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Evening Thread - Tuesday Edition

Tonight, on the WWE Network, Main Event Live at 8:00 ET, then followed by a Wrestlemania Rewind repeat of Hogan-Andre from Wrestlemania III at 9:00 then a Countdown repeat at 10:00, featuring the top ten biggest blunders.

MLB action continues. You still have the rest of August and all of September to go before you get to October playoff action. A lot of teams just playing out the string. Contender games tonight include Angels-Red Sox, Tigers-Rays, Braves-Pirates, Orioles-White Sox, Mets-A's, Blue Jays-Brewers and Reds-Cardinals.

The table with the money left on it awaits you. My advice: Let it play out and see where it goes.


  1. Good evening.

  2. Hell, I STILL do. I was possibly the only person who liked his gimmick from 2000-2003 and was not happy to see the Deadman gimmick come back, although he became a phenomenal worker until injuries pretty much finished him off.

  3. Mr. T might disagree about that!


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