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Power struggle

Just read about a "power struggle" between the Helmsleys and some executives within the E. As fans we should be siding with the Helmsleys right?? After all, NXT rulz all kinds of ass.

​I dunno, probably we as fans shouldn't care about that kind of thing.  Although it's pretty well known that Paul Levesque is weeding out Vince's old guard and bringing in people that he wants.  And if Vince died tomorrow the first thing that would happen is Kevin Dunn getting pink-slipped.  The major problem, according to Meltzer, is that Wall Street probably wouldn't accept Vince's doofus son-in-law as the CEO of WWE without the years of business training and stock would take an immediate dive.  But for all the people rallying with the "It'll all get better once the Authority takes over for real!" thing, just keep in mind that HHH has a hell of a lot of power now and has for a long time, and Stephanie ran creative for 10 years.  If it was going to get better, it probably would have.  ​