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Your raw reviewer made a great point I was thinking out loud during Raw.  Why on earth would HHH put Roman Reigns in a title match after the last three months?!?!?!   Did they forget he was feuding with him?   Why not just stick Rollins in there so the MITB is the insurance if (haha) Cena retains?   Plus are we really supposed to believe Rollins cashes on Brock?   Or, and god forbid, Cena beat Brock AGAIN at Summerslam and have cash after on him?   It's amazing how aggravating the company has become so soon after an amazing Wrestlemania "season"

Yeah, the Reigns deal is particularly aggravating because you'd think having him repeatedly fail in title matches wouldn't be a great way to set him up as champion down the line.  This is where taking the Diesel approach of having him plow through guys as IC champion for a while first might be advantageous.  

As for Brock, I'm pretty sure it's setting up Cena getting the tar beat out of him, winning by DQ, and then the Rollins cash in.  So I'm not terribly worried about that one.