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WWF Championship Wrestling June 21st, 1986

June 21, 1986

Your hosts are Bruno Sammartino and Vince McMahon

In action tonight are the Killer Bees, Hart Foundation, and the debut of Billy Jack Haynes

Killer Bees vs. Steve Lombardi & Terry Gibbs

The Bees start by working the arm of Lombardi. We see an insert promo from the Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff talking about how the Bees confused them by putting on masks in their match, causing them to lose by countout. Blair hits a crossbody on Gibbs then the Bees hit him with a double elbow smash. Lombardi tags but Brunzell gets the best of him. Blair tags and Brunzell hits Lombardi with an atomic drop then Blair hits him with a clothesline from the second rope for the win (3:24).

Thoughts: They are trying to get over the mask gimmick with the Bees, who would take them off before the match then put them on in order to confuse their opponents during the match.

WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. He reads a page from the WWF Magazine that is about Jimmy Hart as they show a clip of the Junkyard Dog yanking off Hart's pants during his match at WrestleMania 2.

Tony Park & Jerry Monti vs. Hercules Hernandez & "Cowboy" Bob Orton

The heels take turns destroying Monti. Hercules then takes Monti and drops him across the top rope. Park tags and Hercules clotheslines him down. Orton tags and hits a dropkick and a backbreaker then Hercules puts him away with his backbreaker (2:54). Bobby Heenan joins the booth and gloats about Andre the Giant being suspended as Vince questions what actually happened to Andre.

Thoughts: The match was really a backdrop for the Heenan/Andre feud. Both Orton and Hercules got a chance to show off their offense but that was all. Orton has been doing nothing of note since Piper left for film roles as Hercules still has yet to get over as a heel.

Ken Resnick is with Hulk Hogan, who will be facing Randy Savage in Boston on June 27th. He cuts a promo about the Hulkamaniacs and how his mother is in the kitchen mixing up protein.

Jimmy Kent vs. Billy Jack Haynes

Haynes beats on Kent to start. He then hits a suplex and a press slam as the announcers talk about his physique. Haynes no-sells some kicks and chops then takes Kent down with a bell clap. Kent bounces off of Haynes, which causes Vince to laugh, then gets caught with a backbreaker before Haynes puts him away with a full nelson (3:01).

Thoughts: Haynes looked alright in his debut. However, he moved around the ring and wrestled as a heel, when he was supposed to be a face. He would have been a good, aggressive heel for the WWF if they let him.

Ken Resnick is with Don Muraco, who will be facing Paul Orndorff in Boston. Muraco calls Orndorff a backstabber then tells Orndorff that he is the number one contender. Muraco also brought up last week's "Flower Shop" appearance by Orndorff in which Adonis  reminded him how Hogan was more popular.

George Wells & Rudy Diamond vs. Hoss & Jimmy Jack Funk w/ Jimmy Hart

The Funk's attack their opponents before the bell. Wells, who has gained a lot of weight since WrestleMania 2, fights back and clears the Funk's from the ring. Back inside, Wells misses a charge and Hoss takes control. Diamond tags as Hoss hits a back suplex. Jimmy Jack tags as we see an insert promo from Mike Rotundo & Danny Spivey about how they want to challenge the Funk's to get through the top of the tag division. Wells tags and hits a few slams but Hoss gets his legs up. Wells makes the tag but Diamond gets destroyed then Hoss puts on the Texas Cloverleaf for the win (3:29). After the match, the Funk's tie up Diamond until Wells makes the save.

The Flower Shop with guest Bobby Heenan, who talks about how Andre the Giant is gone from the WWF. Hulk Hogan interrupts and tells Heenan to hit the road then yells at Adonis for trying to cause friction between him and Paul Orndorff, putting over how they are like blood brothers and that with a friend like Orndorff, you ever have to look over your back. The fans went nuts for Hogan here.

Hart Foundation w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Mario Mancini & Bob Boyer

Boyer looks to be at least 50 years old. The Anvil pushes him around to start. Mancini tags and the Anvil hip tosses him out from the corner. Brett tags and hits a backbreaker then places Mancini in a tree-of-woe, allowing the Anvil to beat on him. Anvil tags then right after that they put away Mancini with the Hart Attack (2:21).

Thoughts: Another impressive showing from the Hart Foundation. They are frequently showcased on television winning matches, which gets you over.

The Killer Bees give us a PSA about making sure to swim with a buddy and not by yourself.

Les Thornton & The Moondogs vs. David Sammartino & King Tonga & "Leaping" Lanny Poffo

Poffo's pre-match promo is about the David Sammartino and how he deserves a break about being compared to his father, Bruno. Easier said that done. Moondog Rex and Tonga start things off. Tonga gets the better of that battle then slams all of his opponents. David tags and pushes around Moondog Spot until he tags Lanny. Poffo shows off his agility until Rex knees him from the apron. Thornton tags and beats on Poffo. After some quick tags, Poffo fights back and tags Tonga. He dropkicks Thornton then takes care of the Moondogs before putting Thornton away with a side kick (3:49).

Thoughts: Most of this was to showcase Tonga, who they are pushing after he slammed Big John Studd last week. Sammartino barely did anything and his return did not last long at all, as he was gone by the beginning of July.

Next week, Paul Orndorff will be in action. Also, Danny Spivey & Mike Rotundo, Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff, Tito Santana & Pedro Morales, and the British Bulldogs.

Final Thoughts: Not a whole lot happened this week besides Hogan's appearance in the "Flower Shop." Billy Jack Haynes debut was alright and no one seemed to care about David Sammartino's return to the company. There was a lot of filler too, with the Funk Brothers and Orton & Hercules tag matches.


  1. CruelConnectionNumber2July 6, 2014 at 11:00 PM

    Seems like every episode of WWF TV for like 5 years straight involves A) Hogan and His Best Friend Teaming Up / Working Out or B) Seeds of Dissension Between Hogan and His Best Friend

  2. Has Khali even been used on TV or PPV in the last year? I cannot remember the last time I saw him.

  3. Just one Del Rio toss over the rope, and he main events Mania.

    Gonna miss you Santino.

  4. Just a fraction of a second more holding Daniel Bryan down and he jerks the curtain and jobs in 18 seconds at Mania.

  5. Yeah, I left that line out there for the Doomers to jump on. And you guys never disappoint.

  6. "..and how his mother is in the kitchen mixing up protein."

    Don't knock it, Hulk...that's how you came into this world.

  7. Is that where "dago" when they migrate to Canada?


  8. Didn't he just squash Sandow on Monday?

  9. Good for Santino (never hated the guy, just the character), good for Jericho, but man, fuck Cena.

  10. I'd let Beth catch MY drift...

  11. Haven't watched since the night after WrestleMania and took a break from Summerslam-December so no I've been checked out for a good while.

    Has he really been regularly featured during this time?

  12. Hold that 10 for Johnny B. BadJuly 7, 2014 at 4:41 AM

    That's the genius of his performance. They'd put him in these impossible situations (winning the Rumble, Elimination Chamber), but he played his character in such a way that every single time, I'd get lost in the moment and think "Oh my gosh! Are they really going to pull the trigger on this?" He has a litany of great "moments" attached to his name, was part of one of the more memorable duos of this century so far (Glamarella), had a pair of IC title reigns (including the very memorable "Honk-o-meter" reign), and multiple Mania appearances including one captaining a 7 man team which included several long tenured WWE stars (where I'm assuming he was made captain b/c he was the most over guy on the squad). The guy had a heck of a successful run and career in the biggest wrestling company on the planet. Hats off to one of the top midcard acts of the century thus far. Hope he enjoys life after the circus.

  13. Santino's character is one of the most awesome in history. Shame on you!!

  14. Maria, Beth Phoenix, Tamina, Emma... Well, 3 out of 4 ain't bad.

  15. Would've been a more interesting match too.

  16. Yep, that was great. And I have no idea what the hell happened with Kozlov. they just gave up on him out of nowhere. Did he do anything in particular that was horrible?

  17. According to our sources, The Undead Tailor is a possible gimmick change for the a Undertaker if and hen he decides to return. Basically instead of building caskets he would design ill fitting gear for his opponents, making them uncomfortable and easy to defeat. Plans, however. Can change.

  18. Best Santino moment: Stealing Jerry Stupid Lawler's Subway sandwich.

  19. The Polish HammerJuly 7, 2014 at 6:02 AM

    Worse than when the guy hooking up Owen Hart's harness said "oops"?

  20. This. It's so annoying that pretty much year on year they hand it to someone obvious - or someone already main event level who doesn't need the win. One of the few benefits of having a 'world' title that was obviously secondary was that WWE could potentially propel anyone to winning,

  21. This. Jericho put Fandango over, at Wrestlemania no less, in a very good match for a debut performer. Then they had to try to force a "social media sensation." I thought he had legs because he was committed to the role.
    And they of course should've kept the original dance partner. School be damned, they should've offered her enough money to put it off for a year.

  22. Santino took the greatest stunner ever, with the salute and the can of the ass wip. The Hell in a Cell match with Bryan was still his highlight that was awesome.

  23. haha yep. And I think he added that it was delicious while stealing it.

    Also, I love his mis-pronounciations of names. John CHEY-NA, and "The Glamerous Amazon!"

  24. I mean Elimination Chamber

  25. Elimination chamber. [/That guy]

    *edit: Damn you, beat me to it!!

    But yep, i loved that part as Daniel was still seen as an unproven champ, and all of a sudden, boom, he's in the final 2 of the Chamber, and was the overwhelming favorite. Was a great little moment.

  26. Was Santino the guy that Cornette slapped that got him fired from OVW?

  27. I totally agree, but Santino isn't that guy. What do you do with that? A Dusty finish? Actually go through with having Santino in one of your top matches at Mania?

    I've long said that the two title era would have been the best time to do an out-of-nowhere winner, but not with a comedy jobber.

  28. Yep, the Rumble match remains one of the few proven draws out there, no reason to cheapen it. They came very close in the late 90's, with overturned decisions and stuff.


  30. This question is kind of off-topic, but it still involved 1986-87 WWF TV programming, with maybe a reference to early 90's TV programing too:
    Was Championship Wrestling and the early episodes of Superstars taped live? I mean was the announcing done live, or was it done in post production? Piper [and others] noted that the later years had them in the booth dubbing commentary and many have to remember that depending on the market - Superstars either was broadcasted on Saturday or Sunday. So even if they dubbed the broadcasting, they should of had time to edit for mistakes and goofs before broadcast. As a rabbit trail -- this is why I don't think "That's Tony Atlas" was a "shoot moment." In fact, weeks earlier Monsoon on PTW had admitted that Saba Simba was "Tony Atlas returning to his roots," so that was the idea all along -- and seriously -- who really though that was a good idea? [It might have been McMahon or Mooney at that point - but I think Samba Simba might have been pre-live version. Or I'm remembering Monsoon talking about Atlas on Wrestling Challenge.]
    Okay back to the rabbit trail. If Piper had said something in a booth days before broadcast in the syndie market, then Vince could tell his hired goons to edit it out -- unless he had no problem with it. Okay so to the real question from 1987 . . .
    I saw the video of the Islanders vs. the Can/Am Connection. They match that turned the Islanders from fun-loving Samoan Bros to bloodthirsty heels. It was from a post-WrestleMania SuperStars and still had Jesse, Vince, and Bruno as announcers. Bruno has a moment where he goes, "Last week Bobby Hennan promised us a new tag team - I checked this hour sheet and this is the only tag team on the sheet." You can actually hear a cringe in Vince's voice . . . as Jesse just starts giggling. Maybe it was planned, but history recorded that Vince and Bruno hadn't been on good terms since 1985 (or earlier) and Bruno was just about to finally leave for good. Maybe the broadcast had been recorded live, because Vince's cringe and trying to find the words to say is funny. "Uh, I think King . . . Harley Race is teaming up with . . . Hercules." Bruno: "That's not a tag team, or a new team. What are you laughing at?" "Jesse: Nuthin'."
    Later in the match, Bobby shows up and the Islanders turn heel, winning by countout and all of a sudden Vince composes himself as Jesse keeps laughing and goes -- YOU KNEW ALL ALONG, JESSE. Jesse: I knew all along, but I wasn't telling you guys. Was that a cover up for Bruno's gaffe -- or did they set it up like that on purpose? The cringe in Vince's voice, however, makes it seem like Bruno "didn't stick to the script." Although, Bruno's comment comes right after a Islander mid-match promo where Tama just laughs and laughs and laughs and then all of a sudden Bruno goes -- you know Bobby . . . so maybe they just planned it that way.
    Anybody got any thoughts on the Islanders heel turn in 1987?


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