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QOTD #11: Forgotten Chris Jericho moments

It’s Tuesday morning, and the status quo remains large and in charge. However, there was a bright spot on RAW, and that takes us to our question:

Today’s Question: What’s your favorite forgotten Chris Jericho moment?

While you take some time to come up with some gold, we’ll tackle yesterday’s answers. As always, if you want to jump right in to the discussion, please hit the comments button or scroll to the end.

We were talking about your favorite World Title win, amongst North American promotions. Let’s jump to it.

mattindeed: 1908. Frank Gotch beat George Hackenschmidt for the title. Hell of a contest. Still have one of Frank's teeth.

Awful choice. They could have easily shaved 90 minutes off this with a little bit better planning.

Uncrusimatic_Buck_Nasty: i'm gonna go with ones i've seen live, so i'll have to say when edge cashed in on taker in '07

White Thunder: Anytime Ric Flair won the belt. Royal Rumble 92' and Starrcade 95' really stick out in my mind. For some reason his last title win in 2000 on Nitro against Jeff Jarrett holds a sentimental place for me.

I wish I could remember the Flair win in 2000, but I remember being so sour about the fact they were changing the strap twice a week that I literally can’t remember how it happened. I do recall he had another fake heart attack that somehow led to the end of that run about 2 days later, however. Speaking of Flair…

THE YETAAAAY: Flair beating Vader at Starrcade '93 is a great one. One of the last really great WCW moments before the Hogan entry changed the fabric of the company.

The whole build-up to this was phenomenal; incredible when you consider that it was slapped together at the last minute thanks to Sid’s inability to keep his cool.

Marv Cresto: The end of WM20, duh, it was the culmination of almost seven years of "smart fans" pushing for a guy to get the big chance despite having no ability to cut a promo or make himself at all relatable to people at large, and it worked. This would be damn near every single person's comment had the guy not gone on to do what he did.

Chris Hirsch: Jericho beating the Rock and Austin in the same night to become the first undisputed champion.

You know it’s memorable when 13 years later he’s still bringing it up.

Lenny Vowels: Probably have to go with Bret winning at WMX. As bad as '94 was overall, that title change was huge. I was tired of Yoko as champion, and Bret was my favorite wrestler in the company at the time, so seeing him win the title back was just such a glorious moment.

Knuckleberry Pinn: Bryan winning the triple threat this year might actually be mine. I was just totally sucked in to everything that was going on with the fans not letting Batista's inevitable win take place. A bunch of us ordered the Rumble and were so so happy with what that Pittsburgh crowd did, just like we were happy for that awesome hot crowd the night of the cage double-cross, and just like we were proud of that basketball crowd that did the Yes chants. Then, at Elimination Chamber, I remember feeling upset that Bryan lost yet again, but the way Cole reacted to the loss (as was picked up on by several commenters here), let me know that this might not be the end of things. Then, we go to the awesome HHH / Bryan Raw segments, which set up the winner gets the shot match. The icing on the cake was how much drama took place into that triple threat main event. The table spot, the stretcher job, the hot near falls. It was perfect. It was like one last time for me to feel like a mark (albeit, in this new internet age where tweeting about how Bryan should have been in the Rumble is akin to cheering for Austin 15 years ago). I said this before on the blog but when Bryan won that main event and won the title, it was the first time since Backlash 2000 where I was genuinely excited and celebrating because "my guy" had won the belt. And like I've also said, I don't foresee that happening again anytime soon, if ever.

I was on vacation during Wrestlemania, and saw the show from a Buffalo Wild Wings in Charlotte, NC. The entire place exploded when he won, screaming “YES YES YES!” I wish I’d had the foresight to catch it on my cell; it was the most amazing “bar reaction” I’ve ever seen.

Basscase: Take it back old school, and we'll go with Ricky Steamboat winning the NWA world title from Ric Flair at Chi-Town Rumble 89.

Extant1979: Edge cashing in on John Cena after the Elimination Chamber at New Year's Revolution. I was a little disappointed at the #CenaWinsLOL - I was pulling for Kurt to win that match, so double disappointment with his early exit. Then the cash-in happened. It was fucking fantastic.

I had goosebumps when Edge handed the briefcase to Vince that night. The rules of the briefcase hadn’t been fully established, other than he was allowed a match anytime, anyplace. Would he have to give the champ warning? Would he have to pick the venue in advance? All the questions were answered; truly a great swerve.

Daltonimperial: Jericho beating HHH for the title on Raw in 2000. I don't care if it wasn't official and was reversed that same night.

Dr. Facts: I've always enjoyed the buildup and execution of Rock winning at Survivor Series 98. I really enjoyed how they booked that whole thing.

This might be the greatest “Sportz Entertainment” pay-per-view of all time, where all the angles wrapped up into a tight little package. The entire premise led us to believe Foley was going to be anointed the corporate champion; the perfect red herring to keep us distracted from all the things that went “right” for Rock.

 Jon Eks: My sentimental favorite is, of course, Mankind's first title win. Such a great episode of Raw with HBK getting his comeuppance from screwing over basically everybody, DX and the Corporation as appropriate window dressing for the match, Tony Schiavone's "butts in the seats" comment on Nitro, and Austin's return to a MASSIVE pop. Fantastic all the way around.

Adam “Colorado” Curry: Tommy Dreamer FINALLY winning the ECW title. Too bad that a few minutes later it was followed by my least favorite title change ever.

Despite the opponent, I think the moment so perfectly cemented Tommy Dreamer’s career – as the guy who could always come so close but just never get there. I know a lot of people definitely wanted to see him get a run with the belt, but with better booking they could have milked this for crazy sympathy forever.

James: Austin at WrestleMania 14. The crowd pop, JR's commentary, and Austin finally winning it after years of adversity. Completely changed the WWF

Peyton_Drinking: I'm kind of surprised no one has mentioned Hulk/Goldberg I mean had Hulk jobbed like that since WM VI?

This one gets severely underappreciated over time, as I think Hogan’s remembered as an over-the-hill politician doing the deed in an effort to later syphon off his heat; and Goldberg is remembered as a selfish “what’s in it for me” pain in the ass. At the time, the entire air around this was euphoric – FINALLY we had the guy who did to Hogan what Sting SHOULD have 8 months earlier. One of the most emotional pops you’ll ever see coming from the hometown Georgia crowd.

Chris B: Maybe its because of Scott's Raw rants, but I'll never stop loving Backlund winning the title from Bret in one of the most awesome, incomprehensibly effective heel turns ever. Of course they pissed it away.

JohnPetuka: A lot of picks for Foley, but from my personal view, I don't see how you don't go with Punk winning it at MitB 2011. This was more than just a feel good moment. You had an emergent superstar who seemed to talk directly to the fans with Punk. You had the #1 heel in the smarks' eyes in a stale Cena. You had the complete uncertainty of what the hell was going to happen (Is this Punk's last match? CenaWinsLOL? What are they going to do if Punk wins?). So, the biggest face beats the most genuinely hated heel in an unpredictable moment with promises of more unpredictable moments to come. Yes, I was marking out, bro (TM Striker). Shit, sometimes it seems like half the people here skipped watching WWE most of the years between 2007 and 2011 only to come back immediately prior or right after this title change.

Lots of votes for this one, no surprises here. The fact we knew Punk hadn’t signed his new contract made it seem impossible for them to put the belt on him; but he was so over, and the place was ready to riot if they dared the LOLCENAWINS route that it seemed impossible for them NOT to put the belt on him. The explosion when he won, followed by the missed cash in, and the blowing of the kiss was the cherry on top. It was so disappointing he came back so fast, because the angle was perfection to that point.

BooBoo1782: I will always have a personal soft spot for Bret Hart's first two title wins, over Flair and Yokozuna. I attended a Nassau Coliseum house show four days after Bret beat Flair in Saskatoon, and got the awesome surprise of hearing about the match in the arena before it had been on TV, and learning that Bret's scheduled match with Nailz had been upgraded to a title match and made the main event (the scheduled main, Warrior-Flair no longer for the title, went on just before intermission). The Coliseum video that featured the title change (along with the Bret-Shawn ladder match that Vince wanted as a demonstration) was a great find, both when I rented it as a kid and bought it used in college. I was disappointed to think that Flair didn't like the match from a technical standpoint, but of course, he's entitled to his opinion.

MC Hesher: A retrospective disappointment: Orton's win at Summerslam '04. I came back after a two year hiatus and literally shouted, "Holy Shit! Benoit's champ!" upon turning on Raw. Obviously a transitional champ, but hey, repeated victories over HHH and Michaels. Once it became clear he was putting Orton over at Summerslam, I was thrilled. I cannot overstate how much I loved Orton's Legend Killer gimmick, and he was awesome to watch in the ring. The Summerslam title match was as good as I'd hoped, and I was so happy he got a world title before Cena did. This was gonna push my boy Randy to top heel, and give us a great 'Evolution Implodes' slow-burn storyline. I figured HHH would turn face after getting turfed out, beat him at Wrestlemania, and that was cool by me.

I was at SummerSlam 2004, and you were not alone. There was a shockingly large number of Orton fans in the house, wearing the Legend Killer shirt, and just waiting for the moment. I was on a bus heading back to Ottawa about an hour after the show, and there was a group of about a dozen friends who could not stop carrying on about how they were there, the night Randy Orton won his first World Championship. Granted, they were drunker than Bobby Heenan on a regular Monday Nitro, but they couldn’t get over it.

Michael Weyer: Always loved Rock at Backlash 2000, against the McMahon grouping with Shane as ref, he and HHH going at it hard and fast, the McMahons ganging up on him...and then the glass shatters, Stone Cold comes out to destroy everyone with a chair and Rock gets a pin to a mega pop. That's how you nicely overbook and great highlight of a great year for WWF.

dirtyearsbill: Eddie beating Brock. Hands down my favorite wrestling moment. Being there in person at the Cow Palace was surreal.

I happen to agree with you.

I don’t think any of us truly thought they’d go the distance with Guerrero, even when the whispers started about Angle and Eddie potentially working Mania for the strap. Between the strange decision to have the Big Show beat him for the US title, and their failed attempts to make him a heel, there seemed to be a disconnect between bookers and fans.

The match itself couldn’t have been built up any sweeter, with your classic Rocky vs Drago setup; or more classically David vs Goliath. The pint-sized fighter with the heart of gold takes on the unstoppable monster, and gives it everything he has. Still, he can’t put the beast down, and things look bleak a number of times – but the hero escapes at the last second.

Yes, it took a Goldberg run-in, but I didn’t care then and I don’t care now. It led to the sweetest championship moment I ever got to witness when Eddie overcame drugs, near death, and everything else that plagued him to beat Lesnar and capture the gold. I can still see the frog splash in my mind clear as day.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day, and I’ll be here again with you tomorrow.