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Matt's Main Event Recap - 9/16/2014

There's been nothing advertised for this least I saw nothing when I watched RAW last night. Usually, we're told that Big Show & Mark Henry will fight the Wyatts for the 87th time or that El Torito will shit all over ring and trip on it while Heath Slater says something stupid like, "OMG! He broke his ass!"

But nothing has been advertised.

Strange...but, hopefully, we sleepwalk through this shit and it's just a clip show like the one we had before WrestleMania XXX. That would make my life easier.

Let's get to it...

We are LIVE(!) from Biloxi, Mississippi!

Michael Cole will be verbally running over Byron Saxton for the next hour.

MATCH #1: WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler & R-Ziggler vs. The Miz & Damien Mizdow
Ok, we're winging it, I guess. And I refuse to confuse the reader by typing "Ziggler" all the time. Miz and Sandow take time to remove their sunglasses at the same time. Truth and Miz start out. Miz hits a running clothesline after a series of counters. Tag to Mizdow who hits Truth in the face, celebrates, and gets hit in the jaw for his troubles. Truth puts on an armbar, then flips Sandow to the mat. Tag to Ziggler and it's a Double Back Elbow and Double Elbow Smash, ala The Rockers. Miz comes in and Ziggler clotheslines him out of the ring. Mizdow goes outside to comfort him. Ziggler and Truth celebrate, strutting around at the same time. Mizdow gets in the ring and clubs at Ziggler. Ziggler rolls him up for a two count. Mizdow kicks out and tags Miz after clotheslining Ziggler to the mat. Miz stomps at Ziggler and misses a kick. Ziggler threatens a Superkick but Miz covers up. Ziggler rolls him up for two. Tag to Mizdow and it's a series of dropkicks by Ziggler. Ziggler misses a splash in the corner and Mizdow turns up the heat, kicking away at Ziggler as we go to break.

After break, Miz puts Ziggler in a facelock. Miz puts on a headlock. Ziggler fights out and hits a Side Suplex. Hot tag to Truth and Mizdow. Truth knocks Miz off the apron, then punches away at Mizdow. He tries a neckbreaker but Miz distracts Truth. Mizdow knocks Truth to the mat, then puts him into an armlock, tagging Miz who dances around, stomping at Truth and kicking him in the head on a run. Truth tries to body drop Miz out of a Front Facelock but Miz won't let him. Miz attacks Ziggler, knocking him off the mat, then tags Mizdow who drops knees on Truth. Truth gets to his feet and throws punches but Mizdow subdues him and it's another tag to Miz.

Miz brags, showing off his face to Ziggler, then goes after Truth who punches Miz into the corner. Miz reverses an Irish Whip into the other corner and hits the Miz-line and a double axehandle off the top rope. Another Front Facelock and Miz tags in Mizdow, who hits a suplex. Mizdow knees Truth in the gut over and over and puts him in the corner. He charges but Truth runs at Mizdow, knocking him down. Hot tags on both sides and Ziggler hits his flurry of moves on Miz, then knocks Mizdow off the mat. He misses the Fame-Asser. Miz goes for the neckbreaker but Ziggler counters into the Fame-Asser, finally hitting it. Ziggler hits a Front Facelock but Miz counters and tries the Skull Crushing Finale. Ziggler counters and rushes Miz who tries the Figure Four but Ziggler counters, tags Truth and rushes at Miz, who tosses Ziggler out of the ring. Truth grabs Miz and hits the Ziggler DDT but Mizdow saves the match. Mizdow is taken out of the match. Miz hits the Skull Crushing Finale and we're FINALLY done at a looooong 14:05.
WINNERS: The Miz's.
RATING: **. This was all right. Pretty much the same match as the last two.

TONIGHT: Seth Rollins will take on Big E.

Renee Young asks Seth Rollins how it felt to lose to Reigns last night on RAW and whether he considers that a setback. Rollins says he has the MITB case AND he's disabled Dean Ambrose, who hasn't been seen since. He says that brains beats brawn each time...'cept for last night, I guess. He says he'll have a lot of brains on display when he beats a brawny Big E.

TONIGHT: We get a look at the Cena/Lesnar build-up.


An ad for WCW Nitro on WWE Network.

DID YOU KNOW? Smackdown beat every show on every single network ever in the history of every single year of every single decade in the history of film, photography and television and also owns every single planet in the galaxy?

Brie's out for a match while Renee Young interviews Nikki and The Girls. Nikki says that Brie has ruined her life more than once. She says that she will be Divas Champ after Night of Champions and, after that, everyone -- including Renee -- will be kissing her "voluptuous derriere".

MATCH #2: Brie Bella vs. Cameron
Brie tosses Cameron to the mat after a lock-up, then it's an armbar. Cameron fights back with elbows but Brie keeps the armbar on. Brie hits a drop toehold into a Single Crab. Cameron gets to the ropes. Cameron grabs Brie's hair and tosses her neck into the ropes. Cameron slams Brie's face into the mat, then chokes Brie on the ropes. Headlock by Cameron. Brie breaks it but Cameron hits a Suplex and Split Legdrop, getting two. Cameron locks in a surfboard but Brie breaks it, backing Cameron's spine into the turnbuckle and dropkicking her several times. Bree goes into Brie Mode and hits a Missile Dropkick. Cameron breaks a lock-up and goes for a DDT but Brie counters with the Bella Buster for the win at around 4:00.
WINNER: Brie Bella via Bella Buster
RATING: **. Better than yesterday's Cameron match. That's not saying much, though.

NEXT: Cena/Lesnar and their lead-up.

And that kills about five minutes.

Here comes Big E with no Xavier Woods or Kofi the New Nation gimmick went the way of Megan the Adulterous Trainer, I guess.

We get an ad for the new "Best of Sting" disc set. Nice.

The Night of Champions kick-off show will have The Peep Show, starring Chris Jericho.

MATCH #3: Big E vs. Seth Rollins
Seth leaves the ring to start as the crowd gives him the YOU SOLD OUT chant. Big E his a body drop once he gets back in the ring. Rollins comes back, clubbing away at E who lifts Rollins up and rams him into the corner. E gets whipped into the ropes but Baseball Slides out of the ring to regroup again. When he re-enters, Rollins returns to punches and gets chopped to the mat. E tosses him into the corners and spears the shit out of him. Rollins comes back with punches but E recovers, then powers out of a suplex, then hits multiple backbreakers, getting a two count. He whips Rollins into the ropes, then clotheslines him out of the ring. Outside, Big E presses his attack, ramming Rollins' head into the announce table. He press slams Rollins into the ring but Rollins recovers, attacks E, knocking him out of the ring, then hits a Suicide Dive as we go to break.

We're back and there's about ten more minutes of Big E left. Rollins is in control. He puts E in a headlock but E powers out. He misses a clothesline and Rollins hits an Enzuguri, getting two. He works E against the ropes, then stomps away, dropping a knee for good measure and it's time for another long headlock spot. E gets to his feet and tries to break the hold but Rollins grabs E and tosses him into the corner, then hits a splash. He slaps at E, telling him that it's "Brains over brawn every time." He charges E again but E counters with a Spinebuster. E hits clotheslines and a Belly to Belly Suplex. Rollins gets to his feet and kicks E. E comes back and hits a Belly to Belly Toss, then the Warrior Splash. Rollins gets to his feet and it's a series of counters until E Spears Rollins outside the ring.

Both men are down outside as the ref checks them. E gets to his feet and rolls Rollins back into the ring. He knocks Rollins down with a Lariat and then goes for the Big Ending but Rollins counters and hits an Enzuguri. Rollins gets to his feet. E charges but misses and hits the post. Rollins tosses him into the other post, then hits the Curb Stomp to FINALLY finish this at 13:42.
WINNER: Seth Rollins via Curb Stomp
RATING: **. Eh...I'm over Rollins on Main Event week after week. This match didn't need to be as long as it was.

Rollins celebrates as we go off the air.

OVERALL: **. Typical Main Event.

Er, that's it.

Thomas Hall has the NXT and Smackdown recaps to take you through the rest of the week. Scott Keith has some retro shows. Andy PG will have the RAW Report to start your week off right. I will be back next week, same BoD Time, same BoD Channel.

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  1. That Rollins vs Big E match sounds off da chain. Glad I pay my monthly 9.99.

  2. Yeah, they gave you a little "extra" tonight. Big E...for $9.99.

  3. Tell us how you really feel Matt!

  4. Give them this much: They bolted a huge neon sign to Khali's chest that said "FEAR THIS MOTHERFUCKER".

  5. Never say never. Someone will take a flyer on Ken's ass solely because he was high midcard in WWE.

  6. I'd rather have this kind of review as opposed to someone sugarcoating a show.

  7. Eh, this still wasn't as awful as the final SNME, aka the infomercial for an autism foundation that Penn & Teller went on to expose as a fraud one year later.

  8. "Layla with the curly hair looks totally different and not in a good way."

    Thank God she switched to straight hair.

  9. Yeah but it's hard to fear a guy that I KNOW I could just tire out by just running circles around him.

    I think the parade float that goes 5 mph in that one simpsons episode moves faster than Khali.

  10. "This one is more than a little uncomfortable to watch knowing what would happen less than a month afterwards."

    Imagine IF they went through with putting the ECW title on Benoit BEFORE doing what he did?

    That would of likely added a 3rd victim as he would've likely killed ECW right on the spot.

  11. Indeed, people can say it gutted ECW of it's dignity; but that would assume ECW had dignity to begin with. :P

  12. I'm pretty sure I graduated high school the weekend this show aired, and instead of going out and celebrating I watched this show. Ugh.

  13. I get the push to give each wrestler theme music because it makes money on the iTunes, but for the sake of angle advancement I wish Brie didn't have entrance music. They made such a deal of Nikki keeping that 'classic' Bella theme, so it would be extra-awesome bullying for her to come out to silence.

    Two thoughts about the theme:

    1. It's better than the Bella theme (duh), and

    b). it reminds me of the jingle for local discount supermarket Save-A-Lot

  14. Sandow won a match!

  15. You can get it for free on YouTube. It's a 4 1/2 minute loop of like 45 seconds.

  16. Fuck that, nothing touches 2010.

    At least 2007 had Cena vs. Orton.

  17. Khali was booked so damn well...which would have been great if he'd been anybody else.

  18. 2010 at least had the ten man tag. Cena vs. Orton? Ugh. That's like saying "At least the prostitute had crabs." It's not a good thing.

  19. so they were bad instead of dreadful?

  20. that was the year before Khali beat UT on tv I forgot any matches between them in 07 not saying they didn't happen just don't remember it. JD 06 was when Khali beat UT with a foot on his chest


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