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Cena v. The Streak

This may have been addressed before, but what the heck.

For the last couple of years on the BOD,  and most other wrestling sites for that matter,  the prospect of Cena/Taker at WM was bandied about once the road to wrestlemania began to coalesce.  Obviously,  between the streak ending and Taker appearing to be finished, it's never going to happen.

Question is, in which year do you think it would have made the most sense to do it,  do you think it would have lived up to the hype, and would you have had Cena end the streak.


​THE STREAK IS NEVER GOING TO ... oh, wait, never mind.

I think the second Cena-Rock match should have been Cena-Undertaker, personally.  Would have been the perfect way to cap off Cena's Worst Year Ever redemption arc where he has to do the one thing no one else can in order to come all the way back from the depths of losing to Brock Lesnar (assuming he had lost to Brock, of course).  And yes, I would have had him break the streak there knowing that Taker was so broken down that he'd have that shit performance against Brock the next year.  ​