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Big Man vs. Little Man Clinic

Night 4 of the G1 tonight with Ishii/Honma, Styles/Naito, Okada/Anderson and Tanahashi/Shibata as the big matches to look for. Pretty standard affair for their third show last night with a good Tanahashi/Kojima match, and a great Okada/Makabe main event. We finished the night with Tanahashi, Okada, Goto & Shelton X Benjamin all going 3-0 so far. However the match getting buzz from the WON today is the BJW Sekimoto/Shinobu main event from 6/30 that I was pimpin' in the comments here a couple weeks ago.

This is the BEST Big Man vs. Little Man dichotomy I may have ever seen, because goddamn Shinobu's offense is so friggin' believable here. And Sekimoto is in his usual award-winning, mid-season form. This is in ever way possible a classic. No back story needed, you either root for the little dude or the big dude, because they represent your position in life and what you believe in. That's what's great about wrestling when it's done right, you can see the story telling itself.


  1. It's a solid ***3/4 match.

  2. Welcome to the Doom of Blog!July 25, 2014 at 5:03 PM

    A real lack of run-ins, authority figures, twitter trending updates, and Michael Cole. Where's my sports entertainment?!?

  3. That's beauty of Japanese wrestling. Just wrestling most of the time.

  4. That entertained the fuck out of me. Wasn't the greatest match and that turnbuckle suplex spot makes me cringe every time I see it but them elbowing the shit out of each other pops me every time.


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