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WCW 1995

What do you think of the other things that happened later in 1995?  As stupid as the dungeon of doom stuff was with Hogan "entering it" and all, I always thought the stuff from the fall really took the prize.  For example:


·        The Yeti

·        Not being able to verify the WW3 winner because the tape cut out? (this may be the dumbest thing they pulled)

·        The monster truck fight from the roof


I don't think these things get their due in the history books as some of the other bad ideas (shockmaster, underfaker, Cheatum, etc) that are often talked about.  I have to admit though, sometimes it's fun to rewatch the stuff that's really bad from wrestling -  especially since they were trying to get all this stuff over for real. 

Well, all those things were stupid, but WCW was at least making money (or not losing horrendous amounts for once) so they get a bit of leeway, I think.  And come on, who doesn't love a good monster truck fight to the death?