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Wyatts and the gold

Just a little preemptive celebratory prediction here, but I would like to be the FIRST to call the Wyatts winning ALL the gold at MITB. The tag straps are a straight gimmie, Harper is rising fast. The fans have already turned the Wyatts into tweener-faces, they are getting HUGE reactions.
Bray will win the hanging titles. Lesnar is rumored to face the champ at Summerslam. How SWEET would a Bray Wyatt vs Lesnar feud be? Bray is booked just crazy and wicked enough to hang with Lesnar. And he's got some beef to him.
How about the promos between Paul and Bray? Maybe introduce Sister Abigail finally to help prevail?
Anyway, you heard it here FIRST. Love the blog you silly Canuck.

​Right, well, good luck with that.  I don't see it, but my powers of prognostication have certainly failed me before.  ​