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Southern States Wrestling Releases LT Falk

Good morning.

No doubt you were all as shocked as I was waking up this morning to this news from the official MySpace and Geocities sites of Southern States Wrestling:

Beau James Enterprises has come to terms on the release of Little Tony (LT) Falk.  We wish Mr. Falk the best in all of his future endeavors.

We have no further information at this time.  Brian Bayless is undergoing an investigation.  We here at the Blog of Doom can only offer their condolences to the extended family of LT Falk.  And the only other thing we can do at this moment, is today pay tribute to LT Falk.

We will offer you some of the most memorable moment's in LT's SSW career.  Like the time that he hit Joe Briggs with a bulldog.  And the time that he almost hit Joe Briggs with a Killswitch.  And you will hear from fellow Blog of Doomers, who admired LT and loved him so much.

So today will be an all day one of...the greatest SSW superstars of all time.  Today will be a tribute to LT Falk.


  1. HUGE mistake by SSW here. Falk could go in the ring and had a certain presence about him lacking from the main roster. Beau blew it with this one.

  2. Some good LT Falk highlights for the blog.

    To showcase his wrestling skills:

    To give a glimpse of the charisma:

    Just don't know what they are thinking down in the tri-cities.

  3. He was... less useless than most.

  4. Is there a reason why you're upvoting yourself? Are you a big fan of you?

  5. Yes. And a big fan of LT Falk.

  6. Crikey Mate Down Under AussieJuly 8, 2014 at 6:51 AM

    NO!!! The ** record will never be broken now :(

  7. We've got some follow up notes on this situation, as we have sources close to SSW. Apparently Falk showed up to work, and taped to his dressing room (broom closet) door was a note reading, "Go Falk yourself, you're fired." Fall headed home to his wife and adopted child. Sources indicate he is not too shaken up; apparently Vince has already sent out feelers due to the LT name, in hopes of signing Falk and recreating the magic of Wrestlemania 11. This scenario would also include the resigning of BAM Neely in order to fulfill the Bam Bam half of the fight. If all the stars align like for this match to headline Wrestlemania 31, where Reigns may or may not win the title from Lesnar who also may or may not beat Cena for it.

  8. Father of an adopted son would make a pretty good gimmick for Falk. I also suggest he either drop the "little" from his name or perhaps become a chicken little style conspiracy theorist heel. He's got the talent. He just needs the right gimmick to get over that hump.

  9. All the great gimmicks are wrestlers real life personas turned up to 11. Look for Falk to debut a child with him wherever he ends up next,mans cut promos talking about how he loves him just as much as any other parent loves a child, despite him being adopted.

  10. AverageJoeEverymanJuly 8, 2014 at 7:16 AM

    Does the SSW website have a starry background and a dancing baby on it?

  11. RIP, Falk.

    I will remember you...


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