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In Russia, the crush Rusev's you!

With all the current hullabaloo for Rusev, where does he stand in the pantheon of evil foreign heels (or at least Russian heels)? You'd think this would be an easy WWE Top 10. 

Well, I mean, he hasn't really DONE anything yet to warrant such a list.  Once we get to the program with Juan Cena we'll see where he stacks up.  Clearly Ivan Koloff is #1 for ending the reign of Bruno and nearly starting a riot in the process, and nephew Nikita is #2.  Nikolai would be #3 by sheer longevity, and you could throw Crusher Darsow in there as well.

If you expand it to xenophobic heels in general, that gives you Fritz Von Erich near the top and probably a bunch of other Nazi gimmicks from that era.  Great Khali was reasonably effective in that role for a little while, as was Umaga.  And of course Yokozuna.  

But yeah, that would be a cool top 10.  Paging YouTube guys!