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RF Video Shoot Interview with Tracy Smothers, Disc Two

This is the second and final disc of the shoot

It runs for two hours and sixteen minutes

The interview is conducted by Brett Lauderdale

Smothers talks about the incident in which Vader slapped the reporter in Kuwait. He worked with him in a short match the night before as he had food poisoning. Vader got tripped on his way to the ring and went after some people in the stands. Smothers said that Vader got in as much trouble for swearing on TV then he did slapping the guy.

He talks about working in Japan after SMW closed down. He worked for New Japan and for the W*ING promotion. He calls Kenta Kobashi the best Japanese wrestler he ever wrestled. He talks about working for All Japan and accidentally messed up the finish against Giant Baba and was never brought back. He also said that Mr. Pogo hit him in the back of the head and needed 18 stitches as a result then beat the shit out of him afterwards.

He talks about getting hired by the WWF. Bruce Prichard showed him around the office and interviewed them. He was hired with Bill Irwin, Alex Porteau, Tom Brandi, and Tony Anthony. He got a call from Bruce later on that he was going to be Freddie Joe Floyd and Smothers didn’t mind because he had a job.

His first show with the WWF was a “Superstars” taping two nights after the 1996 King of the Ring show. In his first match, Smothers faced Bradshaw, who he knew from Japan, but said he changed a lot and did not want to put him over so Bradshaw kicked out of his finish then put his chin in Bradshaw’s chest and held him down for the pin. Bradshaw beat him in the second taping as Smothers said how Bradshaw was stiff with everyone. He was told about being put on the house shows against Bradshaw but that never materialized and only did a few house shows in the WWF, usually against Tony Anthony. He did say that he was allowed to do independent shows as long as he got approval from the office and that Cornette always said yes unless it was for someone who the company had heat with.

Smothers said that Vince was always cool with him but he never saw him much and Vince was focused on beating WCW in the ratings.

As far as agents he worked with, he was with Tony Garea, Rene Goulet, Dave Hebner, George Steele, and Blackjack Lanza.

He talks about working with Steve Austin on a “Superstars” and how he was one of the best heels in the business, which most people forget. He said that he worked his ass off too.

He talks about how Shawn and the Undertaker did not like him or the other Smoky Mountain guys. Smothers said that Bret was cool.

Smothers said that he worked with guys like Barry Horowitz and the Headbangers but that he did not like his gimmick and had a hurt groin. He said that when his banjo music played for the first time he made a comment about wanting to change the gimmick and turned around and saw Bruce Prichard and Kevin Kelly, who did not seem to happy.

He then talks about having heat with Jake Roberts and how one day, he took the Godwinn’s rent-a-car and took off and never came back. Smothers talks about how they split up the Gunn’s and Billy & Tony Anthony faced Bart and himself. Roberts told Smothers and Anthony before the match that the program is between the Gunn’s and they should not have been here and must have sucked off someone to even get into the company. Smothers said that he was pissed and went off to the bathroom and said he started to shadow-box in the bathroom then they went out and had the match and Roberts congratulated them all first for doing a good job at selling.

Smothers then goes off on a rant on Bradshaw, Undertaker, and Shawn Michaels for getting a ton of people fired during their career. He then calls the Harris Brothers “kiss ass mother fuckers” for sucking up to the Undertaker. Smothers says that the inmates run the asylum and that there are many talented guys that will never have a chance. He talks about how if he bought TNA, the first thing he would do is fire Sting and Hogan to free up $2 million dollars.

Now, Smothers talks about how he left the WWF. He was at a “Shotgun Saturday Night” taping and went long with Tony Anthony in their match and as a result, the Blackjacks vs. Furnas & LaFon match did not happen and those guys were pissed as they had to stay for the taping. Well, before the match, Bruce Prichard kept on switching the times of the match and Smothers said that he actually heard Lawler tell Bruce Prichard that he should not be with the company as he was working shows for Bert Prentice, who was Lawler’s opposition then heard Prichard tell Lawler that this was going to be his last day. After the match when they walked back, Prichard asked them why they missed the cue as Smothers saw Cornette and said that he is being sick of getting fucked with and that is revved up and called the Undertaker a “motherfucker” and called him the ringleader. Smothers said that he kept walking and Owen Hart followed him in the dressing room and both teams and Ron Simmons came in and Smothers said that he was not fucking with them and that he ended the match when he got the cue. Also at this time, his contract was expiring in a few weeks and he knew that he had a job with Heyman so it did not matter. After he showered, Phil LaFon asked him what happened and Smothers said that he got the cue when he did and the WWF let his contract expire.

When asked about the drug scene in the WWF at that time, Smothers said the drugs were kept hidden and not around the locker room. He said that no one was on the juice then due to fear of the testing. However, he does tell a story about Ahmed Johnson and how Delta Security hooked him up with steroids while they were in Kuwait but that he couldn’t sneak them back into the country.

Smothers said that the ECW locker room had a cool atmosphere. He also said it was a lot more relaxed too. Smothers then talks about how Heyman took the violence to a different level in 2000.

Now, Smothers is asked about working in front of a lot of “smart” fans in ECW and if it was harder. He said that it was as they knew the business so you had to work harder and the expectations were higher. He also said that it felt fresh.

Smothers talks about how Heyman made RVD, Tommy Dreamer, and Taz into stars. He also talks about how he got over younger guys like Roadkill, Danny Doring, and Chris Chetti.

He said it was a blast working under Paul Heyman, saying that he made it fun. He then talks about how Paul moves quick and that he came up with the idea for him to join the F.B.I five minutes before he went out to the ring. Smothers puts over Little Guido for being a great wrestler.

Smothers said that he knew Tommy Rich since 1983 and how he was always drinking beers in the parking lot, where a lot of them partied.

When asked about Taz, Smothers liked working with him and puts over his judo background. Smothers said that Shane Douglas could cut great promos. The interviewer asks if Shane’s promos against other stars like Flair hurt him, Smothers said that he doesn’t as he was doing cutting edge stuff and one of the top heels in the business.

He calls Raven smart and eccentric and has a great mind for the business. He also believes that politics kept him from being a bigger star.

Smothers recalls working with Rhino in his tryout match and how he told Rhino to do the spear on him and it nearly broke him in half.

He then talks about the end of his ECW run. They were cutting costs and he had been there for over two years and they made Little Guido a singles wrestler. Heyman never told him that he was let go but he took the hint when they stopped using him and was mad because he never got proper notice. He did state that Dreamer got him booked on some of the house show loops in the Southeast.

Smothers said that he never saw anyone in ECW so messed up that they could not perform.

He talks about the “One Night Stand” PPV. Vince told them all that they were going to restart the ECW brand.  Smothers said that Vince put them up in a hotel and shuttled them to the venue. He also talks about how glad everyone was to be there and see each other.

Now, Smothers talks about the JBL/Blue Meanie incident. Smothers said that JBL had been drinking all day long. He said that before they did the walkthrough, Danny Doring asked him this was going to be a shoot as the atmosphere was strange. Smothers said that the ECW guys were all there hoping to get a job. He then said that he heard JBL tell the WWE guys not to hesitate to knock one of the ECW guys the fuck out, to which Smothers told JBL that it was a two-way street. When the brawl took place, Smothers noticed that JBL was waffling Blue Meanie. Smothers said that he was with Tomko, who was hitting him hard on the back . When that ended, Smothers said that he went over to JBL to ask what happened, as he never knew of any problem between him and Meanie, then JBL said “fuck you” to Smothers and punched him in the back of the head .Smothers said that he rabbit punched JBL after that and might have given him a black eye. After that, Smothers went over to Sandman and saw some other brawling then laid some more shots into JBL. Backstage, JBL was pissed at Meanie. Smothers then talks about how he trash-talked JBL in an interview and how it circulated around the internet, which helped him get independent bookings. Smothers said how he is not afraid of JBL then goes on about how he is a backstabbing son of a bitch who got a ton of people fired.

Smothers is asked about Chris Hero, who he helped train. He says that he hopes Hero gets over but the WWE is spiteful and will fuck with you on purpose. Smothers then puts over Hero for studying the business and being a great teacher.

When asked if he has any regrets, Smothers talks about how he got to travel the world and had a lot of fun, noting how you could never do that at another job.

He then tells the smart fans that they should not be so quick to dog a match and just to enjoy it and have fun. Smothers says how not every match will be rated 5 stars and to just cheer and boo the wrestlers as you paid the ticket. He says that if you hate it that bad, why would you even go to the shows.

Right now, Smothers is a delivery manager at a pizza restaurant in Indiana. He is asked if he was mad that he never made more money, Smothers said that his temper and lack of political savvy probably cost him money but he made a good, middle-class living.

When asked if he watches the WWE today, Smothers says he works nights and will catch AM RAW and says that they need to slow it down today, especially when it comes to selling.

He would love to be around the business today and says how he still works on occasion today but cannot move around too well. He then shows his flag, which is attached to a solid tree branch, that was given to him by a Klansman in Pikeville, KY in case he ever got into any trouble. Smothers says that he is not in the Klan

Smothers closes by saying how wrestling is the best business in the world and he would like to make it fun.

Final Thoughts: This disc was just as entertaining as the first. Smothers could take about wrestling for days, even if you would want him to stop.

One thing I took away at the end is how a battered and broke Smothers is reduced to delivering pizza and wrestling at indy shows to support himself at 50 years old. It is really just a sad reminder of what can happen to wrestlers when they finish their careers. Smothers said he had a few years in which he made six figures but that was it.

I recommend the shoot interview as it is entertaining and quick moving.


  1. " He was hired with Bill Irwin, Alex Porteau, Tom Brandi, and Tony Anthony."

    How in the hell did WCW and the NWO survive with that all star WWF talent being brought in????


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