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The Lapsed Fan: Halloween Havoc 1991


Here again with a plug for this week's THE LAPSED FAN.  Again, thank you so much plugging the show!


the lapsed fan

Another week elapsed, another Lapsed Fan here at WZ, and this time it's Jack and JP's first look at a WCW pay-per-view. The co-chairmen break down the 1991 Halloween Havoc, and the unforgettable, for better or worse (who are we kidding? Worse) "Chamber of Horrors" match.

The panel dissect the show as only they can, pointing out and meditating on a number of fascinating tidbits, including:

- The original move pegged the "Attitude Adjustment"

- The story behind Paul E.'s sudden exodus from WCW and dramatic return on this show to form "The Dangerous Alliance."

- Which of the show's competitors JP had Galoob figures of

- Prescient insight into Alexandra York's laptop and presumptions on how it led her charges, including "The Computerized Man of the 90s," Terrence Taylor, to, well, losses

- The match where, to win, you had to put your opponent in an electric chair and flip the lethal switch, subjecting the audience to a live death that the announcers somehow covered with a detached nonchalance. Unlike anything you've ever seen, thank God.

All that and so, so much more on the latest Lasped Fan, exclusively at WrestleZone. Check it out here for an evening of terrifying destruction:

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