but he sends Dolph into the corner and kicks him out to the floor. We take an early break and come back with Ziggler fighting out of a chinlock but getting kicked in the ribs to put him right back down.

Some knees to the face set up the big boot in the ropes to put Ziggler on the floor. Back in and JBL references the White Bronco and Roddy Piper vs. Goldust at Wrestlemania XII. A jawbreaker puts Barrett down and a running cross body does the same. That's about it for Dolph's offense though as he walks into Winds of Change for two. The Bull Hammer misses and Ziggler grabs a sunset flip for the pin at 4:08 shown of 7:38.

Rating: C. Not enough time to go anywhere but they got in most of their signature stuff. I'm not wild on the ending but it's nice to see Ziggler getting a clean win over a name. I'd assume both of them will be in the ladder match, but this doesn't put much confidence in me for Barrett's title reign.

Ziggler walks into a Bull Hammer post match.

Adam Rose vs. Titus O'Neil

Titus sends him into the corner to start but gets rollup for the pin at 42 seconds.

Titus says ring the bell again and gets rolled up for another pin at 10 seconds.

Kane vs. Dean Ambrose

Rollins is on commentary. Ambrose's new ring gear is a white undershirt and jeans. It actually suits him well. Ambrose charges at Kane to start but gets sent face first into the buckle. Rollins dares Ambrose to come fight him anywhere as Kane drives knees into the ribs. Dean stops Kane with a boot to the face and a top rope dropkick puts Kane down. A clothesline does the same and Ambrose hammers away in the corner.

Dean escapes a quick chokeslam attempt and gets two off a tornado DDT. Rollins stands up and dares Dean to come fight him but Ambrose sends Kane outside instead. Dean dives on him before going after Rollins, only to walk into an uppercut from Kane. Back in and the chokeslam is good for the pin at 3:34.

Rating: C-. This didn't have time to get anywhere but it was more about Ambrose vs. Rollins than anything else. Seth as part of the Authority rather than Evolution works much better as Orton is being phased out of the group anyway and Rollins as the new star isn't a bad idea at all. Ambrose vs. Rollins will be one heck of a fight.

Rollins curb stomps Ambrose post match.

We recap the opening segment.

Big E. vs. Jack Swagger

Colter talks about Big E. taking a handout last week when Lana distracted Swagger. Big E.'s music cuts him off and we're ready to go. Swagger takes out Big E.'s leg to start and clotheslines him out to the floor. Back in and Big E. runs him over and the Big Ending gets the pin at 47 seconds.

Fandango knocks on the Divas locker room door and tells Layla that they're up. She says she'll be right there so Fandango turns around and sees Summer Rae. Summer says she understands why Layla loves him but she loves Fandango more. Summer kisses him and of course Layla comes out and catches them, sending her back into the locker room in tears.

Video on the Special Olympics.

Fandango vs. Bo Dallas

Fandango comes out on his own but Summer runs out to dance with him. He isn't sure but Layla runs out to jump Summer. Fandango tries to break it up but the girls get in the ring. Layla accidentally kicks Fandango in the head and the girls run to the back. The Bodog gets the pin at 1:16.

Fandango gets a pep talk post match.

The Wyatts pop up on screen with Bray talking about a bunch of mice running around chasing a piece of cheese. Bray is the snake entering the maze and the monster ready to sink its jagged teeth into the world. All he has to do is climb a ladder and take what is his to bring us into the era of Wyatt. Can we please get the writers a thesaurus for some new words other than era?

There will be six other people in the briefcase ladder match to be announced on Raw.

Roman Reigns/Sheamus/John Cena vs. Randy Orton/Cesaro/Bray Wyatt/Alberto Del Rio

Sheamus and Cesaro get things going with the Irishman hammering away in the corner. Cesaro takes him down to the mat before running away when Sheamus gets back up. Off to Wyatt for a slugout with Sheamus with the pale one nailing his running knee lift. Cesaro offers a distraction and Bray takes over. Back to Cesaro who hammers away but Sheamus says bring it on. Cesaro does just that but walks into a powerslam anyway.

Cena comes in for his bulldog, sending Cesaro off to Del Rio for a tag. Alberto does about as well as Cesaro as he's taken into the corner without putting up any offense at all. Cena tags Sheamus back in and Reigns looks annoyed that he didn't get the tag. Del Rio gets Sheamus into the corner for a tag off to Cesaro as the heels take over. The Irish Curse out of the corner sends Cesaro to the apron for the ten forearms to the chest.

We take a break and come back with Del Rio getting two on Sheamus off what looked to be a suplex. A chinlock keeps Sheamus in trouble as the fans want Roman. Sheamus shrugs it off and tags in Cena again to work over the now legal Orton. Randy is knocked to the floor and we get the seven man standoff followed by the seven man brawl. Orton brings Cena back inside for the Elevated DDT and stares down Reigns. Cena gets taken into the heel corner for some stomping before it's off to Bray for the running splash.

Del Rio hits the low superkick but misses a charge and falls out to the floor. Cesaro throws him back inside for a fast tag to Orton who powerslams Cena down with ease. Randy hammers away before it's back to Cesaro for more of the same. A delayed vertical suplex gets two on John and we hit the chinlock. Reigns looks like he's about to explode on the apron. The fact that Cole described it using the exact same words frightens me a bit.

Cena fights up and suplexs Cesaro down but Swiss Death prevents the tag. Del Rio gets two off the corner enziguri but gets dropkicked out of the air to put both guys down. He's right back up for another low superkick to stop the tag again though and it's back to Cesaro. A big right hand knocks Sheamus off the apron but Cesaro is afraid to punch Reigns.

Cena avoids a shot to the head and makes the tag to Reigns for the house cleaning. Everything breaks down with Reigns hitting the apron dropkick but getting sent into a forearm from Wyatt. Del Rio kicks Roman in the ribs but the armbreaker is countered into the spear for the pin at 16:03 shown of 19:33.

Rating: B-. Again Reigns is made to look like a star and treated like a main event equal. I don't think he wins the title but it's still too early for him to do that anyway. This did what it was supposed to do and followed a solid tag team formula to get there. Cesaro being afraid to fight Reigns was a great visual too.

Overall Rating: C+. This was another show where most of the stuff went by so fast that it's hard to grade it. The stuff that did get time was good though, especially the Money in the Bank build. I'm still not sure how they're going to fill in a card with fourteen people in two matches and four in another but they've pulled off harder tricks before. Good building show tonight.

Seth Rollins b. Kofi Kingston – Curb stomp
Dolph Ziggler b. Bad News Barrett – Sunset flip
Adam Rose b. Titus O'Neil – Rollup
Adam Rose b. Titus O'Neil – Rollup
Kane b. Dean Ambrose – Chokeslam
Big E. b. Jack Swagger – Big Ending
Bo Dallas b. Fandango – Bodog
Roman Reigns/John Cena/Sheamus b. Cesaro/Alberto Del Rio/Randy Orton/Bray Wyatt – Spear to Del Rio

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  1. I thought the Bo to Bray segments was a nice little segway.

  2. Can we please get the writers a
    thesaurus for some new words other than era?

    Well, didn't we have the Age of Orton? Those were good times.

  3. davidbonzaisaldanamontgomeryJune 21, 2014 at 1:03 AM

    That's one O!

  4. davidbonzaisaldanamontgomeryJune 21, 2014 at 1:03 AM




  6. That final match was like a long, slow root canal. Ugh. Another blah SD.

  7. Both of you guys just won the Internet for the night, if not the month.

  8. The reign of reigns is coming.

  9. The new nickname for Jack Swagger is apparently "Bigg Hoss" - NO.

  10. Sharmell vs. Jenna Morasca somehow managed to beat Trish/Bradshaw vs. Jackie Gayda/Chris Harvard for single worst worked match I've ever seen.

  11. Worst years:

    WWE - 1995, period. Although 2007 post Benoit was pretty dismal.
    WCW - 2000
    ECW - Probably 2000 as well
    TNA - 2010; man, reading that LOLTNA brought back so many bad Hogan memories
    I stopped watching ROH whenever they lost the HDNet show because I don't get the Sinclair shows and they quit coming to a convenient venue so I don't know.

  12. WWE from Benoit's death to like late 09....just wasn't feeling it.

  13. That was the year they completely gutted Smackdown to the point where they instantly pushed Bradshaw into a title feud and started the JBL stuff...just pitiful, NOBODY was buying it. And then they actually kind of had something with the Mordecai character but they had a total goof in it who couldn't get it over.


  15. Also, if I'm not mistaken weren't Kong and Raisha Saeed involved?

    Kong/Jenna vs Sharmell/Saeed wouldn't be good either, but it would of been a 5 star match compared to that flaming pile of dogshit.

  16. I'm watching the live sex Raw....Daivari managing Kurt Angle? Seriously...I don't remember this.

  17. The Evil Shield thing he enters in is fucking CHOICE though.

  18. It was toward the end of his run in WWE.

    The only reason I remember it is because he cut a promo about hating black people and jesus.

  19. LOL I remember that. I think he was doing that as a joke on how he could say the dumbest, most offensive thing and not get any heel heat. Kurt Angle in 03-06 was just STAGGERINGLY over. I think this was right before Batista got hurt and they hotshotted the Smackdown title onto him in a battle royal. He's teaming with his nemesis Shawn Michaels for some reason on this episode.

  20. Awesome Kong was in Sharmell's corner and Sojo Bolt was involved somehow I think.....fuuuuuuuuuck was that match bad. For some reason I actually was streaming the TNA PPV that night and it just kept getting worse. My jaw was on the floor by the end of the match. I felt like i wanted to take my brain out and scrub it with a toothbrush in the sink or something.

  21. Ah they are doing Whacky Tag Team Partners That Hate Each Other.

    Also HBK lost a clean pin to Carlito in the Elimination Chamber the night does this guy bitch that he didn't get a fair shake?

  22. Best episodes of these shows; because I'm bored:

    The Sopranos: The Test Dream....very closely followed by Long Term Parking.
    Breaking Bad: Fly
    Mad Men: The episode where Don is drunk building the playhouse, i forget the name
    The Wire: Doesn't play that well by episode without watching a big chunk; but I'd have to go with the Season 1 finale and the "String, where the fuck is Wallace?" part
    Classic Simpsons: Marge vs. The Monorail - it put Ogdenville and North Haverbrook on the map.

  23. Carlito was one of those situations where they just lost interest in the guy for some reason.

    Btw, I think there's an argument to be made that last new guy WWE was willing to put over against Cena was Carlito.

  24. It might of been Sojo. But I do remember for sure that there were two capable knockouts that could of carried a tag team match.

  25. They pushed him to the moon over EVERYBODY with no discernible reaction. They even put him and his talentless brother over the incredibly super over Miz and Morrison team at Wrestlemania and they still got no heat.

    Agreed about Cena, this is of course when WWE still booked him to have some vulnerability.

    Val Venis is on this does he feel anachronistic in 2006.

  26. Shelton's dimestore Madea (who is a dimestore Martin Lawrence Big Momma) yelling "beat him!" and "beat his ass, Shelton!" ad infinitum outside the ring. How did this not get him over?!?

    Also Val's promo and the opening Lita/Cena segment and the live sex thing....this Raw feels pretty dirty. Was there a "bring back the smut" initiative in early 06?

  27. Requesting a gif of Beecher maniacally spraying the fire extinguisher.

  28. It begs the question of why use or pay Jenna Morasca, or Booker's wife for that matter - when their regular knockouts were working at the Sunglass Hut to pay their rent.

  29. They were trying to leech off her Survivor fame like 5 years after her season and she was no longer relevant.

  30. Yup, they were trying to go AE without officially bringing back the Attitude Era.

    That's why you got the live sex celebration, a DX reunion, etc.

  31. It was like a super PG DX though - the whole TONE of the angle and why we were supposed to cheer for them. They beat up Male Cheerleaders. The whole point of the angle was 'HAHA! FAG!"

  32. Very cool. Good luck.

  33. The live sex is still a great segment though. It's so stupid and you know it's not going to happen but Edge does so much to get it over. The music for it is HILARIOUS too.

  34. 2009-10 DX was super PG. 2006-07 DX were kind of raunchy, but in a weird, two 40 year olds kind of way.

  35. There was a weird paranoid homophobic jock thing to it...haha, they are grilling big long sausages on the Summerslam poster! They are shoving the McMahon's face into The Big Show's ass...haha! Asses and sausages....but not male cheerleaders, that shit is gay.

  36. Cunnilingus getting a pop from the WWE crowd?

  37. Fourteen people in one match?

    I'm not trying to be funny here, but you realise there are 2 separate ladder matches, right? One for the title and one for the standard briefcase.

    So if both of those are long enough, there's plenty of roster to fill the other gaps.

  38. I don't think that many wrestling fans watch Survivor. Hell, do many people watch Survivor? I haven't heard anything about that show since like 2001.

  39. The Con-Chair-To...there's a spot you won't see anymore. Flair took a nasty one. It's a recipe for a Con-Cuss-Ion

  40. They manage like 10 million viewers or some shit. Plus, they have like 20-something seasons in a 15 year period.

  41. Keep in mind this is the same company that thought at the time having two black guys steal people's stuff, one of their writers going out in a thong and rubbing baby oil on himself while dancing, and calling a midget a bastard were good ideas.

  42. Cryme Tyme was really tongue-in-cheek and the guys playing it were having fun. Tone and context makes a hell of a difference at how something is perceived.

    The fat thong writer guy thing was abysmal, also the Trump vs. Rosie match.

    I actually liked the "Lil Bastard" name better than "Hornswoggle".

  43. I guess I just don't watch CBS. It's the television equivalent of hospital food.

  44. *sharpens knives*

    *loads pistol*

    *fills chainsaw with gasoline*

    *crafts nail bomb*

  45. I'm watching Vengeance 2007, the infamous ECW title match between CM Punk and Johnny Nitro (filling in for Benoit). It seems like the Network edited out any of the announcer's references to Benoit, but not the loud "We want Benoit" chants from the crowd.

  46. Ha. I expect nothing less from this group.

  47. That Shelton story line of course led to a PPV match in which Viscera mock-humped Shelton in front of his mom. Talk about emasculation.

  48. I was asking about the baby-oil dancing guy in another thread the other day. Who was that and what was that gimmick about?

  49. It's been sewn on the front of his jacket for a long time, they don't actually ever call him that on commentary do they?

  50. Conan wrote that Simpsons episode.

  51. I think 1998 might be the most underrated year in WWF given how amazing it was. WrestleMania-Survivor Series was an amazing run. Sure the year limps to the finish with a terrible December but the rest is filled with some of the best moments in Raw history from Austin, Vince, Rock, Triple H, Undertaker, and a hugely fun mid card.

  52. Do you call yourselves movie critics?

  53. As Nick said, Twitter is great for building an audience and networking. Far better than FB as I've found that people are more likely to follow someone than accept a friend request. It's pretty benign and easy to get out of if you end up not being interested in the person's tweets. I hated unfriending people on Facebook. It was always awkward and I felt like I owed them some sort of explanation as to why I unfriended them. It's even more awkward when its someone you work with or see regularly.

    Twitter is GOLD for businesses, too. Companies of any size can position themselves as a trusted authority in their specific industry and end up having a positive effect on the company's bottom line. It's great for customer service/interaction as well. An interaction is the company and whoever tweeted them instead of the initial contact from the customer and then 349874597 people adding their two cents as things frequently unfold on Facebook.

  54. Once a week? It'll definitely fly as that, daily might be a bit much for the sheer amount of content.

  55. As for today's World Cup Matches:

    Argentina break Iran back, make them humble old country way. 4-0.
    Ghana will make it a game, but come on, it's Germany. 3-1.
    Bosnia-Herzegovina beats Nigeria, 2-1.

  56. Yeah, once a week for sure. It'd be pointless to do a daily one since most indy stuff is usually restricted to the weekends anyway. They'll end up varying in length, essentially dependent on how much is going on. This initial one is pretty long (I actually removed some stuff) but there was significant stuff going on last weekend and numerous big shows this weekend/next weekend. I think it's still pretty easy to navigate through though. Looking forward to Scott posting it and getting everyone's feedback.

    I think you guys will like it. I cover several promotions that are blowing up right that don't get a lot of coverage from "mainstream" wrestling sites and inject a fair bit of snark as well.

  57. That crowd must have felt... strange, the next day. And especially by the week after.

  58. Didn't Ghana beat Germany like, 4-2 last time?

  59. 2010 World Cup, group stage:

    Germany won 1-0.

  60. I'm @stevenferrari

    I very rarely tweet about wrestling, mostly retweet work stuff, with the occasional comics and baseball talk.

  61. You're nuts.

    2005/2006 ROH was light years ahead of 2008.

  62. I'd say you're biased here because 2000 was much better. 2001 actually doesn't look so bad in comparison (each year seemed to get progressively worse for a while), but it was also a year that saw a lot of people I knew who loved wrestling, quit watching.

  63. I would throw 1997 into the mix for the WWF. It was getting slaughtered by Nitro in the ratings, but from about WrestleMania until Survivor Series, WWF was incredible. I didn't realize how good it was until I rewatched it on Classics on Demand a couple of years ago.

    I would also put 1985-1986 in for NWA/WCW. 1989 had some great wrestling but 85/86 had much better overall booking.

  64. 1998 was definitely great. It unfairly gets limped in with the bad parts of the Attitude Era because Russo wrote both 98 and 99, but 98 has aged way better.

  65. Huh. What a weird false memory.

  66. I couldn't find any more recent scores... maybe they did play a friendly in between the World Cups.

    But using a friendly as a gauge... well, the U.S. beat Germany 3-2 last time they played. Not something I'd trust in making a prediction.

  67. And then I find an article. Germany and Ghana have played twice:

    1993 friendly: 6-1 Germany
    2010 World Cup, Group Stage: 1-0 Germany

  68. We need to brainstorm things for Roman Reigns.

    Singin' in the Reigns
    Roman Showers
    Why does it always Reigns on me?
    Reign O'er Me
    Roman Reigns: Supreme
    Do the Reigns dance
    Roman the red-nosed Reignsdeer
    No pain, no Reigns
    The Roman will make you speak Greek
    Hey Niko, it's your cousin, Roman!
    Reigns in Blood

  69. @elmomachete, imaginative I know. My Dad convinced me to make it just to tie down the name on various websites (some I had no interest in using, like Twitter) just in case I ever needed it for marketing purposes. Marketing WHAT, I still don't know. Haven't used it in like a year or two.

    Although I checked it out of curiosity one day recently & found that Andrew W.K. had tweeted (ugh) the picture of the custom LEGO figure I made of him, which is awesome.

  70. 2001 had two very damaging botches (not in the technical sense, in the booking sense): Austin turns heel (although he TRIED to make it work, it never felt right), and the InVasion (no excuses there).

  71. No Morishima in 05/06.

  72. Punk totally buries that match on the blu ray they made about him.

  73. Angle was feuding with Cena, and, shockingly, the crowd was cheering Angle over Cena. So they did every thing short of having Angle molest children to try to get people to cheer for Cena.

  74. Amsterdam_Adam_CurryJune 21, 2014 at 9:23 AM

    Facebook is stupid too. Now get the fuck off my lawn and turn that God damned music down!

  75. Amsterdam_Adam_CurryJune 21, 2014 at 9:39 AM

    "Crazy or not, I might need you"
    "To do what?"
    "To be my brother."

    O'Reilly might be my favorite fictional character ever.

  76. Amsterdam_Adam_CurryJune 21, 2014 at 9:50 AM

    1995 wasn't that bad, the workrate wasn't bad outside of some shitty Nash main events (and in his defense, they always paired him with people even worse), though that might just be nostalgia, 1995 was when I started watching. 2010 and 1993 were way worse, and 2013 is up there too. Really, 2013 sucked ass for WWE, TNA, and ROH.

  77. Uncrusimatic_Buck_NastyJune 21, 2014 at 10:42 AM

    since i'm a fair guy, after i made the post, i read through the comments and saw that justin henry posted cambot

  78. Uncrusimatic_Buck_NastyJune 21, 2014 at 10:46 AM

    he's different!

    (but only after season 8)

  79. WCW's 1999 was worse, if you were watching. By the summer of 2000 the ship was slowly righting. And those three 2001 ppvs weren't bad.

  80. @crankyvince

  81. davidbonzaisaldanamontgomeryJune 21, 2014 at 11:21 AM


  82. Amsterdam_Adam_CurryJune 21, 2014 at 11:57 AM

    I think 2000 was worse, but we're having the kind of conversation like "Hey, would you rather get punched in the face or kicked in the balls?" Obvious answer is "none of the above", unless you're into CBT.

    But yeah, those last 3 PPVs were OK, and IIRC Starrcade 2000 isn't a bad show either. Fuck man, it has Evan Karagis (sp?) in a ****+ match! And Cult, go ahead and call me an idiot, but I liked tha better than any of the TLC trilogy. And yes, I know there was 4 (5, really) of them, but I don't know the word for that. Quartergy?

  83. It's really telling how bad 1999 was when it gets people to hate the attitude era but if you judge the Attitude Era as 1997-2001 that is an INCREDIBLE stretch of wrestling. 1997 was their comeback year and one of their best, 1998 was consistently entertaining and a great year with Austin kicking ass on top, 2000 is my favorite year for any wrestling company ever, and 2001 from the Rumble-Mania features the greatest stretch of PPV's WWF ever ran and some quality TV.

    1999 is the only year of the Attitude Era that sucked, but it sucked so fiercely that people sometimes assume the other years were the same.

    Now I don't wanna romanticize because every year I listed also had some down points as well.

  84. That's the clip from the old Botchamanias with the chick throwing the awful slaps, right?

  85. He was a writer for the company and his on-screen character was a fat male stripper called "Big Dick Johnson".

    No surprise, it was Vince's idea.

  86. @Place2BeNation

  87. @mfreemanwriter

  88. I'm here but I never post anything interesting so I'd be happily surprised if anyone followed me:

  89. I'm fine with that. Morishima was (is?) a good wrestler, but nothing from 2008 can match how deep ROH's roster was in 2005 or the incredible ROH vs. CZW feud from 2006.

  90. I also think it helps, for certain fans at least, that 1997 had ECW still hot, WCW firing on all cylinders (popularity-wise) and the WWF's rebound. Even in 1998, ECW was getting more popular and the booking hadn't completely fallen off a cliff yet, WWF was great and WCW had Goldberg. But by 1999, ECW started to really decline, WCW was getting REALLY bad and Russo was at his WWF worst.

    Basically what I'm saying, is that because wrestling was really hot in 97 and 98, not just the WWF, that I think it made those two years more fun overall than they normally would have been if only one company were doing anything noteworthy.


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