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WWF Wrestling Challenge September 21st, 1986

September 21, 1986

Your hosts are Ernie Ladd, Johnny V., and Gorilla Monsoon

In action this week are the Killer Bees, Sika, The Dream Team, and Dick Slater. Plus, the “Snake Pit” with guest Paul Orndorff and our featured match, the Islanders vs. The Hart Foundation.

 The Islanders vs. The Hart Foundation

The Harts attack the Islanders before the bell. Tonga is being called “Toma” and King Tonga “Hako.” here as the Hart’s are using quick tags to isolate him. We get an insert promo from Jimmy Hart as Toma continues to get destroyed. He promises that no one will make their reputation by beating the Hart Foundation. The match breaks down as the brawl outside, where Toma tosses Brett over the guardrail and the referee rings for the bell as this match is ruled a double-disqualification (2:37).

Thoughts: Not much of a match but they did establish the Islanders as a team going forward. The following week they did change the Islanders names to “Haku and Tama.”

We get a replay of last week on “Superstars of Wrestling” when Adrian Adonis challenged Roddy Piper to a showdown, which will happen next week on Superstars.

Tony Garea vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage

This was the first time that they introduced Savage like this as they usually called him Randy “Macho Man” Savage. Match starts with Savage attacking Garea from behind as Gorilla blames referee Danny Davis for allowing that to happen. Garea comes back with a crossbody but Savage blocks a sunset flip. Garea comes back with a small package but Savage sends him to the floor with a knee smash then flies off of the top with a double axe handle. We get an insert promo from Superstar Billy Graham who calls out Savage, who rolls Garea back into the ring then sets him up for the flying elbow smash for the win (2:26).

Thoughts: Graham is another old-timer calling out Savage, who has been getting challenged by Steele and Pedro Morales.

Ken Resnick is with Jake Roberts, who will be facing Ricky Steamboat soon. Roberts also is asked about the “Snake Pit” as Roberts says he has real talent and does not need to brown-nose everyone as deep down the DDT is the best and the snake will always rule. Decent promo.

Al Navarro & Tiger Chung Lee & J.J Jackson vs. The Machines

Funny moment during the ring introductions as Lord Alfred Hayes has to stop and actually asks Jackson his name. Heenan cuts an insert promo on Albano about how no one outsmarts him. The jobbers are no match for the Machines then Super Machines whip Jackson near Giant Machine, who hits him with a chop from the apron and that gets the pin (1:30).

Thoughts: Crowd did not care about the Machines and Andre looking immobile and not in the ring was killing the gimmick. Crowd did not care about the other two.

Dick Slater & “Leaping” Lanny Poffo vs. The Dream Team

Valentine chops the shit out of Poffo as Mr. Fuji cuts an insert promo on Slater, saying that he will be going away. Slater tags and unloads on Valentine. He gets two with an elbow smash and that causes Johnny V to leave the booth and head ringside. Slater gets two with a suplex then hits Beefcake with a neckbreaker. Poffo tags and hits a dropkick then fires away. Valentine breaks up a sunset flip as the match breaks down. Behind the referee’s back, Valentine yanks Poffo off of the top and clotheslines him on the top rope and that gets the pin (2:35).

Thoughts: They tried to establish Slater as a talent here but the crowd never warmed up to him and with his gimmick, could you blame them?

The Snake Pit with guests Paul Orndorff and Bobby Heenan. Roberts said that they are alike as Orndorff said when they were at the gym together, he saw that Hogan wanted to be a man, like himself. Orndorff then shows off his body and that ends the segment. Not a whole lot to this.

Sika w/ The Wizard vs. Rick Hunter

Sika chops down Hunter then chokes him out. He continues his assault then we get an insert promo from the Honky Tonk Man who talks about people entering the WWF from all over the world. Sika uses all sorts of chokes and gauges as the crowd seems really bored. Sika then finally puts him away with the Samoan Drop (3:22).

Thoughts: Dull match. Sika was not over like he was three years prior and the crowd just sat on their hands here.

Terry Gibbs & Jack Foley vs. The Killer Bees

Another WWF TV squash match for Mick Foley. The Bees work on Gibbs for a minute to start. Foley tags as Blair takes him over then the Bees hit him with a double backdrop. Brunzell takes Foley down with a jumping knee smash then the bees use quick tags to beat on Foley as Valiant makes fun of Foley then the Bees put him away with the Bee Sting (3:30).

Thoughts: Again, Foley took a bunch of bumps but the Bees were a lot more careful with him than the Bulldogs.

Resnick talks to Heenan about how big of a part that he had in Orndorff turning his back on Hogan. Heenan talks for a second then Orndorff himself comes out and declares that he will be the next Heavyweight Champion and that Hogan uses people so he nipped it in the bud then talks about how he was the one who out-performed him in the gym and that Hogan is jealous of him. Orndorff then said that he will give him another chance to prove himself to the people as he accuses Hogan of ripping of his music and taunts. Great promo by Orndorff, who was killing it here as the crazy, delusional, and jealous heel.

Next week in action will be Koko B. Ware, Harley Race, the debut of the Honkytonk Man and the featured match, which will be the British Bulldogs vs. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff in a non-title match.

Final Thoughts: Brief show but then again, I had the WWE 24/7 Online copy of the show, which cut out a music video of the Rougeau Brothers on water skis to the song “Bad Boy” by Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine. What a damn shame that got cut. Lots of hype for the Hogan/Orndorff and Adonis/Piper feud and besides that, not a whole lot of note happened.


  1. Macho Man vs George Steele,Pedro Morales,Billy Graham & Tony Garea.

    Was he getting too hot for someone's

  2. Savage sure had shit to work with between the win and loss of the IC Belt. Tore the house down with Tito for months, then... yuck. Then one of the greatest matches in Mania History.

  3. Savage typically headlined shows Hogan didn't work. Savage could draw with a bag of dirt, as evident by his program with Pedro Morales.

  4. When you're a BoD legend like Bayless, you don't bother with stupid jump breaks! You make everyone read your musings on 1986!

  5. I think this was around the time they did the Savage/Adonis vs. Tito/Bruno cage match (?). I probably have the timeline wrong, but that was a damn fun and bloody match with a WHITE HOT crowd.

  6. Not fair. You can grow things in a bag of dirt.

  7. One of the greatest wrestlers of the 80s. Of course, I'm referring to Tony Garea. Macho Man was pretty good, too.

  8. He's better than dirt ,well not that fancy store bought dirt, no one can compete with that.


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