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Place to Be Nation Friday Update

Happy long weekend to those in the United States...kick off your weekend of Americana with a look back at the week that was at PTBN:


We are ten pools deep in the World Cup of Greatest TV Characters, get your votes in now: PTBN’s World Cup of TV Characters

PTB served up a heaping helping of Wrestling Americana:  A Tribute to America (As Told Through the World of Wrestling)


The PTBN staff counted down their favorite Kings of the Ring: The Five Count: Kings of the Ring


The Movies of P2B Generation series is through 1985, which was a mega year for blockbusters: Movies of the P2B Generation

Russell Sellers has your comics picks of the week: New Hotness: Top Picks for July 2, 2014


Scott & Justin reviewed Survivor Series 2002: Place to Be Podcast Episode 320: Survivor Series 2002

Parv & Chad relived WCW SuperBrawl I: Where the Big Boys Play # 63: Superbrawl I

Dylan & Dave recapped the first half of 2014 in the world of wrestling: Wrestling Culture Podcast #55: 2014 Half-Year In Review


  1. The real Place to Be is the Which Shoot Interview Should Be Reviewed Next poll. And the Vote to Make is for Hillbilly Jim.

  2. Nobody ever reads these threads, nobody is going to read you, sir.


    So how's the family? Your littlest still got that weird hotdog smell going on?

  3. That poor hotdog

  4. *Mayor Quimby voice*

    Ahh, that's a-ah quality callback.


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