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Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O'Doomers!

Someone asked how TNA may have fared if they let Eric Bischoff run the show from the beginning and didn't have to interject with Russo or whatever other clowns they came across. Would TNA be a successful number two? Would they be in a better position to challenge a very stagnant WWE right now? Would they be in the same place?

What's the general opinion on Bischoff around here? Right guy at the right time? Visionary? Someone that lit a fire under Vince's ass?

A lot of people take claim for the nWo angle (hell Jim Cornette described it in a shoot a couple years before it existed I believe) so who created it isn't as important as the execution. Personally I think whether it was Bischoff or Nash or whoever, the guy who deserves the most credit was the one that convinced Hogan to turn heel. Even though Hogan's popularity might have been waning, it's hard to tell a guy that's made stacks upon stacks over a 12-year-span of being the biggest personality in wrestling and most marketed to children to go a different direction. Maybe Hogan himself brought it up, I'm not sure. But if it took a push from Bischoff to make it happen than that might be one of the biggest contributions anyone has made to the biz and it certainly helped put pro wrestling in a place it had never been in before in terms of national recognition and brand marketing.

Personally under Bischoff I think TNA would be pretty watchable. I believe he understood how important development was with his involvement with the WCW Power Plant so he'd had a developmental plan in place. I also believe he would find channels to bring in talent be it from Japan or Mexico or other avenues to keep the roster fresh. Maybe I'm giving him too much credit but I always thought the guy wasn't afraid of the challenge of Vince's machine which is why he had sustained success against him for a couple of years.

Anyway. TV Tonight


MLB Baseball, Royals-Yanks is a pretty big game on ESPN in America

U.S. Open Tennis on ESPN2 also in America

Primetime Emmy Awards

Apparently Gordon Ramsey harasses the shit out of hotel owners now too?

Anyway enjoy what you watch and watch what you enjoy. Come out swinging but I ask that you keep it clean!


  1. Perfect Circles
    spicollidriver and

    have never ever stolen a song, true heros them.


  2. when does the monday night war series continue anyway? i heard August, but here we are...

  3. That Razor/HOG match is actually pretty decent.


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