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QOTD #63 - WCW Monday Nitro

Today's question: With the Monday Nitro series debuting on the Network, we will surely get sick of hearing each week being the "biggest moment/match/night/main event/ get the picture in the history of WCW" from Tony Schiavone. So I ask - What episode of NITRO are you most looking forward to seeing on the Network?

Yesterday's question had to do with the biggest pops you as a fan had ever heard......tons of responses.

Honorable mention:
There were some moments that honestly, I had completely forgotten......such as a PERSONAL favorite - thanks Night81for the suggestion - the double People's Elbow!

Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 18, Dean Malenko unmasking at Slamboree 98 as a luchador, Daniel Bryan in the cage against Bray Wyatt, and Goldberg suplexing Hogan were all mentioned by several, and all HUUUUUGE crowd pops.

Admittedly, an ECW mark, I'd have to include the biggest pop in ECW history - Sandman returns

The only thing even remotely in the ballpark I can think of is the night Cornette appeared in ECW Arena (pretty big pop when the lights came on and he was in the ring....but nowhere near this big).

Back to Daniel Bryan, I'd say the high point of 2014 is Wrestlemania - although not so much for the pop itself, but I think for the visual of 70,000 people and that freakin "YES!" chant is an all-time great moment.

Now for the Mt. Rushmore of HUGE pops (plus one)....or I guess my own personal Big Pop Hall of Fame

12/27/98 - Mankind wins the title. That moment when the glass shatters.

7/17/11 - Money in the Bank....when "This Fire Burns" hits the PA system (they milked it a bit beforehand)

8/10/99 - Jericho debut on RAW. The rare moment when a WWE (or WCW) surprise more than lived up to the hype....and we know the moment when the name "JERICHO" was on the titantron

3/29/97 - Hulk bodyslams Andre. For the sheer magnitude of the crowd....the biggest moment in the history of the business

5/6/84 - Kerry Von Erich. Texas Stadium. 1984.
One that I can't believe NOBODY mentioned.....