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3 Hours of RAW edited down to 3 Minutes!!

Top 10 Moments from this week's Raw - September 15, 2014

I think this is by far the greatest way to watch RAW and not miss anything spectacularly important that you would if you watched the 3 hour version. It's 3 minutes long and basically covers everything that you should be knowing and leaves out all the obnoxious stuff that you wish you didn't sit through.

I would literally pay another $9.99/month for WWE's YouTube Channel to make these videos a weekly thing and not just a one time deal.

The product is downright DISGUSTING these days. It's like I WANT to love the product but I cannot because they don't want me to. Or something.

In my opinion, 3 Minute RAW > Hulu RAW > SmackDown Replays > Actual RAW.

Your thoughts?

Yeah, I saw that on my YouTube sub list last night!  The WWE's top 5 and top 10 lists on there have killing it lately, with good stuff like "top 5 surprising title changes" and things like that.  I wish that the thought they put into those would go into the main product as well.  I'm also a huge fan of the warehouse segments with Joey Styles, like the one where they dug the rainbow entrance set out of the vault.  

Actually, it would never happen, but the guys they need to get for those are Steve and Larson from Machinima, who are HUGE wrestling nerds and would gladly do those kind of lists for them.  And they'd be way funnier than Tom Phillips.