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QOTD #67 (Digest) - Labor Day

Question of the Day: In honor of "Labor Day" (being celebrated in america), and celebrating the day off - 3 questions:

a) What is the greatest job you've ever had (not considering salary, or course)?

b) What was the worst job you've ever had?

c) When celebratingmholidays (or other occasions), just out of curiosity, what is your favorite "go-to drink"?


  1. Biff Kensington IIIAugust 31, 2014 at 9:58 PM

    A - Current position; working as the Communications Director for a start-up here in the Charlotte area. Great pay, working with friends from college, and the possibility to travel all around the world, and possibly retire in a couple of years with a fat bank account.

    B - Worked as a health and life insurance salesman for a company based about an hour away from where I lived (during the height of the '08 Recession). The pay was based off of commission, no one was buying anything, it was a Hell of a drive every day, and the team supervisor would rather diddle himself than train.

    C - I haven't had but the occasional beer since New Year's 2008, when a combination of food poisoning and a hangover led me to turn a Myrtle Beach hotel room into a biological disaster area, but I used to be huge into Long Island Iced Tea or Rum and Coke as the go-to in restaurants, with Irish car bombs being the preferred drink of choice at the bar.

  2. They have Labour Day in Canada.

  3. davidbonzaisaldanamontgomeryAugust 31, 2014 at 10:12 PM

    Greatest job I ever had is the one I currently am at, working as a video editor at Pac-12 Network. I get to edit sports and highlights for TV, I'm surrounded by sports TV in a 360-degree manner in the bullpen (we have like 30 TVs in our area alone), I work in the heart of San Fran, I'm not micromanaged, and I get paid pretty well for it. I was going to bemoan the daily BART commute, but now that it gives me an excuse to play Supercard to and from work, there's no downside.

    Worst was Best Buy last fall; it was actually fine for the first few months (even Black Friday was easy enough despite a 5pm-5am shift; they were super organized and the early start means a staggered crowd instead of a giant herd of customers), I lived in the same lot as work, and I had a good rapport with nearly every customer. Then the holidays came and just the amount of dickhead customers I had to deal with -- and I'm not much of a people person to begin with, my customer service skills were honed in over-the-phone fundraising and not by my natural personality -- pushed my limits every day. On top of that, I was making less than my college job, i had six superiors barking six different tasks in my ear at once and I was never trained on any of the computers I was selling, I had to do all the research on it myself. Also didn't get a break half the time because veterans would take their sweet ass time on theirs and the scheduling guy never staggered the breaks to cycle people in and out, you just had to take one if there was enough people on the floor. Awful, so glad to leave it.

    Go to drink is Guiness, Boddington's, Corona, or Newcastle, anything not from the US.

  4. A: Worked for nearly a year at a movie theater by my local mall from mid 1996 to early '97. Yeah, got free tickets to movies but felt great being able to sneak into screenings now and then for audience reaction to big bits of The Rock, ID4, Star Wars Special Edition and more (remember, no You Tube or such then to download this stuff) and enjoyed the work itself. Had to lose it when the theater was shut down to be renovated into a megaplex but great time.
    B: Worked for three months at a Target, stacking shelves, cashier for rude customers, just a drag of a job all around that I hated and couldn't wait to get out of college for.
    C: Just soda on my end.

  5. A: Best was as a college bookstore clerk. I still hang out with my coworkers even though we left about 13 years ago; met athletes who had to see us so they could get their free books (most well known would be baron davis) and celeb professors who had to come in to order their books for the upcoming quarter (most famous would be al gore and michael dukakis); really only busy at the beginning of each quarter and the rest of the time was kickback.

    B: worst was data entry person for countrywide mortgage. made decent money but it was mindblowing most boring job you can think of. You sat at a desk all day just entering in people's mortgage info. You had to enter in a certain number of mortgages each day and the number was outrageously high which no one ever got to. Laid me off on new years eve after the week before I was being trained for a promotion for doing such a good job.

  6. as a ucla alum, I would love to have a job for the pac-12 network

  7. A. Independent Toy Store on Main St in my town. We got to open everything and build and play with the toys. Also they are still selling my old comics for me even though I changed jobs 4 years ago.
    B. UPS truck loader during Christmas season tied with early morning paper route. Both involved very early wakeup calls, the former I only lasted 2 days at, the latter over a year and went through way too many tires and tow truck calls.
    C. Go to drink is always Captain and Coke.

  8. davidbonzaisaldanamontgomeryAugust 31, 2014 at 10:50 PM

    On a related note....what day off? I'm being called in tomorrow.

  9. davidbonzaisaldanamontgomeryAugust 31, 2014 at 10:52 PM

    Rick Neuheisel is our lead studio analyst and is seen around the office quite a bit; awesome dude, very friendly.

  10. a)The best job I've ever had is the job I have right now.
    b)Same job.
    c)Seasonal beer.

  11. I remember walking ucla with my ex just showing her the campus. We ran into Neuheisel talking with a recruit. I'm like "Holy Shit" and got an autograph. He couldn't have been nicer. My ex respected that I was marking out but couldn't care at all about the coach.

  12. davidbonzaisaldanamontgomeryAugust 31, 2014 at 11:01 PM

    Yeah, it's a pretty interesting motley crew. I've seen Ronnie Lott and Jake Plummer about (we also just hired Matt Leinart for our CFB studio show). A couple of weeks ago, I walked out of the john and the Oregon Duck was raiding our fridge for some kind of water consumption ad. It felt like I stepped into a SportsCenter ad.

  13. a) Teaching is the greatest job ever. Even when it sucks it's only 187 days long and gives you Christmas and 10 weeks in the summer off.

    b) The worst was a temp job, standing on a 6 ft platform in front of a giant washing machine, wiping the excess moisture out of the inside of a case. It was hot and fucking terrible. I did it for one day, and then I asked the temp agency of something else.

    c) Beer Beer Beer. If you are doing anything more than unscrewing a bottle, you're working too hard for your buzz.

  14. davidbonzaisaldanamontgomeryAugust 31, 2014 at 11:09 PM

    Threadjack cause the other threads are dead, but this just popped up on CM Punk's Twitter:

    "Tweet that pic and I block you. Simple. And I block you because I can't punch you in your disrespectful fucking face. Pigs."

  15. John Hughes made amazing movies. Movies with characters that spoke to me. Timeless unforgettable stories. Then he disappeared. Respect.

    It's like he's trying to tell us something!

  16. davidbonzaisaldanamontgomeryAugust 31, 2014 at 11:14 PM

    He's trying to tell us not to remember the movies Hughes did in the 90s, and for good reason!


  17. Does he participate in the office pool?


    Is that the pic?

  19. As someone who does not get the Pac-12 network, can you hook me up so I can watch UCLA kill Memphis?

  20. plus every holiday off

  21. Love the avatar.

  22. a) My current job. Self Employed. It's a financial struggle sometimes, but I love it.

    b) I hated working at Wendy's. Opening up the restaurant, I had so much shit to do in a short time span.. and all for minimum wage.. not worth it at all.

    c) I don't drink alcohol, so the most I can handle is a virgin Pina Colada.

  23. davidbonzaisaldanamontgomeryAugust 31, 2014 at 11:51 PM

    I dunno, because AJ tweeted it so you'd think he'd be OK if she did. Maybe in response to some of the celeb leaks?

    It's probably the AJ pic.

  24. davidbonzaisaldanamontgomeryAugust 31, 2014 at 11:52 PM

    I think the company line is to CALL YOUR PROVIDER AND TELL EM YOU NEED THE PAC-12 NETWORK

  25. a) My current job. Been at it 10 months, and it involves me working in an industry I've always dreamed about being a part of.

    b) One summer between years of college, I worked at a Target from 4-8 a.m., unloading trucks and stocking shelves. It was a temp job, and two days before I was supposed to walk away on my own after a few months of really aggravating work, they fired me for "working hard but not improving." Seriously, that's the reason they gave. Furthermore, they "forgot" to mail me my final check, which conveniently was set to expire after 120 days. Unfortunately for them, I refused to let them off the hook, and I got it a day or two before I went back to college.

    c) A John Daly, which is an Arnold Palmer (lemonade/iced tea) and vodka. When they're made right, they go down like water. Honorable mentions to rum and coke and Kahlua and milk.

  26. That sounds like an awesome job....I went to an SEC school, so I can only imagine doing the same thing here.

  27. My worst job - One summer I worked in a saw mill type place. They had hired a retarded guy named Greg to sweep up the sawdust. Every night he would hide somewhere and masturbate. And he wasn't good at hiding. One day he shit in the sink.

    It didn't happen at work, but I heard he got arrested for humping and inflatable pool mattress in his front yard

  28. a. College Radio DJ (made $0.00)

    b. Delivery Driver for potato chip company (lasted for a summer).

    c. a good craft beer, preferably an IPA.

  29. Why can't I pay a monthly fee and watch it on the internet?
    I cut the cord

  30. A) high school English teacher (current)
    B) Pizza Hut restaurant manager
    C) bourbon and diet coke or gin and tonic

  31. What's wrong with being a Pizza Hut manager?

  32. It's a customer service based job. I hated dealing with stupid customers and angry customers. Plus, I had to work an average of 80 hours a week.

  33. Mister_E_BarrettsLastPrivateerSeptember 1, 2014 at 8:52 AM

    1) I work in insurance and it's great. My line specifically is very niche and so pays fairly well and very good benefits.
    2) Assembling box inserts for the liquor and automotive industries
    3) Good beer, never bad beer. I usually don't drink much though.


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